Thursday, 3 May 2012

Long Louis Imagine

#Imagine you came home from a hectic day at work. You life had been rubbish these last few weeks, you began to feel like you didn't want to be here anymore. A few weeks ago, you had broken up with your boyfriend, Louis, because things just weren't going anywhere. Well, that's what he said, but you had never loved anyone as much as you loved Louis. You knew that Louis had moved on, he had already had a girlfriend, but things didn't really work out well for them. Ever since he left, every single day you have cried about how much you missed him. You opened your apartment and walked in, closing the door behind you. You threw your bag down on the table, and walked over to the sofa. You fell down on top of it and layed there for a while, trying to keep back the tears. You layed there, with your hands on your chest, looking up at the ceiling. You felt so alone, like no-one was there for you anymore. You grabbed your keys and walked out of the door, locking the door behind you. You just walked, and walked. You didn't know where you was going. You just wanted to walk, you felt that if you walked far enough, you might be able to escape all your troubles. You just kept on walking, despite the fact that it was now dark, and you was probably miles away from your apartment. You turned down a little walkway and walked down it. You was sure that it was the right way back to your apartment, it looked quite familiar. You kept on walking down this little walkway, hoping that it would soon become all clear where you was.
 Suddenly, you felt someones hand around your wrist and you quickly turned around and gasped. There was a man standing there, with a big black padded coat on and a low hat on, covering his eyes.
 'Hiya gorgeous, what's your name?' he said, taking a step closer to you. You could smell the whisky and the cigarettes on his breath. You took a step backwards and tried to wriggle out his grasp, but he was holding your wrist too tight.
 'Can you let go of me please?' you whispered, scared of what he was going to do next as he pulled you in closer to him.
 'No, I want to get to know you,' he said in a welcoming voice, but he defiantly wasn't welcoming. 'Now, what's your name?' He unwrapped his coat and reached into a pocket on the inside of his coat. He brought out of his pocket a carving knife. Your heart began racing and your eyes widened. He took a step nearer you as you took a step back.
 'Ahh!' you screamed. He grabbed your hair and pulled you in close to him. Your head was leaning to the side because he had a big chunk of it, and had a hard grip on it.
 'Oh don't scream baby girl, I aren't gunna hurt you,' he whispered into your ear. Just the sound of him calling you 'baby girl' made your toes curl. There was houses at each side of the walkway, you just hoped that someone would look out there window soon and see this thug on you. But you still couldn't why this place was so familiar? He was breathing heavy into your ear and then he let go of your hair and you jumped your head back so that it was straight again. He took yet another step closer to you, placing the knife next to your waist. You just froze, you was too scared to move. You didn't breathe, you didn't think. You just stood there, too scared to even imagine what was going to happen next. He moved the knife up towards your shoulders, you still too afraid to move.
 'Hey?' came a familiar voice from behind this man. He quickly turned around to see who it was. You looked over his shoulder and there was Louis. That's why it had seemed so familiar! This was Stan's street and you and Louis had come here last Summer for his house party. The man turned away from you and faced Louis, making sure that Louis could see the knife. Louis' eyes widened and you saw him gulp.
 'Yes?' the man said, walking towards Louis and leaning his head nearer at him.
 'L-leave her alone,' Louis whispered, trying to look hard, but it wasn't working very hard as his fingers were shaking and you could see his forehead beginning to sweat.
 'Yeah? You want me to leave your little girlfriend alone?' he said, turning around and looking back at you. He grabbed your head and pulled it towards him and dropping the knife on the pavement. He pulled you in and kissed you hard on the lips, his tongue going everywhere. It was horrible. You just pressed your lips together, refusing to open them, and waited for it to be over. The man pulled back and looked down at the floor where he had dropped the knife. But it wasn't there. You looked down as well. And then you both looked at Louis; who had the knife in his shaky hands.
 'You touch her again, and you won't know what happened to you,' he said, his voice shaky. The man walked towards him and looked at him.
 'You're pathetic, you know that? Anyway, you can have the nun, she doesn't put out anyway,'  the man said beginning to walk off. That was it. It was all over. Louis looked at you and gave a mischievous smile.
 'You know what?' he said as he grabbed the fist of the man and pulled him back round so that he was facing Louis. Louis was just a bit shorter, but it didn't matter. Louis swung his fist around at the man and whacked him right across the face.
 'Lou! No!' you screamed. Not because you didn't want the man to be hurt. That was the thing that you wanted most right now. But you knew that the man would hit, if not worse, Louis. The man fell to the floor making a pool of blood on the grey concrete that was pouring out of his nose. He stood up and knocked the knife out of Louis' hand, which was now covered in blood. The man ran to the knife and picked it up. He turned and pointed it at Louis. He ran at him and then stopped inches away from him.
 'You're welcome,' he said.
 'For what?' Louis said, looking confused.
 'For this,' he whispered before sticking the knife deep into Louis' leg. Louis screamed out in pain and then fell to the floor. The man pulled the knife out of Louis leg and ran away. You ran to Louis and knelt down beside him.
 'Quick, my phone's in my pocket,' he shouted. You pulled out his phone and rang the ambulance. You put the phone down and placed the phone down on the road.
 'They'll be here soon Louis, don't worry,' you told him, trying to be reassuring. You hugged him tightly and lent his back across your legs so that he was sitting up right. You stroked his hair and made shushing noises. He looked at you with tears rolling down his face.
 'It's gunna be fine. You've got nothing to worry about,' you told him.
 'Promise,' he said, his voice shaky.
 'I promise,' you told him. It seemed to take forever for the ambulance to come. You kept talking to Louis, not wanting him to fall asleep. 'Look Louis, the ambulance is here now, every thing's going to be fine. It's going to be alright,' you said as the ambulance whizzed round the corner. The doctors took Louis up into the ambulance on a stretcher and asked you if you wanted to go. You knew that Louis wouldn't want you there, but he wouldn't have had anyone if you hadn't gone with him. You felt like you needed to. For Louis. The drive to the hospital was long. Louis layed there on the stretcher, his body almost lifeless. His hand was leaning over the side of the bed and you took hold of it without thinking. You wrapped your fingers around his sweaty palm and rested your hand there. You felt his fingers grip around yours. His head rolled over and looked at your hands that were clasped together. Then he looked at you. His eyes were filled with tears and then he mouthed, 'I love you'. You was so overwhelmed and then you mouthed back, 'I love you too.' A smile spread over his sodden face.

You was sitting in the waiting room when a nurse walked in. She called out your name and glanced around at all the other people in the waiting room. You stood up and walked over to her.
 'That's me,' you told her. She smiled sweetly at you.
 'I'm sure you'll be happy to know that Louis is making an amazing recovery. The wound wasn't that deep and just needed to be sewn up. He should be able to leave within a few days,' she told you. You were so over the moon. You didn't know what to do. You flung your arms around the nurses neck and hugged her tightly.
 'Thank you,' you whispered into her ear.
 'Aha, it's quite alright,' she said before giving you a stern look. 'He's up for seeing people if you want to see him.'
 'Oh, I don't know if that would be such a good idea,' you told her. Louis had been quite high on medication when he was in the ambulance. He probably didn't even remember telling you those things.
 'Well, he requested to see you,' she told you.
 'Me? Are you sure it was me?' you told her confusingly.
 'Yes, it was defiantly you he wanted,' she said before turning around and walking towards the door. When she got to the door she turned around to look at you. 'Well, come on then.'
 You followed her down long corridors and up lots of stair cases. You were going over things in your head. Had Louis remember holding your hand in the ambulance? Or did he just want to talk? You eventually got to Louis' room and the nurse opened the door. She let you in and stood in the doorway. There was Louis, looking more beautiful than ever. He smiled sheepishly at you, and you did the same back.
 'I'll just leave you too alone,' the nurse said before walking out. You walked over to Louis and tears began rolling down your face. You sat down in the chair next to his bed.
'Lou, I'm so sorry. This is all my fault, I should never have gone out by myself. I should never have gone down that walkway. I shouldn't have. I'm so sorry,' you cried to him. He didn't look bothered at all.
 'Don't be sorry,' he said. You looked at him, confused. What was he talking about? Was he still high on medication. 'Don't be sorry for any of it.'
 'But why not? It's my fault that you got stabbed in the leg,' you wept.
 'Yes, but none of that stuff had happened, I wouldn't have been able to say them things to you that I had wanted to say fro such a long time,' he said all in one breath. So he did remember! You was so over the moon.
 'Wha-' you began.
 'Will you please be my girlfriend again?' he asked, interrupting you. You were doing flips inside, of course you wanted to be Louis' girlfriend again.
 'Y-yes,' you hesitated, standing up and throwing your arms around his neck, trying not to touch his leg as it was still sore. You pulled back and looked in his eyes. You ran your eyes through his ruffled hair, you moved in to kiss him and his head moved nearer yours. His lips met yours and your hands fell through his hair. 'See.'
 'What?' Louis said pulling back from the kiss.
 'I told you everything would be alright,' you told him.
 'Aha, that's right. You promised,' he said, laughing.
 'I promised.'

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