Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Long Niall Imagine

#Imagine you and Niall had been dating for almost a year. It had been going really well, you had never felt like this about anyone before. Niall was coming round later to do a twitcam at your house. You was looking forward to it. You had done loads of twitcams with Niall before, and every single one of them you had always laughed until you cried. He could make you laugh like no one else could. He was amazing. You walked into your bedroom and lifted your laptop off of your bed, it was switched off. You pressed the on button and waited for it to turn on. You logged into twitter, your relationship with Niall had come out a while ago, and everyone was fine with it. Of course you got some hate, but you didn't care, as long as you had Niall. You set up the twitcam but you waited for Niall to arrive before you started. There was a knock at the door and you raced to it. You grabbed the door handle and pulled the door back.
 'Hiya!' came a voice from behind the door. There was Niall.
 'Hey!' you shouted back, leaping on him and giving him a hug. Your arms were around his neck, his arms around your waist. Your feet were well above the ground, and Niall walked into your apartment, kicking the door behind him so that it closed shut. You placed your feet back on the ground and looked up at Niall. You pushed your hand through his messy blonde hair and looked into his big blue eyes.
 'I missed you,' he whispered.
 'You only saw me yesterday,' you chuckled, your hands falling down onto him bum. His lips brushed against yours and pulled back quickly.
 'Exactly,' he said under his breath, as he turned and walked towards your laptop, which was sat on the sofa. You followed and landed next to him. He placed the laptop on his knees and began the broadcast.
 'Hi everybody!' Niall shouted, in his broad Irish accent. You both talked on twitcam for hours, just like the rest of them, this one had been just as funny. The laptop was on your knee now, and Niall had his arm around your neck. You didn't want it to end, but you and Niall had made plans to go out with the rest of the boys that night, and you both needed to start getting ready.
 'Well guys, it's been fun bu-' you began saying to the computer screen.
 'Wait... not yet,' he whispered, interrupting you. He looked down at his hands that were in his lap and started twiddling his thumbs and sucked in his lips. You looked at him.
 'Niall? What's wrong?' you said to him. He grabbed the laptop and put in on his knee so that you weren't in the shot anymore. 'What are you doing?' you asked.
 'Okay guys, so there is something that I have wanted to do for a long time, and I thought, what better way than to do it in front of all you guys,' Niall began, saying into the computer, you was getting quite scared now as you didn't know what Niall was about to do. He pottered over into the middle of the room and placed the laptop down on the little coffee table, so that the screen and the camera was facing you and Niall. He stood in front of you as you was still sat on the sofa, and he held his hand out to you.
 'What?' you asked, you weren't sure what he was asking you to do.
 'Take my hand,' he laughed.
 'Oh right,' you shouted, placing your hand on his. He made you stand up and stood you in front of the camera. He knelt down to talk to the camera.
 'Here goes,' he whispered. You looked at him as he stood up and looked at you. 'So, there's been something that I've wanted to do for a while now,' he said, smirking at you.
 'Okay...' you said, your arms were folded.
 'So,' he got down on one knee. You didn't know what to do. Your hand just shot up to your mouth as you was so gobsmacked. His hand went into his pocket and brought out a small navy blue box. He opened it and pulled back the lid to reveal the best engagement ring you had ever seen. 'Will you marry me?' he said, a huge smile cracking on his face. Your legs just went from under you and you knelt down in front on him on the soft carpet. You just shook your head at him.
 'Niall... of course I will!' you shouted as you through your arms around his neck. You pulled back and he took hold of your hand. He took the ring out of the box and placed it on your finger. You were so happy that you began to cry little happy tears. You held your hand up to examine the ring. It was beautiful.
 'So guys, hope you liked that, I know I did. But me and my fiance have to go now!' he laughed to the computer, before going offline on the twitcam. This was perfect. Now you and Niall were together. Forever.

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