Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Long Niall Imagine

#Imagine you've come home from a night out with your best friend, Danny. He'd been your best friend all your life, You came home to see Niall sat on the sofa eating a jar of Nutella watching 'Two and a Half men'. He was in his boxers and when he saw you come through the door, he ran across the room and gave you a huge hug.
 'Woah, was I gone for that long?' you said, as he took you up in his arms.
 'No, I just missed you,' he whispered, as he slowly placed you down on the ground. You both walked over back to the sofa and continued to watch the T.V. Suddenly, Niall turned it off, and turned to look at you.
 'I need to talk to you,' he said. sounding a little nervous.
 'What's up?' you said, snuggling back into him.
 'It's about Danny. I don't want you seeing him anymore,' he said, looking everywhere but in your eyes.
 'What?' you said, sitting up. You couldn't possibly have heard him right.
 'He just makes me so angry. Knowing that you're out with him, when you could be with me!' he said pressing your shoulders down on his chest, but you jumped up.
 'I'm not gonna stop hanging round with my friends! Just because you want me to spend every moment with you!' you screamed at him. Your eyes started to fill with tears, and you could see that Niall's were doing the same.
 'Babe, I'm sorry, but it's just how I feel. Tell me you agree,' he whispered in your ear. As tempting as it was, you couldn't have Niall telling you what to do.
 'No! No! Get off me!' you said, pushing his arms away from you. You needed to clear your head, so you just walked out, without looking back.

 'Wow. The view looks great from up here,' Harry said, sitting down next to you. You were sat on the top of a small cliff, you'd walked around for a little while but after a while you'd got tired. This was the spot where you and Niall had first met. Everything seemed so much simpler back then, why couldn't it be like that now? You and Harry just sat there, looking out into the distance at the beautiful view. But after a while Harry broke the silence.
 'He misses you, you know?'
 'Oh, has he told you to come and tell me that!?' you snapped back.
 'No! He doesn't know I'm with you. I saw you sitting here when I was driving home. He rang me and told me I needed to go round to your place. He's in a right state,' Harry explained. You were trying to fight the tears, so you didn't react and just stayed looking out into the distance. There was a long and pain filled silence.
 'He needs you. I now you need him too.' It was true, you needed Niall more than anything. You couldn't hold the tears back anymore. They streamed down your face, and dripped off your chin. 'Come here...' he whispered leaning over and hugging you. You wept into his chest for a while, but then you pulled back and wiped your eyes.
 'Come on, I'll take you home,' Harry said, helping you up and guiding you to his car. It had been around half past twelve when you had got home to Niall, but '4:58am' flashed on and off on the clock in Harry's car. The drive back to yours and Niall's apartment seemed long, but when you eventually got there, you had the biggest butterflies in your stomach.
 'Thanks Harry, I'll ring you in the morning. Now you go home and get some sleep!' you said, starting to feel guilty.
 'Aha! I will,' he said, as you got out of the car and he drove off. So there you standing outside the block of apartments, more nervous than anything. You walked slowly round to your apartment and knocked on the door. There was no answer for a little while, but then the door opened and there was Niall with teary eyes. When you saw him standing there, you couldn't hold back any longer, you just ran at him and flung your arms around his neck. He hugged you back but even tighter.
 'I love you so much, I'm so sorry I walked out!' you wailed, crying hard into his chest.
 'I love you more, just promise one thing,' he said, kissing the top of you head. You was scared he was gonna ask you not to see Danny again, s you just looked up at him. 'Promise me you'll never leave me..' he whispered.
 'I promise,' you whispered back. He picked you and kissed you hard. He carried you over to the sofa, where you layed with your head on his chest until you eventually drifted off to sleep.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Long Zayn Imagine

#Imagine you and Zayn are going on a picnic in the middle of a massive field. Zayn had taken you there before, but you just walked through on your way back to his house. But this time you were spending the whole day there. You, Zayn in the middle of a field, with food. It seemed perfect. It was the middle of summer as well, so it was really warm. You'd picked out your outfit, your high-waisted shorts, with your white and yellow stripy top. You were really looking forward to it. Zayn knocked on your door.
 'Wow.' He whispered, as you opened the door, and walked out.
 'What? Is something wrong?' You said, looking down thinking you had something on your clothes.
 'No, everything;s perfect. You look stunning,' he said taking you in his arms and kissing you. He had a Nike rucksack with all the food in, and you walked hand in hand to the field. You sat down smack bang in the middle, and began to eat Zayn;s feast that he'd made. Once you'd finished the food, you layed back, and put your arms behind your head. Zayn crawled over to you and layed on top of you, so that your noses were practically touching. He teasingly brushed his lips against yours, but as he did so, you felt a drop of rain on the back of your hand, which was on the back of Zayn;s neck. He looked up, and you did too. The sky was suddenly filled with dark clouds, and suddenly the rain began to pour out of the sky. Zayn stood up, grabbed your hands and pulled you to your feet. He smacked his hand on your bum, looked right into your eyes and whispered,
 'You're it!' He ran away from you, but he wasn't quick enough. You caught up to him, and brushed his arm.
 'Now you're it!' You screamed as you ran away, but before you even had chance to run away, Zayn grabbed your wrist. He twirled you round and looked straight into your eyes. With the rain still pouring hard, he kissed you.

Long Liam imagine

#Imagine when you were younger you went to school with all the boys. You hadn't seen them in a few years, but they had recently rang you and asked if you were free that weekend. You said yes, and said they'd be round on Saturday to see you. You were REALLY looking forward to it, as you hadn't seen the boys in a while.
 That night, at about half past 4 there was a knock at the door. You opened it to find Niall, Liam, Zayn, harry and Louis all standing there.
 'Hey! I wasn't expecting you for a couple more hours!' You said, welcoming them all into your apartment.
 'Oh sorry. Do you want us to come back later?' Niall said.
 'Of course not! Come in!' you screamed.
 'Oh, and we brought Nando's.' Liam said, bringing a bag from around his back.
 'Oh good!' you shouted as you walked off into the kitchen, going to the plates. When you came back into the room, the boys were all sat around your table.
 'We didn't know what you wanted so we just got you a chicken burger;. Is that alright?' Louis asked.
 'Yeah that's fine, so how've you been?' you answered. You sat there talking and laughing, mainly laughing, for most of the night.
 'Right, let's play a game.' Said Harry, running off the the kitchen. He came bag a minute later with a bottle. 'Let's play Spin The Bottle.' Everyone sat down on the floor in a circle. Harry span first. It landed on Louis.
 'Ohh! I'm witnessing Larry Stylinson right here, right now.' you said, as Harry crawled over and kissed Louis, on the cheek.
 'Wooooo!' everyone chanted.
 'Alright, can I spin next? Liam asked.He grabbed the bottle, and span it. You looked at him, and saw for the first time, that Liam actually was the most beautiful person you'd ever seen. And he cared about you too. The whole time you were eating, he was asking how you were, and asking what you're up to nowadays. You were praying that it landed on you. Zayn, Niall, Harry Liam, Louis, YOU! It stopped on you.
 'Wooo! Go on Liam,' all the boys yelled.
 'Is it fine with you?' He asked, starting to crawl over to you.
 'Yeah, it's fine.' You said, your voice shaking a bit, because you were so nervous. You wish you could just run upstairs and brush your teeth. He leaned in, you thought he was going to kiss you on the cheek but no. He went in for the proper kiss. You felt his lips brush against yours, but then you felt him reacting. It felt like forever, but it must've only been about 7 seconds. Liam pulled his head back and looked right into your eyes. His bit his lip, and crawled back to his place in the circle. After about 10 minutes you went over to sit on the sofa, and talk some more. You walked into the kitchen to get everyone a drink, when suddenly these two big arms your waist.
 'Hey babe, I need to ask you something,' Liam said, breathing hard on your neck.
 'And what is that?' you said turning around and placing your hands on his chest.
 'Will you be my girlfriend?' He asked and leaned in for a kiss. You kissed his back, and began freaking out. Of course you wanted to be Liam's girlfriend. In fact, you wanted it more then anything in the world.
'Of course .. I will..' you whispered between kisses. You walked back into the living room, hand in hand with Liam.
 'Ahh, you told her then!' Zayn yelled, looking at your hands.
 'Yeah, I did,' Liam said, turning and kissing you passionately.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Long Harry Imagine

#Imagine you and all of the boys are best friends. BEST friends. You go everywhere with them, even on tour. A few years ago, you had gone to a signing and all the boys immediately took a shine to you. When you got to the end of the table, Paul grabbed your arm and asked you to wait around the back. When the signing had finished, the boys had said that they really liked you, and that they wanted to spend the day with you. Ever since then, you just did everything together. You was like the secret sixth member, but you didn't sing with them.
 One night, you were planning on go out to Nando's with the boys, but you REALLY didn't feel like it, as it was your time of the month. Niall rang you up, to ask if you were still on for tonight.
 'Nialler ... I really don't feel like it ...  I'm sorry, you guys go without me,' you sighed into the phone.
 'Well, we'll see you tommorow then.' And he put the phone down. You sat on the sofa, with a mug of Yorkshire Tea, and went on your twitter. After fifteen minutes there was a knock at the door and you walked to answer it. There was Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam and Harry standing there.
 'Guys, you should have gone to Nando's! I hate being the reason that you're not having fun!' you said, feeling really bad.
 'We don't have fun because we are at Nando's, we have fun because we are will you....' Zayn said, which made your eyes well up a bit.
 'Anyway, we've been to Nando's!' said Louis as he pulled a big bag out from behind his back. 'Don't worry, we got you your favourite.' You walked over to the sofa and dug into you Nando's. This is why you loved them so much. They never put themselves first.
 'Okay, let's play a game,' said Harry, after you'd all finished your Nando's.
 'Like what?' you said kinda scared as Harry got really close to you. You'd always had a crush on Harry. Well, you'd always had a crush on all of them, and they knew it. But Harry, he was just something else. He couldn't do anything wrong in your eyes. He was just perfection.
 'I dunno, what do you wanna play?' He replied sitting right next to you.
 'You pick...'
'Fine, I think we should play, hangman.' Harry said, getting close to you again.
 'Hangman? Really Harry? Really?' Louis said.
 'Yeah! I'll go first.' He said running up to the kitchen and coming back with a big pad of paper and a pen. You and Louis sat your selves against the sofa, and Liam, Niall and Zayn sat on the other side of the coffee table. He wrote out on the paper _ /_ _ _ _ / _ _ _ / _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ / _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ .
 'It's not something dirty is it?' you asked, hoping the answer would be no as Harry is constantly dirty-minded.
 'Nope, it's not.'
 'OH! I know what it is!' Niall said jumping up and putting his hand in the air.
 'No Niall, you can only guess letters,' Harry said.
 'Fine then, Q.'
 'No, there's no Q.'
 'Oh, well then I don;t know what is it then.' Niall said, sounding kind of defeated. It made you laugh though, that he'd been so positive he had the answer, yet it was wrong.
 'I'll guess a letter, A'
_ /_ _ _ _ / _ _ _ / _ A _ / _ _ _ _ / _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ The game when on until you had this;
I / L _ _ _ / _ _ _ / S A T / _ _ _ T / T _ / L _ _ I S
'Well the last word is Louis!' Niall said.
 'Niall! What have I told you about guessing just letters!' Harry shrieked.
 'Sorry,' said Niall as he stuck his tongue out at Harry.
'O' Louis shouted.  I / L O _ _ / _ _ _ / S A T / _ _ _ T / T O / L O _ I S
 'U' you shouted. I / L O _ _ / _ _ _ / S A T / _ _ _ T / T O / L O U I S
 'It's something to do with me I think, because it says sat, to Louis. Is there an N in there Harry?' you said.
I / L O _ _ / _ _ _ / S A T / N _ _ T / T O / L O U I S
 'I love her sat next to Louis!' Liam screamed. The room suddenly went silent as Harry's face went bright red.
 'LEEUUMMM!' Harry screamed through gritted teeth.
 'Aww, I love you too Harry,' you said thinking he meant it in the friendly way.
 'No, you don't get it.' He stood up and walked really slowly over to you. 'I really do love you.' He whispered in you ear.
 'Like 'love love' or just friend love?' you asked, praying that the answer wasn't friendly.
 'No, I love you. I wanna be with you.' He whispered breathing hard on your neck. He leaned in for a kiss, but then paused and turned to look at the rest of the boys, who were all looking at you.
 'Oh, right. Sorry Harry, we're gunna have to go now, because he have .... to... urm....' said Liam, trying to think of a good excuse.
'Bye!' Louis said, helping Liam out. After a couple of seconds the boys were gone, and it was just you and Harry.
 'So?' he said kissing you lips hard.
 'So what?'
 'Will you be my girlfriend?' He said looking into your eyes.
 'Harry, of course I will,' you said.
 'Awwwwww...' you heard coming from outside. You looked over to the windows to find Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn all standing there, looking at you.

Long Niall Imagine

#Imagine you're going to a 1D signing for there new single. You have been queuing for days, but there were already hundreds off people infront of you. So you had already agreed that you weren't gunna get in. The doors opened and everyone rushed forward. The fans were counted out finely and the security made sure that exactly 500 fans got wristbands. 497, 478, 499, 500. You were given a wristband with the number 500 written on the back. You had got in! The doors were locked and you were stood at the back of HMV being crushed between the doors and the fans. But the queue soon went down and you were standing nearer the front. You liked being the last in line, but the nearer you got, the more nervous you got. Suddenly you were at the front of the queue and you were walking towards the table. Suddenly everything started spinning. Niall grabs your hand and says. 'Babe, are you alright?' and that was the last thing you remember.
You wake up slowly to the amazing tune of 'Chasing Cars'. You was laid on a hard bed, and as you open your eyes wider, you see that there are wierd animals painted on the roof.
'If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?'
You rolled over onto your side to find Niall sat in a chair on the other side of the room singing to you with his guitar on his lap and was strumming at it smoothly.
'Oh I'm so glad you're awake! I was so worried about you!' Niall screamed jumping up from his chair. Was he talking to you!? I mean it was Niall. He couldn't possibly be talking to you? Suddenly, Harry poked his head around the door and said,
'Is she awake yet?' You looked at him and his face lit up. 'Hey there sleepyhead. You had quite a bump when you fell.'
'What happened? Did I faint?' you asked, trying to act as cool as possible.
'Yeah you did! And not gracefully either!' said Harry wandering out of the room, so it was just you and Niall again. He took your hand and looked deep into your eyes.
'Look, I like you a lot. You seem really nice, and you're an absolute stunner! Here's my number, text me sometime. I wanna meet you again.' He crammed a wrinkled piece of paper into your hands and gave you a passionate kiss for about 10 seconds, before skipping out of the room and thrusting on his way through the door. You unfolded the piece of paper to find a number and 'Text me soon' written underneath. You cannot believe this. Your day started off thinking that you wouldn't get a wristband, and then you had Niall's number. You texted him straight away, 'I liked your thrust! x x' and you waited patiently for a text back, while the security came and got you from this wierd hospital room. As you walked towards the exit, your phone went off, and Niall's text read, 'Thanks, I don't do it for just anyone ;) <3' You could tell that this was going to be good.

Long Louis Imagine

#Imagine it's a Friday night, you've had a rough week at school and you got home, got in the bath and put your pyjamas on. You were sat on the sofa snuggled up in a blanket watching a film when there was a knock at the door. You paused the film and answered to find Louis standing there, with a grin on his face. You were close friends with all the boys, but Louis was something else! You'd had feelings for him a while ago, but you pushed them aside because you didn't want to ruin your friendship.
'Hey what are you doing here? I thought tonight was your date with Eleanor?' you said.
'Yeah, it was, but she wasn't feeling too good, so I thought I'd come and see my best friend in the whole wide world.' He said walking into your apartment and giving you a big hug. He wandered into the living room, and unpaused the film that you was watching.
'Come on, come sit,' He said patting the bit of sofa that was next to him. You went and sat next to him and he put the blanket over both of you. His head was resting on top of yours and you could feel his hand on your leg. After about 10 minutes of the film, Louis sat up and turned the T.V. off.
'Hey! What are you doing?' you screamed.
'I can't do it anymore, I have to tell you.' He got closer to you. 'Eleanor isn't sick tonight. I went round to her house to tell her it's over. It's not fair. I don't love her anymore. There's someone else.'
You felt a little broken that there was someone else, because you liked Louis a lot!
'Oh who's this other girl?' you asked trying not to sound sad.
'Come on, I'll show you....' he whispered as he pulled you off the couch and into your bedroom. He stood you in front of the mirror.
'You see her there, standing in the mirror? She's her, and she's the most beautiful person in the world.' He took you hands and kissed you passionately. 'So?'
'So what?'
'Will you ... be my .... girlfriend?' He said between kisses.
'Of course I will Lou!'

Monday, 19 March 2012

Long Zayn Imagine

#Imagine you and Zayn have been dating for 4 years. You and him are soulmates, and you do everything together. You met him at a signing and he immediately took a shine to you. You went everywhere with him, and you and the rest of the boys were quite close friends as well. But lately, they had been acting different around you, and you daredn't ask why. One night, you were sat at home and suddenly your mobile rang. 'Zayn <3' lit up on the screen and you answered it quickly.
'Hey babe,' you said.
'Heey...' Zayn whispered and you could hear his voice shaking.
'Oh my God. What's wrong!?' you screamed down the phone, really worried.
'Can you come around to my house please babe?' You could hear water in the background.
'What are you doing Zayn?' you asked trying to keep as calm as possible.
'I can't do it too you anymore, you deserve someone SOO much better than me. I can't do this to you anymore.' He sobbed into the phone.
'Zayn! Don't do anything! I'm coming round right now!.' You ran out of the room, locked the door, and zoomed around to Zayn's arpartment. You ran into the door, but it was locked. 'ZAYN!! Zayn, open the door!' you screamed. You pressed your ear up against the door, but you could hear nothing. You were too late. You kept pounding your sweaty fists against the door, but it was no use. You sat there, at the bottom of the door, sobbing. When suddenly, the door opened and you tumbled into the room. You expected to see Zayn there, but the lock had broken off, and that's why the door opened.
'Zayn! Zayn!? Where are you!?' You ran into the bathroom, with tears rolling down your face. There was Zayn. Standing there. In a pair of swimming trunks. With a little box in his hands.
'19th March 2012. The day that I met you. The day my life began. And now.....' He got down on one knee and opened up the little box, to reveal a H-U-G-E engagement ring. 'Will you marry me?'
You walked slowly over to him and fell to your knees. Your noses were almost touching.
'Of course I'll marry you Zayn' He took the ring out of the box and placed it on your finger.
'Come on.' He said as he took your hand and led you into the jacuzzi.