Monday, 21 May 2012

Long Liam Imagine

#Imagine you had, had a sleepover at the boys' apartment and you had all had a little too much to drink, except for Liam of course. It was early in the morning when you woke up and you had a banging headache. You didn't know why you had woken up so early, you and the lads hadn't gone to bed until really late. You was laying in the spare bedroom and all the other lads were scattered around the apartment, and they were all fast asleep as well. You crept out of your room and walked into the living room. Liam was slung over the sofa, fast asleep. Zayn was on the floor next to him, fast asleep. You went into the kitchen to make yourself a glass of water and take an aspirin because of your headache and there was Louis, layed on top of the kitchen table, his arms and legs dangling over the side. You got your water and your tablets and wandered back to your room to lay back down on your bed. As you walked out of the kitchen you saw that Niall was laying on the floor behind the kitchen door, bundled up in blankets so that only his head was visible. You just chuckled to yourself and carried on walking. As you walked back past the sofa, you realised that Liam looked a lot bigger than usual. You moved closer and saw that Harry was layed next to him, both of them with there mouths wide open.
 'Hmm, typical Lirry,' you whispered under your breath before heading back to your room. You placed the tablet in your mouth and then you took a huge gulp of water, you swallowed it all down and then you placed the glass on the bed side table. You jumped back onto the bed and buried your head into the pillow, wanting the terrible headache to just disappear.
 'Psst,' someone whispered into your ear and you slowly began to awake. You kept your head buried in the pillow, you must have dozed back of to sleep. 'Psst,' someone said into your ear again, but this time it was louder.
 'What?' you moaned loudly, but it was muffled by the pillow as your face was deep in the fabric.
 'One, two...' you heard someone whisper and then suddenly all of the boys shouted at the tops of their voices.
 'Three!' they all said as they jumped onto your bed. Their bodies were on top of yours, crushing you deeper and deeper into the soft mattress. You started laughing but because the boys were pressing their bodies onto yours, so it came out sounding quite weird. You rolled over so that your back was pushed against the wall and all the boys tumbled off you and onto the bed. They all started laughing and messing around as you sat up on the bed. They all did the same so that you was sitting around in some kind of miss shapen circle. You sat there talking for a while, but then Liam got off the bed and stretched out his arms and yawned.
 'Ahhh, I need a piss,' he said as he walked out the room and headed off to the toilet. You watched Liam walk out the room, you couldn't help but stare. You had always had a bit of a crush on Liam. You had never said anything as it would ruin your friendship and that was the last thing you wanted. All the boys turned to face you and they all had huge smiles on their faces. You looked at them confused.
 'What?' you asked them. They all smiled and then Niall broke the silence.
 'We know something about you,' he teased, flicking your nose. You rolled your eyes and looked at them.
 'Oh come on, you know I hate it when we keep secrets from each other, tell me,' you begged. Niall sucked in his cheeks and then looked at the other boys.
 'Alright...' Louis said after a long silence. 'We'll tell you.' He got of the bed and ran to the door. He shut it almost silently and then doddled back over to the bed. He sat there hugging his knees.
 'You see, Liam has had a bit of a thing for this girl,' Zayn told you, not taking his eyes off the others. 'And we were wondering, if maybe you could talk to him about it. He won't tell any of us, he might tell you,' Zayn told you.
 'But what does this have to do with me?' you asked them, quite confused.
 'Oh, that was just Niall being stupid! Stupid Nialler!!' Louis said, hitting Niall over the back of the head. Niall looked at you and then at the others, his blue eyes were big. Just then Liam opened the door and walked back into the room.
 'Why did you shut the door?' he asked and then he looked at all the boys, who all had their eyes on Liam. Liam's eyes suddenly widened and his head tilted a bit.
 'You haven't told her, have you?' Liam asked, his voice shaking. You looked to the boys and saw that they were all nodding at the same time. Harry flung his legs of the side of the bed and stood up.
 'I think we should leave you two to talk for a while,' he said, walking out the door as all the boys got up and followed him. Louis was the last to leave and he shut the door behind him. Liam stood there awkwardly in the doorway and you just stood watching him. When Zayn had told you that Liam liked someone, your heart had nearly broke into a thousand pieces. You always thought that you and Liam would end up together, but it seemed like he had found someone else. The silence was long and pain filled, you had to break it.
 'So, you've got a little crush, have you?' you asked him, not taking your eyes off his. He moved his eyes up from the ground to meet yours and nodded at you. 'It's fine Liam, everyone gets crushes, what are you so worried about?' you asked him. He walked over to your bed and sat opposite you, and a tear escaped his beautiful brown eyes. You moved your sleeve up to his cheek and wiped it away. 'Hey? What you getting so worked up about? What's so bad with having a crush on someone?' you said, wiping away his tears.
 'I'm just scared of what it will do to our friendship,' he sobbed. You looked at his pitifully.
 'Liam we'll always be friends, you know that. Nothing can separate us,' you told him as his eyes never left yours.
 'You promise?' he breathed, barely even a whisper.
 'Of course, I promise,' you told him. He took a deep breath.
 'Good,' he said as he leaned over and kissed you suddenly. You quickly pulled back and jumped up of the bed.
 'Whoa, what are you doing?' you shouted at him.
 'What?! You said that it was alright, that nothing would get in the way of us,' he shouted back.
 'Yeah but Liam you're in love with someone else it's wrong,' you told him. He took a step back from you and looked at you confused.
 'What?' he asked, shaking his head. 'It's you that I love, I thought the lads told you that.' Your heart started pounding so fast that you thought it was about to leap out of your chest. You couldn't move, so you just looked at him.
 'No, they said that you was in love with a girl, and that they wanted me to talk to you about it,' you said, lowering your voice as you remembered that the boys were in the other room.
 'Yeah, and that girl, is you,' he said, taking a step towards you and taking your hand.
 'Really?' you said, suddenly feeling all nervous and shaky. You looked down at the floor as Liam got nearer you.
 'Of course, I love you so much,' he said as he placed his hand on your chin. He lifted up your chin and pressed his lips against yours. You placed your arms on his waist and his hands moved through your hair. You pulled back from the kiss and looked deep in his eyes.
 'I love you too Liam,' you whispered as he kissed your forehead and your head fell onto his chest. Just then the rest of the boys opened the door and came into your room. They all started cooing and fussing over you and Liam. It felt so wrong, yet so right.

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