Thursday, 3 May 2012

Long Zayn Imagine

#Imagine you had been out for the day with your friends and now you were going back to your apartment. You had loads of shopping bags and you had bought lots of new clothes. You got your key out of your pocket and stuck it in the lock, but the door was already unlocked. You opened the door quickly and glanced around the room. Nothing had changed. You slowly walked over to your dining table and placed all of your bags down, and you walked around all the rooms to make sure that no-one was in your house. You checked your bedroom, but no-one was there. You walked back into the living room, and there was someone sitting on your sofa. You screamed in shock and he turned around. It was Zayn.
 'Ohh, you gave me a right shock! What are you doing here?' you said in relief walking over to him and giving him a hug. He didn't reply. You pulled back from the hug and looked up at him. 'What were you doing here?' you repeated. He looked at you deep in your eyes.
 'Why do you smell of men's aftershave?' he whispered. You sniffed your jumper and he was right, you did smell a little of it.
 'Oh, that's because we met up with Rebecca's boyfriend and he gave me a hug,' you said, going to sit down on the sofa. Zayn followed you and sat next to you, but he didn't put his arm round you neck like he usually did. 'What's wrong?' you asked him. He was sat with his hands in his lap and he looked really uncomfortable.
 'Nothing,' he replied in a high pitched voice. 'So what was Rebecca's boyfriend called?' his eyes stayed fixed on the floor.
 'Erm, he's called Sam, I think,' you told him, trying to remember his name.
 'Oh, and how long have him and Rebecca been together?' he asked. Why was he so interested in Sam all of a sudden?
 'About 5 months I think,' you told him, standing up off the sofa and going back to the table to look in your bags, and to get away from Zayn's constant questions. But he followed you to the table, and he began looking in your bags as well.
 'Oh, and are they happy together?' What kind of question was that? Of course they were happy together! Why was Zayn so bothered about them.
 'Yeah, they're really happy together. Why?' you asked him, looking up from the bags. He didn't though, he kept on fishing through them. He shrugged his shoulders.
 'Just wondering,' he whispered. 'Do you like him?' he asked. That was why he was so bothered about Sam. Zayn was scared that you had done something with him.
 'Zayn, do you not trust me?' you shouted taking a step back from the table and looking at him. He turned around to look at you and gave you the puppy dog eyes. 'Oh my god, you don't trust me? After everything we've had together! You really think that I'm stupid enough to throw all that away!' you screamed at him before walking into your bedroom and slamming the door behind you. You layed on your bed with your face pressed into your pillow, mascara running all over the place because of your tears. You cried into the pillow for a while. You cried because you couldn't believe that Zayn didn't trust you. You had both been loyal and trusting during your relationship. It was the best relationship you had ever had. Zayn was 'the one'. And now he was accusing you of cheating. You sat up on the bed, your back leaning against the top of the bed. You sat there, staring at the wall at the other end of your bed, trying to think things over. Zayn had probably gone back to his own apartment. But then you heard someone breathing heavily on the other side of the door, Zayn was still there. And by the sound of his heavy breathing and constant sniffing, he had been crying. You walked over the door, you was about to open it, but you just couldn't see Zayn yet. There was something pulling you back. You just turned and lent against the door, and your back slid down the door so you was sat on the floor. Zayn was just on the other side, in reaching distance nearly. But you still didn't now if you could forgive him. How could he not have trusted you? You would never have cheat on Zayn, you would never even think about cheating on him.
 'I'm so sorry,' you heard come from the other side of the door. The tears began rolling down your face again, you didn't answer though. You had your legs crossed and your arms were wrapped around you legs. You hugged your legs tight and sighed loudly. 'Can I come in please?' he whispered through the door. You stood up and faced the door, wiping the tears away from your eyes. You grabbed the door handle and opened the door and there was Zayn sitting on the floor, in the same position that you was sat in moments ago. You sat back down next to him, but this time there was no door there. You just both sat there, heavy breathing, with teary eyes. After a while Zayn broke the silence.
 'I'm sorry, I just get a bit protective some times. I do trust you, I never doubted that for a second, I just don't wanna lose you,' he said. You turned your head to face him and you could feel the tears coming back again.
 'Come here,' you said, flinging your arms around Zayn's neck. 'You have nothing to worry about babe, I'm not going anyway,' you told him. It was true though, as long as Zayn wanted you, you was his. And you hoped it stayed like for ever.

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