Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Long Louis Imagine

#Imagine you was bored one night in the summer holidays, so you decided to go round to Louis' house. You were really close so friends, so he wouldn't mind one bit if you went round to his house. You walked along the cold concrete in your golden sandals and headed for his apartment. You knocked on the door but there was no answer, so you knelt down to the letterbox and opened it. There was no-one there, just an empty living room.
 'Louis!' you shouted through the letterbox. 'Louis! Open the door!' you shouted for a while but there was still no answer. You stood back up and fished around in your bag for your keys. You found them and then tried to find Louis' key. You eventually found it and then jammed it into the key hole. You opened his door and walked into his apartment. You shut the door behind you and flung your keys onto the dining table. You was still shouting his name but there was still no answer. You walked up to his bedroom door and knocked on it. You grabbed the handle and pushed it open, but as you scanned the room you soon realised that he wasn't in there either. Maybe he had gone out somewhere? You walked back into the living room and noticed the bathroom door on the other side of the room. You walked over to it and knocked on it. You then realised that the door was locked, so someone had to be in there.
 'Louis? Louis are you in there?' you shouted through the door, banging the door handle. 'Louis?' you whacked the lock and it suddenly came undone. 'Oh, my god, Lou I'm sorry,' you said shutting the door, but there was no response. 'Lou?' you said, you were getting really worried. You slowly opened the door and saw Louis lying in the bath. But he wasn't lying there faced up, he was lying faced down with his head under the water. His body was just lying there, bobbing above the water. Your mouth dropped and you rushed over to the bath. You dropped everything and shoved your hands into the water and pulled Louis up. You jumped over the side so that you was standing in the bath and the water was covering your legs. You knelt down and pulled Louis up and out of the bath. You layed him on the cold bathroom tiles and grabbed your bag that was sitting at the end of the bath. You reached inside for your mobile phone and unlocked it. You quickly prodded the keys and dialled 999 and then placed the phone to your ear. Louis' head was laying on your lap, his body was lifeless. Suddenly there was an answer at the end of the phone.
 'Hello this is 999, what is your emergency?' said a woman in a very monotone voice.
 'I need an ambulance quick, my friend's collapsed, well, he hasn't collapsed, I just walked in and found his in his bath, and he's out cold and he's not coming round, and I'm really scared,' you told the woman as the tears started pouring down your face.
 'It's alright miss, we just need to know your address and we'll send an ambulance right away,' the woman said, she seemed really calm compared to how you was feeling. You told the woman Louis' address and then you heard her typing into a keyboard. 'Okay, so I'll stay on the phone with you until the ambulance comes to make sure you're alright. How long has your friend been unconscious?' she said.
 'I don't know, he could've been out for hours, he could be dead. Oh my god, he could be dead,' you screamed. You dropped the phone and placed you hand over his heart, but there was nothing. You put two of your fingers next to his neck. You stayed still fr a few moments and you could feel a tiny vibration against your finger. You picked the phone back up to hear the woman telling you how to feel his pulse. 'It's fine, he's alive, it's just a very weak pulse. Please hurry up with the ambulance,' you begged.
 'It's on it's way, they should be there any minute, you just stay with him,' she told you.
 'I won't, I'm not going to, I'm staying here with him, right by his side,' you told her as more tears started to fall down your face. Suddenly you heard the front door open and people scurry in. 'I'm in here!!' you shouted towards the door. Two paramedics came rushing into the bathroom and looked at you, and then looked at Louis who was still lifeless. They immediately started working on Louis as a woman paramedic grabbed hold of your arm. She helped you up off the ground and wrapped a blanket around your arms.
 'No, I'm fine,' you told her, shaking the blanket off. You watched as the paramedics worked on Louis and they seemed to be talking a different language. They lifted him up onto a stretcher and wheeled him out of his apartment. They took him out of his house and into put him in the ambulance that was parked outside. The woman helped you onto the back of the ambulance and you sat next to Louis, who had, had a cover put over him as he had been naked before. You sat next to him all the way there. It was the worst trip ever. You just stared at him, his lifeless body was just laying there. Your hand was on his and you was gripping his hand. 'Come on, come on Louis, wake up, please. Wake up,' you whispered repeatedly under your breath. When the ambulance pulled up at the hospital, Louis was rushed off and the woman paramedic told you to wait in the waiting room. It was lonely in there, it was just you. You reached into your back and pulled out your phone. You dialled Harry's number as you realised you needed to tell him everything that had gone on.
 'Hiya Harry, it's me,' you said, and your voice was already breaking.
 'Oh my god? What's wrong?' he said.
 'It's, erm, it's Louis, he's been, erm, rushed into hospital,' you said, the tears slowly rolling down your face.
 'What happened!?' you told him everything, all about the bath and the paramedic's coming. You heard him sobbing on the phone. 'Is he alright now?' he whispered.
 'I'm not gunna lie to you Harry, he didn't look good. They're saying that he will pull through, but I don't know? I just wanna know what he was doing, why was he underneath the water? What was he doing?' you asked.
 'I don't know, call me when you know anything else,' he said.
 'I will do, bye Harry,' you whispered.
 'Bye love,' and the phone line went dead. You suddenly felt alone again, and the tears rolled down your face. You pulled your knees up to your chin and rested your chin on them. You didn't hold back the tears, you cried for a long time. When your cries had died down a bit, a woman dressed in nurses' uniform walked into the waiting room.
 'Hiya love, you alright,' she said as she walked over and sat next to you.
 'No, I'm not really,' you said, putting your legs back down and wiping your tears. 'How's Louis?'
 'He's doing brilliantly, he's nearly made a full recovery,' she told you. Your eyes lit up and a smile shot across your face.
 'Really?' you asked.
 'Yeah, we told him that you was here, he wants to see you now,' she laughed.
 'Oh my god,' you said as you jumped up off your seat. The nurse stood up and you flung your arms around her.
 'Oh!' she said, but you felt her hug you back too.
 'Thank you,' you whispered.
 'Ahaha, come on,' she said pulling back from the hug and walking towards the door. You followed her through a lot of corridors until you eventually reached Louis' room. The nurse opened the door and there was Louis, sitting on the hospital bed. You ran up to him and then suddenly stopped when you got up to him. His big blue eyes were looking back at you and you was staring him straight in the eyes. You placed your hands around his neck and gave him a really tight hug. You pulled back and looked at the nurse who was standing in the doorway. 'I'll just leave you two alone for a bit,' she said as she backed out the room and closed the door. You walked over to the chair that was next to Louis' bed and sat down. You stared at him and furrowed your eyebrows.
 'What's wrong?' he said.
 'W-what made you do it?' you asked.
 'Do what?' he said, looking confused.
 'Aha, do what? You know what? Why was you under the water?' you asked him. He shook his head and looked up to the ceiling.
 'I-I don't know. I wasn't trying to kill myself or anything, I just, I dunno, it made me feel kind of isolated,' he said.
 'You're so weird Lou,' you laughed. He laughed too. 'Just promise me you wont do it again, you nearly killed yourself!' you said to him and his eyes widened.
 'I-I promise,' he said, but he looked scared.
 'What's wrong?' you asked him.
 'No, it's nothing,' he said.
 'No come one, we tell each other everything,'you told him, getting up from the chair and walking over to his bed. You perched yourself next to him.
 'No, it's just--' he said.
 'Lou please tell me,' you pleaded.
 'Alright,' he said as he took a massive gulp of air. 'I, erm, I think I love you,' he said in one quick breath. You looked at him shocked and shuffled away from him a bit.
 'What?' is all you could manage to say.
 'It's just I've felt like it for such a long time, I've just been able to pluck up the courage to tell you,' he told you, not taking his eyes of yours. You moved a bit closer to him and your noses were almost touching. You leaned in to kiss him and you felt his lips kiss back. After a while you pulled back and looked into his eyes.
 'I love you so much,' he breathed.
 'I love you too Lou,' you whispered as you flung your arms around his neck. 'I love you too.'

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