Friday, 11 May 2012

Long Louis Imagine

#Imagine you were walking home from work one night, it was summer so it so it was still light outside. You was walking along the pavement, enjoying the warm summer night, when you felt two strong arms around you. You looked down and saw the familiar wristband wrapped around their wrist. It was Louis.
 'Guess who?' he whispered into your ear. You pulled out of his grasp and turned around to face him. You smiled at him and then wrapped your arms around his neck, giving him a friendly hug. That's all you and Louis were. Friends. You always had been, you always would be. You had fallen for Louis a long time ago, but eventually you faced the fact that he would never like you back, so you moved on. You didn't see the point in waisting your time on someone that was never going to feel the same way about you. You had told the rest of the boys how you felt, but none of them ever told Louis, you didn't want them to. It would have been so awkward if he ever had found out, and you never wanted to ruin the special friendship you both had.
 'Heya, how are you?' you said pulling back from the hug.
 'I'm good, how are you?' he asked.
 'Yeah, I'm good too,' you said, smiling sweetly. He nodded at you.
 'Good,' he said. He stayed staring into your eyes and then peered down at your hand that was hanging next to your waist. He leaned over and placed his hand on yours, but you pulled it back from  him. He was making the feeling come back, you didn't want him touching you like that. What was happening? Suddenly all these feelings were coming flooding back. 'Hey? What's wrong? I'm not going to hurt you,' he said, grabbing hold of your hand. Your heart began beating fast as yours and Louis' hands were clasped together. 'Follow me,' he said, taking a firm grip on your hand and pulling you back down the street. Your feet were stomping along on the concrete in your golden sandals, it was beginning to get cold.
'Where are we going Louis? I'm getting cold,' you moaned, pulling your hand out of his. He pulled his hand away from yours and took his jumper off of his body and handed it to you.
 'Here, have this. And it's not that far, just a few more steps,' he said as you took the jumper out of his hand. You took your bag of your shoulder and handed it Louis.
'Just hold this for me,' you said as you began struggling to put the jumper on. You pulled it over your head and it made your hair go all messed up. Louis stepped nearer to you and dropped your bag on the floor.
 'Aha, come here,' he said as he ran his fingers through your hair moving it out of your face. He looked deep into your eyes and a smile spread across his tanned face.
'Thanks,' you said blushing and looking down. He had made all these feelings come back, and you knew that Louis would never want you. You was just setting yourself up for another heartbreak.
 'No problem,' he said, grabbing your hand again as he carried on walking. You walked for a little while longer, and then Louis finally turned around and looked at you. 'We're here!' he said looking nervous. You were both stood in the middle of an empty field. No people, no trees, no nothing. You looked around and were expecting to see something exciting, but there was nothing.
 'What are we doing here?' you asked him. He gave a little chuckle. He looked down at the floor and then bit his lip. He looked up at you, his blue eyes big.
 'I just need to talk to you,' he said, turning around and making his way through the long grass. You followed him, and then he suddenly sat down in the grass, and you did the same. It stretched right over your heads, so that no one that was passing by could see you. He took hold of your hands and looked at you. He took a big sigh.
 'Okay, here goes. I, erm, I think I've fallen for you,' he said, as his cheeks began to turn red. You could feel the tears brimming in your eyes, you had already fallen for Louis, you didn't wan to be messed around again.  You pulled your hand away from Louis' quickly and stood up. You turned on your heels and started to make your way through the grass. 'Hey, where you going?' Louis said wrapping his arms around your waist. You grabbed his hands and chucked them off you.
 'No Louis, don't!' you screamed as you turned back to face him. You broke down in tears and collapsed into a heap onto the floor. You wept for a while, and then you felt Louis come and sit down on the muddy grassy floor next to you. You looked across to him and wiped the tears away from your eyes. He breathed a big sigh.
 'What's wrong? I thought you liked me, the boys told me that you did. And I like you too, what's wrong?' he said, as a tear rolled down his cheek. You looked at him as the tears rolled down your face too. You sniffed up.
'I fell for you once, I don't want to have to fall again,' you told him, pulling your knees up to your chin and hugging them. There was a long silence.
 'But I'll be here, to catch you when you fall. I promise, you're not going to be alone, I won't let that happen,' he said as the tears streamed down his face.
 'Louis, no. I can't do it,' you said, turning your head away from him. Of course you wanted to hug him and kiss him, tell him how much you really wanted him. You wanted it more than anything, but you had to try and stay strong. He crawled around to your face and sat back on his knees. He leaned across to you and went in to kiss you, but you jumped up. You had to at least try and stay strong.
 'Please, don't,' you said as the tears began streaming down your face again. If Louis kissed you again, then that would be it, you know that you would fall for him again, and that's not what you wanted.
 'Why are you so scared? I'm not going to leave you this time, I promise. I can't live without you, please. I need you, more than you could ever imagine,' he wept, looking up at you.
 'Lou, that's exactly how I felt this time a few months ago, it hurts doesn't it?' you said, the tears still pouring out of your eyes. Louis might not have been able to stop your heartache, but you could stop his, and you couldn't bare to see him like this. You walked over and knelt down in front of him. You removed his hands that were covering his face because he was crying. You took his hands in yours and lent over to kiss him. He lent over to you and your lips met. You had fallen for him, all over again. But this time it was worth it, because Louis was there for you, to catch you safely in his arms. He moved his hands around onto your back and he layed down on his back, taking you with him. You was layed on top of his chest in the middle of this big field, hidden by all the grass. It was perfect, just Louis and you.