Sunday, 29 April 2012

Long Harry Imagine

#Imagine you woke up on a Saturday morning because of the sunlight shooting through your bedroom curtains. Harry had been off on tour for the last couple of weeks and he was finally coming home. You jumped up out of bed and wandered into the bathroom. You saw your self in the mirror and gasped you looked that bad. You decided to get shower, so you stripped off and turned on the shower. You washed your hair and cleaned yourself and then you got out. You wrapped a towel around you body. You walked back into your bedroom and shoved on some clothes. You put on some jeans and Harry's old jumper that he had left the last time he was with you. You had worn it almost everyday that he had been gone because it reminded you so much of hm. it smelt like him and everything. You dried your hair and grabbed your phone and your keys. You went to the shop to pick up some of Harry's favourite foods for him coming around later. You walked into the nearest supermarket. You walked past the newspaper stand to see Harry plastered on across the front of each one. But it was nothing good, he was kissing another girl. You just fell to the floor, your head was in your hands and you wept into them. You couldn't believe that Harry could do this to you. You felt like you were sitting there crying for years, but after a while you felt someones hand on your back.
 'Hey miss, are you alright,' you looked up to see the shop keeper staring down at you with his hand on your shoulder. You stood up and took one of the newspapers off of the stand.
 'Yeah, I'm fine, I'll just take this,' you whispered, handing him a pound coin. 'Keep the change.' You turned and walked out the shop, Harry had lots of explaining to do. You walked back to your apartment and sat down on the sofa with the newspaper next to you.. You texted Harry;
 'Let's not meet at the Starbucks like we were meant to, come to my apartment :)xxxx' You waited for a reply from Harry. 'Okay, see you soon. xxx' He eventually texted back. You couldn't wait to see him, you were so looking forward to seeing what his pathetic excuse was. You picked up the newspaper walked into your bedroom and layed on the bed, your head resting against the top of the bed. Your bed was in the corner of the room, next to the window, so you looked out the window, watching everyone walk around down below. You still had the paper in your hands. The tears began to stream down your face, you tried to hold them back, but it was no use. They trickled down your face and dripped off your chin. You suddenly heard someone come through the door.
 'Babe, where are you?' you heard them say. It was Harry. You didn't say anything; you didn't even move, you just stayed looking out of the window. The bedroom door opened and Harry waked in.
 'Ahh, there you are,' he said as he walked in. He came and layed next to you and put his arms around you. You got goosebumps all over your body, but not the good kind. You lifted the newspaper up to Harry.
 'How could you?' you whispered to him. His smile suddenly disappeared as he took the newspaper off you. He looked at the picture and then looked at you.
 'This isn't me!' he shrieked. You wiped your tears away with the end of your sleeve and got off the bed.
 'Yeah, nice try Harry, you can pick your stuff up later,' you said as you walked to the door and opened it.
 'No, it's not me. Look!' he said, thrusting the paper in to your face. You looked at the newspaper, but it still looked like him.
 'Lookes pretty much like you to me!' you screamed, throwing the paper on the floor. The tears streamed down your face, there was no stopping them.
 'It's not me, and I can prove it! It says this picture was taken last night, and I was at Zayn's last night!' he said to you, thinking that it would make things better.
 'Awww, you got yourself a little false alibi have you?' you said, stepping nearer to him so that your noses were nearly touching, but you walked towards the sofa and your head fell onto your hands. You cred uncontrollably now.
 'Please babe, you gotta believe-' Harry began, he sat down next to you on the sofa and put his hand on your thigh.
 'No! Get off me!' you screamed at him as you jumped up from the sofa. 'I think you should go.'
 'Fine,' he shouted as he stood up and walked out the door. He slammed it behind him and you just fell onto the floor, you wept more than you ever had in your entire life. You crawled over to the newspaper that was crumpled up on the floor, and you looked at it. It wasn't Harry. He was right. The papers had try to say it was him, but it wasn't. You felt so stupid. You had mistaken Harry for doing something that he hadn't and now you had lost him. You just wept into the paper, and them you sniffed Harry's jumper. It smelt just like him. You heard footsteps outside of your door, and then suddenly you heard strumming of a guitar. It was One Thing.

     I tried playing it cool
    But when I'm looking at you
    I can't ever be brave
    Cause you make my heart race

 It was Harry. You went to the door and you was about to open it, but then you paused. You turned away from the door, and your back slid down the door so that you was sitting on the floor. Harry was louder down hear so you could tell that he was sitting down as well. You just listened to him hypnotising voice.

    I need that one thing
    And you've got that one thing.

He finished as you stood up. You wiped away the tears with the end of your sleeve. You grabbed the door handle and pulled the door back.
 'So what do you say?' he said, his head looking down at the floor.
 'Well, you're a terrible guitar player,' you laughed.
 'Oh, I'm wounded,' he joked, taking a step nearer to you. He looked into your eyes and his smile disappeared off his face. His hand made it's way up to your face and his fingers ran through your hair, but his eyes stayed fixed on yours. 'So, are we good?'
 'No,' you said, turning away from Harry. He loved it when you played hard to get. He placed his guitar down against the door that was still open. His big strong arms wrapped around your body and you could feel his breath on your ear. You couldn't help but turn around. You turned to look into his eyes and your lips pressed against his, and you felt his mouth crack a huge smile.
 'I love you so much,' he whispered.
 'I love you more,' you whispered back.
 'That's not possible.'

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