Thursday, 31 May 2012

Long Liam Imagine

#Imagine it was a bright summer morning and you woke up at around 10 o'clock. You rolled out of bed and wandered into the kitchen to make your breakfast. You walked back to the living room with your bowl of soggy cereal and sat down on the sofa. You flicked on the TV and realised after searching through every channel that there was nothing decent on the TV, so after you finished your breakfast, you threw on some clothes and strolled down to the shops. You walked through the automatic doors and sauntered around the food aisles and then you came to the magazine aisle. You walked down it and one suddenly caught your eye. It had Liam on the front of it; Liam was your boyfriend. You stopped to look at it, there was a picture of Liam on the cover and in big bold letters 'She was never meant to be serious' You furrowed your eyebrows and walked over to the magazine. You scooped it up and quickly opened the page to where Liam's interview was. It was true, he had actually said that you and him were never meant to be serious. You suddenly felt tears escape your eyes and roll down your cheeks. Never meant to be serious? What was that suppose to mean? Did he not love you or something? You fell to the floor with your back leaning against the magazine railing. You sobbed into your hands and after a while you felt someone's hand on your shoulder. You quickly looked up and saw an old man hovering over you.
 'Miss, are you okay?' the man said. You staggered to your feet and looked the man in the eyes.
 'I'm fine, thank you,' you said as you held the magazine tight in your hands and stormed towards the counter. You payed for it and then walked home. Liam was meant to be coming round to your house later, so you went home and you waited for him. You sat on the couch not taking your eyes off the door, and then after about an hour or so, it opened and Liam walked in.
 'Hiya babe, how ar-' he said as he walked in and shut the door, but when he saw you he stopped and looked at you. 'What's wrong? Have you been crying?' he whispered. He walked over to you and wrapped his arms around you.
 'Get off me,' you firmly told him.
 'What?' he said as he pulled back and looked at you confused.
 'Get off me,' you repeated.
 'Babe, what have I do-' he began.
 'You know what you've done!!' you screamed at him. You stood up and threw the magazine at him. You marched out the room and ran into your bedroom. You slammed your face down onto your pillow to muffle your cries as the tears poured out your eyes. You screamed into your pillow for a while and you was sure that Liam could hear you, but you didn't care. You had locked the door and he couldn't get in, so you layed there until the sunlight faded out of the windows and the room turned to black.
 The covers were all over your body and you was layed facing the ceiling. Your cheeks were numb with water and your eyes were burning. You could hear Liam in the other room, he wasn't far from the door. It had been a few hours since you had stormed out the room, but it seemed like 2 minutes.
 'I-I'm sorry,' you heard a faint voice from the other side of the door. You didn't say anything, not because you didn't want to but because your throat had nearly closed up after all the crying. 'I never meant for you to get mad at me, I, I didn't mean it in a nasty way at all. I'm gunna be honest with you babe, at the start of our relationship, I didn't think that it would ever turn into anything more,' Liam told you. The tears started rolling down your face and you bit your lip hard to stop yourself from sobbing. 'But then I got to know you better, and I realised that you was the only one that I could ever imagine myself spending the rest of my life with. You make me laugh like no-one else can, you are the kindest and most genuine person I've ever met. Everytime I see you, I don't know what happens, I just like, I can feel my heart start beating harder. And on top of all that,' you heard him take a big breath. 'You are the most beautiful girl that I have ever met in my entire life.' The tears were still rolling down your cheeks and a huge smile was spread across your face. You couldn't believe that Liam was telling you all this, and you felt the exact same about him. So many memories, they were too good to just throw away. You slowly sat up and swung your legs over the side of your bed, your feet falling onto the cold laminate. You got up and walked over to the door. You reached for the door handle and slowly opened the door, but you only opened it a crack. You peered round the side and saw Liam standing there, his cheeks looked very wet. He didn't move, his eyes just lifted off the floor and onto your eyes. You stood there for a while, but then Liam eventually broke the silence.
 'You know I'd never hurt you, I love you far too much,' he whispered as his voice broke. You took a big breath.
 'I know, I'm sorry, I over reacted,' you said as you opened the door fully.
 'No, it was me, I should never have said that,' he whispered taking a step towards you.
 'It was both of us,' you said as you took a step towards him. There was a silence.
 'I don't like it when you're mad at me,' he whispered looking down at the floor.
 'Liam, I'm sorry,' you said as you flung your arms around his neck. You felt his hands on your waist and his face was in your hair.
 'Don't be,' he whispered into your ear. 'Can we just forget this whole thing?'
 'Yes,' you whispered as you looked into his eyes and brushed your lips against his.

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