Monday, 21 May 2012

Long Louis Imagine

#Imagine you had been dating this boy called Declan from your school for a while now. He wasn't the best boyfriend you had ever had, you could tell that he didn't really care about you that much. You was going to break up with him soon, but you hadn't seen him in a while, but you promised yourself that next time you saw him. You was walking out of school one night when you quickly turned the corner and bumped into Declan. You fell backwards to the floor and looked up at him. He looked down at you and laughed, he didn't even offer to help you up. You scrambled up to your feet and brushed yourself down. You looked at him as he kept on laughing.
 'I haven't seen you in a while,' he said when he had finally finished laughing, taking a step nearer you. You just looked at him with a disgusted look on your face. He took another step closer to you and placed his arms around you, but you didn't hug him back, you just went all stiff and didn't move. He pulled back from the hug and looked you deep in the eyes.
 'What's wrong?' he said as he shook his head. You took a deep breath.
 'Look, Declan, I don't think this is working,' you began. He took a step away from you and folded his arms.
 'You what?' he said, his face scrunching up to make him look angry.
 'I just don't think this between us is working, I think it would be best if we broke up,' you said, trying to say it as nice as possible. He just stayed staring at you, and you looked back for a while. You turned around and began to walk away and you looked over your shoulder, he was still looking at you with an angry expression on his face. 'B-bye Declan,' you said, and then you turned around and carried on walking. You felt his strong hand around your arm and he pulled you back round to face him so quickly you let out a little gasp.
 'You're not leaving me, you're never leaving me,' he whispered harshly in your face so he kept on spitting on your face. You moved your head down to the floor so that you didn't have to look into his eyes. He grabbed both your arms and picked you up a little bit of the floor so that your head was level with his.
 'You look at me when I'm talking to you!' he screamed as a little tear escaped your eye and rolled down your cheek. He was gripping hold of your arms so tightly that it was really hurting you. You looked at him and then he placed you back down on the floor. He took a step back from you and stood there looking at you. You started to turn around again to walk away, but he grabbed your bag that was placed on your shoulder and threw it onto the top of the school roof. You watched it fly onto the roof and then you looked back to Declan who had a smirk on his face.
 'What did you do that for!?' you screamed at him. He didn't answer and he just kept on looking at you. You walked back into to the school so that you could go up the stairs onto the roof garden and get it back. You had to go up quite a few flights of stairs to get it. As you was walking up the stairs you could hear someone coming down them. You looked up and saw Louis walking down the stairs. Louis was your best friend, and he had to help out in the roof garden every day after school because of his bad behaviour.
 'Heya, why aren't you at home?' he asked you, stopping on the stairs. You carried on walking until you was in front of him.
 'I'm on my way now,' you told him, trying to dodge your way round him to get onto the roof.
 'H-have you been crying?' he asked you, standing in front of you so that you couldn't get past.
 'No Lou! I'm fine, just let me past!' you screamed at him, getting really angry now. You just wanted to get your bag and go home. He looked at you and then he moved out of the way so that you could get past. You stormed up the stairs and didn't look back to Louis. You felt bad for shouting at him, but you didn't want Declan catching up to you as you was sure that he was following you up the stairs. You got up to the roof and saw your bag flung on top of the roof over in the corner. No-one was on the roof so you ran over to it and picked it up. You turned around and started walking back over to the stair case, but Declan was standing there. You screamed out in shock as you didn't expect him to be there. He walked over to you and grabbed hold of your arm.
 'You're not going to leave me, are you?' he whispered into your ear. He looked into your eyes and you shook your head. You was really scared, Declan was known for hitting girls in the past, and you didn't want to be one of them. 'Good, now look at me,' he whispered. You looked up at him so that your eyes met and he smirked.
 'What?' you asked him as your voice broke.
 'You're pathetic, you know that? You're nothing,' he said in a hurtful tone, you looked down at the floor, you was about to cry. 'What have I said!? I said you look at me when I'm talking to you!' he screamed at you. He grabbed hold of a huge chunk of your hair and ragged it down to the floor. It hurt do bad and you screamed out in pain as you fell to the floor. You sat there holding your throbbing head.
 'Oi! Don't you dare touch her like that!' screamed Louis, walking up from the staircase and marching towards Declan. Declan turned round to face Louis and you heard him start to laugh.
 'Oh yeah? And what are you gunna do?' he said as Louis got up to him and there faces were really near to each other. Louis took a step back and scrunched up his face at Declan.
 'This!' he screamed at him before flying his fist around to Declan's face and making him fall to the floor with his powerful punch.
 'Louis no,' you whispered, scrambling up to your feet. You loved it that Louis was sticking up for you, but you didn't want Louis getting hurt. That was the last thing you ever wanted to happen. He looked at you with a confused look on your face as Declan got back to his feet. They stood there looking at each other. Louis wasn't scared of Declan, he hated him. And he had told you that. Declan swung his fist round to Louis and whacked him right across his face, but a lot harder than Louis had hit Declan. Louis fell to the floor and you ran over to him, propping his head up on your knees. He sat up and looked at you.
 'I'm fine,' he whispered as he started to stand up. Declan started kicking Louis in the ribs and Louis fell to the floor again. You moved in front of Declan's kicks so that he was kicking you instead of Louis. You thought that he would stop once he was kicking you, but he didn't in fact the kicks got harder. You moved your knees up to your chin and hugged your knees while taking the kicks from Declan.
 'No! Stop it!' Louis yelled and suddenly the kicking stopped. You looked up to see that Louis had his hand under Declan's chin and was choking him. Louis was pushing Declan back by his neck and he kept on walking until they were right next to the edge of the roof. Declan's back was arched and his face was starting to turn a scarlet red colour. Louis got right up to Declan's face.
 'Leave us alone,' he whispered into Declan's face. 'You touch her again, and I will kill you.' He let go off Declan's neck and Declan ran for the stairs, not even looking in your direction. When he was gone you immediately burst into tears and Louis ran over to you. You was hurting all over, and you was sure that you was covered in bruises from the amount of times Declan had kicked you. Louis knelt down next to you and put his arms around you and hugged you into his chest whilst you wept. He placed his hand on your head and stroked your hair.
 'Shh, everything's gunna be alright,' he whispered into your hair. You took your head of his chest and looked up to him. You started seeing a whole other side to Louis. You had been feeling like this a lot lately. You wiped away your tears and Louis grabbed hold of your hands. He leaned into you and he pressed his lips against yours. You put your arms around his neck and as you continued with the kiss. You pulled back and then looked at him. He started to stand up.
 'S-sorry..' he said as he turned and walked away. You stood up and grabbed his wrist, you pulled him around to face you again as you pressed your lips onto his. You pulled back after a while and smiled at him.
 'What are you sorry for?' you asked as you shook your head at him.
 'It doesn't matter anymore,' he whispered as he took you up in his arms and kissed you hard.

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