Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Long Harry Imagine

#Imagine you and Harry were wandering about late at night, but it was Summer, so the sun was still quite high in the sky. You were wandering through the isolated streets of London hand in hand. It was just perfect, Harry had given you his jumper which was way too big for you, but you didn't care. You was cold, and the soft fabric was making your heart pound. Your hands were swinging as you turned the corner of each street, and suddenly you turned a corner to discover a huge field just filled with over grown grass. You turned to Harry and smiled, he looked at you and did the same.
 'I didn't know this was here,' you whispered to him as he shook his head.
 'Me either,' he said, looking out at the field. It went on for miles, you couldn't even see then end because it went on for that long. 'Come on,' he said, his hand still in yours, but he started wading his way through the very uncut grass. Your hand stayed firmly in Harry's and it felt amazing. You kept on walking through the grass, but soon began to get tired. Harry suddenly stopped walking and turned to you. He placed his hands on your hips and pulled you close into his chest. You put your arms around his neck and looked into his eyes. You stroked the back of his head with your hand, running your hand through his fingers. He moved his head closer to yours and his lips brushed against yours. You moved your lips onto Harry's and you started to kiss. Suddenly you felt a drop of water on your forehead and you looked up and discovered a huge grey cloud floating above you and Harry. More and more raindrops quickly started fall on you both, and soon, you were both soaking wet. You both started laughing and then Harry disappeared into the over grown grass.
 'Harry!?' you shouted racing through the grass, pushing as much away from your face as you could. 'Harry! Where did you go?' you shouted still running through the grass. You weren't sure which way he went, you wasn't even sure if you was following him. But you kept on running. You were starting to get a bit worried now, as it had been about 5 minutes and you still had not found Harry. You heard someone shout something in the distance and you immediately stopped running to listen. The rain was still pouring down on you and it had seeped through your clothes, but you listened hard.
 'Come and find me,' you heard Harry scream, but because you was far away from him, it was quiet. It sounded like it was coming from the other side of the field, so you began running again, but this time faster. 'I'm coming Harry!' you screamed, running back across the grass. You kept running and running, your feet felt like they were about to fall off. Suddenly you ran into something really hard and it made you fall to the ground, it was Harry. You looked up and there he was, smiling like an idiot. You jumped up of the ground and looked up at him, the ran still pouring hard on your face.
 'That wasn't funny, you really worried me!' you shouted at him, playfully hitting him on his chest. He looked at you and bit his lip. 'No, stop it! You know I love it when you do that!' You turned away from him and you was about to run away from him again but you felt his strong hands on your hips and he pulled you back in as you squealed in happiness. You turned around to Harry and he started passionately kissing you all around your mouth as the rain beat against you. The rain ran into your mouth and down your face and dripped off your chin. Your tongues were all over eachother and you felt Harry smile wide as he kissed your lips and then he pulled back to look at you. The rain was calming down and he took both your hands and looked at you. He leaned into you again and whispered into your ear.
 'Come on, let's go back to mine,' he said as he turned away with your hand in his and pulled you through the grass.

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