Sunday, 6 May 2012

Long Niall Imagine

#Imagine you had come home from a busy day shopping with your best friend. You had bought loads of things, clothes, makeup etc. You walked into your apartment and closed the door behind you with your foot because you had no arms free to close it with. You put all the bags down on the sofa and started to take things out of them. You looked over to the little coffee table in the middle of the room and discovered a little box in the middle of it. You walked over to the table and picked it up; it was a DVD case. You opened it and saw that there was a blank DVD in there. You took it out of the box and opened the DVD player. You put in the DVD and turned on the T.V. You took the remote that was sitting on the sofa and turned up the volume.
It was your living room, everything was still and then suddenly Niall walked on to the screen. He sat down on the sofa and looked at the camera. He took a big breath.
'Hiya, I, erm, I couldn't say this to your face, so I, erm, I made this DVD to say it,' he began. He scratched the back of his head with his hand which made his hair go all fluffed up. 'I've been telling the boys this for a long time, and I thought now was the right time to tell you.' You began to get really worried and every thought began racing through your head. Was there something wrong with Niall? Was he moving away? Was he leaving the band? You carried on watching as all the bad thoughts went through your head.
'I, erm, I think I've fallen for you,' he said, looking down at the floor. 'I, just everytime you look at me, everytime you say my name, it just makes me tingle.' You had no idea that Niall felt like this, but there had always been something special between you and Niall. Whenvever you needed him, he'd always been there. Whenever something was wrong, he was always the first to listen. Now that you though about it, you had fallen for Niall too. You just hadn't realised it until now. 'But it doens't matter, because I know that nothing can happen between us, you don't feel the same, and I don't want to ruin our friendship. So I'm going away for a while now and when I come back, whenever that might be, hopefully my feelings will have gone and we can be friends, so this is goodbye. But only for now, I'll be back,' he said, walking over to the camera and turning it off. You didn't want Niall to leave! You wanted him to stay more than anything in the world. You ran out of your apartment door and ran to Niall's as fast as you could.
You ran at the door and banged your fist against the wood.
'Niall! Don't go, Niall! I love you too, please don't leave me!' you screamed through the door. You turned around and leant against the door, sliding down it so that you was sitting on the floor. You hugged your knees and cried, you cried the most you ever had done in your whole life. You couldn't believe that you had drove Niall away. It was all your fault that he had left, if only you had come back sooner, and maybe you would've caught Niall and been able to tell him how much you actually loved him.
You cried for hours, so mad at yourself. You must have fallen asleep at his door because you woke up layed at the foot on Niall's door.  Your face was wet with all the tears, you sat up. As you did you felt someone sitting next to you, but because it was so dark, you couldn't who it was. You looked at them and they looked at you.
'N-Niall?' you said, wiping away your tears.
'I know you don't feel the same, so there's no point in you staying to tell me not to go,' he began, his voice really shaky. 'Because I've already booked a plane ticket to Ireland for tommorow morning. I'm gunna go, just so that when we get back we can be friends.'
'But Niall I don't wanna be friends,' you told him, shaking your head at him.
'Well, I can understand why. Things are gunna be so awkward between us now,' he said, his voice beginning to break. You moved and sat in front of him, moving his hands away that were covering his face that were trying to cover his teary face. You moved in and kissed his soft lips. You could feel him smiling in the dark, and when you pulled back you felt his hand on your back. He pulled you in and hugged you.
'Please don't leave me Niall, I love you so much, please don't go,' you told him, your voice breaking as the tears began rolling down your cheeks again. He sighed.
'I won't, as long as you promise not to leave me,' he said, hugging you tighter.
'I promise.'