Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Long Zayn Imagine

#Imagine it was a couple of days before your wedding to your boyfriend, Ollie, and your head was all over the place. This so called man that you was supposed to be marrying was a monster. He was the worst boyfriend and fiancĂ©e ever. He just didn't care about you at all. You was walking around the neighbourhood late one night and you had your head facing the floor, Ollie was at home. You said that you needed some air and he let you go. You suddenly bumped into someone and quickly lifted your eyes off the ground and looked up at the person. Your eyes quickly met with the a pair of the most beautiful brown eyes you had ever seen. You took a step back from this tall dark man and looked up at him.
 "I'm sorry," was all you could mumble out, you was so shocked by how stunningly beautiful this boy was. A smile shot across his face and revealed the most perfect smile ever. It was almost blinding you it was that perfect.
 "It's fine babe, don't worry about it," he said. His hands were firmly in his pockets and you could see the outline of his knuckles poking through the thin material of his jacket. You smiled at him and then looked down at the floor, your heart was beating so fast that you was scared that if you looked at him any longer it was going to fly out of your chest. You had never felt like this around anyone before, not even around Ollie. "I'm Zayn, what's your name?" he said awkwardly. It made you laugh and you didn't know why. You told him your name and another one of his killer smile's shot across his face. "Wow, that's a beautiful name," he whispered taking a step closer to you.
 "Thanks, I like Zayn too," you said moving your hair out of your face.
 "Aha, erm, you wanna go to the coffee shop?" he asked hesitantly pointing over the road to the small shop that was standing on the pavement. You peered over to the shop and it looked so cute and cosy. One cup of coffee with a friend surely wasn't gonna hurt, was it? You looked back at Zayn and nodded eagerly. You walked across the road and you talked all night. You sat down at a small little table for two and crank coffee all night. It felt so calm and relaxed around Zayn. You didn't have to try to make conversation, it just happened. That's how it was meant to feel. He was so funny, he made you laugh like no-one else ever had. Sitting in that little coffee shop with Zayn was the most fun you had, had in years. Ollie wasn't there, no-one was there to tell you what to do, it was perfect. You lifted up your sleeve and glanced at your watch. The hands read half past ten. You should probably be getting back but you didn't want to leave Zayn, but you knew that if you didn't leave soon then Ollie would start to suspect things. You sighed deeply.
 "Oh Zayn this has been the most fun I've had in ages, but I think it's best if I start making my way back," you told him as you traced your finger along the print in the table. You looked up at him and his big brown eyes looked sad.
 "Oh, okay, but can I walk you home?" he asked tilting his head to look at you. You looked at him but then your eyes returned to the table.
 "It's complicated Zayn, you see I'm getting married in a few days," you said not looking at Zayn, you was scared at how he would react.
 "Really?" he said looking at you confused. You looked up at him. "Babe, why are you so scared of me? I'm not gonna hurt you, I would never do that to you, not to any girl." You took a big sigh.
 "I guess I'm just used to men being over reactant to everything," you whispered.
 "Does your fiancee hurt you? Please babe, tell me if he is.." he said. He reached his hand over to yours and held it tight. His brown eyes were fixed on yours and yours were fixed on his. Ollie didn't hit me, but it's what he didn't do that hurt you the most. He never did anything romantic with you, he treated you like a piece of dog shit under his shoe.
 "No, he doesn't hurt me, I don't know why I agreed to marrying him. I guess I was scared of what he would do, I said yes in a panic. I know he would never hit me," you told Zayn as a tear ran down your cheek. Zayn lifted up his soft hand and ran his finger along your cheekbone. He wiped away your tears and then placed his hands back onto yours.
 "Why don't you leave him then? Do you love him?" he asked as you bit your lip. You shook your head.
 "I don't know, sometimes I think I do, and some crazy moments I think he could love me back, but I just don't know anymore?" you told Zayn as another tear rolled down.
 "You don't deserve this, you deserve someone so much better," he whispered still not taking his hand off of yours.
 "Oh yeah, like who?" you said wiping away your tears with the end of your sleeve. Zayn leaned back in his chair and looked down at his feet.
 "Me?" he asked as his voice broke. You looked at him shocked.
 "No, Zayn I can't," you whispered as you stood up as your chair moved back. You quickly walked towards the door and ran out. You ran over the road and started to walk back towards yours and Ollie's house.
 "You can't do what? You can't leave this scumbag who doesn't give a shit about you and come to me, someone that has been loving you ever since he met you, yeah, that's so hard!" you heard Zayn shout from behind you. You quickly turned on your heels and saw Zayn walking slowly towards you.
 "You met me about 2 hours ago Zayn, it's hardly enough to have fallen in love," you shouted back as he was getting nearer. People were beginning to stare, but you didn't care.
 "Trust me," he said as he got up to you, your noses were so close. "It was enough." You moved your face closer to Zayn's but just as he leaned in you quickly twisted your head away and started to walk back. Zayn ran up to you and stood in front of you. "Come on, tell me you don't want this," he said as he head was getting closer and closer to yours.
 "I-I don-" you tried to say, but it was to hard. You wanted this to happen more than anything.
 "See, you can't do it can you?" he whispered. Your hands were on his chest and his hands were wrapped around his waist. Your lips were so close and you wanted to kiss him more than anything, but there was something holding you back.
 "Hey," you heard someone scream from quite a while away. You recognised the voice, it was Ollie. You quickly pulled away from Zayn and a tingle shot down your spine.
 "He's coming," you whispered to Zayn. "He must've seen us, go, quickly," you told him.
 "No, I'm not leaving you alone with him," he told you.
 "I'll be fine, trust me," you told Zayn which was a complete lie. You was so scared as to what Ollie was going to do.
 "No, I'm not going anywhere, not without you," he said through gritted teeth. You looked around quickly.
 "Well okay, hide behind that tree over there and watch us, if Ollie does anything then you can come out, please Zayn, for me?" you begged looking up at his big brown eyes.
 "Okay," he whispered as he finally gave in. He quickly pressed his lips against yours and you was shocked. His lips were so soft. He quickly ran away and you watched him disappear behind the tree at the other end of the street. You turned around and bumped into him. You fell to the ground and quickly looked up to see him. It was Ollie, he was here. Instead of helping you up he knelt down next to you.
 "I saw you with him, you really think I'm gonna let you live this down," he whispered to you, spitting all over your face. He grabbed your wrist and pulled you up roughly. "Come on, we're going home," he said as he started pulling you in the direction of your house.
 "No!" you protested as you pulled your wrist out of his grasp. He quickly turned around to look at you and his fists were clenched. "I'm not doing this anymore, Ollie I can't do it. I think it's best if we call of the wedding, I just, this isn't what I want," you whispered. You felt the tears in your eyes but you blinked t keep them in. You had to try and stay strong. "I-I'll come back for my stuff later, I just need to stop this before it becomes anything too serious, I can't do this anymore Ollie. My feelings have completely gone," you told him. He hadn't moved since you'd told him and his arms were still crossed. His eyes were fixed on yours, and you couldn't tell what he was thinking. He had always been good at hiding his feelings, that's one of the reasons you was scared of him. You turned away and started walking away back to the tree where Zayn was. Suddenly you felt Ollie's grip around your wrist and he pulled you around to face him.
 "Where do you think you're going?" he shouted in your face. "What? To him? To be a whore to a scumbag?" You suddenly felt so powerful towards Ollie, like all of your fear for him had just disappeared. It felt so good. You lifted your head up to Ollie's level.
 "I'd rather be his whore than your wife," you said as you tried to wriggle your wrist free from his grip.
 "No," he said as he hand tightened around your wrist, but it didn't stop you from trying to break free. You kept on trying to pull your wrist from Ollie but his grip tightened. "I said no." You lifted your knee and hit him right in his bawls and his grip loosened. You heard him scream out in pain as you quickly turned to run. You looked up and saw Zayn walking towards you. You ran into his arms and your head buried into his chest. His hands fell around your waist as he pulled you in tight to his chest.
 "Come on," he whispered as his hands fell off of your hips. He slipped his hand into yours and he started running. You did the same as you ran down street and through parks. You was trying to get as far away from Ollie as you could. After a while you stopped and sat down on a bench that was near by. It was getting dark now so there was hardly anyone around. You sat next to Zayn with your head on his shoulder, neither of you saying anything. You just looked straight ahead trying to take in everything that had just happened.
 "I'm sorry, I'm sorry for all of this Zayn," you whispered.
 "Hey..." he said. He turned and put his legs up on the chair and crossed them. You did the same so that you was facing him. "Don't say that, none of this was your fault.." He leaned his head forward and pressed his lips against yours. You pulled back and looked at him straight in the eyes.
 "I love you so much Zayn," you whispered. A smile shot across Zayn's face.
 "I love you too babe," he whispered back. You hugged Zayn and you felt his warm breath on your ear. "I love you too..."

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Long Harry Imagine

Your P.O,V
Harry was my only friend, and I know that sounds unbelievably sad but it's true. I had never been good at making friends, but Harry was something different. I met him on the first day of high school and ever since then we just spent ever minute of every day together. We were like one person, it wasn't like it was two of us. Me and Harry were closer than anyone but then it happened. It just happened out of the blue, no signs. Harry wasn't in school one morning because he had, had a cold for the last few weeks and it still wasn't getting better. I was quite worried about him, every night I'd get awaken by Harry coughing and crying out in pain. We practially lived together, I had my own bed in his room and he had one in mine and every night we'd take it in turns at staying over at each others houses. It sounds stupid I know, but we were such good friends. We couldn't stay away from each other. Harry didn't come into school for the rest of the day, so when the school day finally ended I walked round to his house and knocked on the door but there was no answer. I was so upset, where was Harry? And why hadn't he told me where he was? I walked with my head down back to my house and walked in. My mum was standing in the kitchen and she was smiling sympathetically at me. I furrowed my eyebrows at her. 
 "What? What's wrong?" I asked. She shook her head at me. 
 "Nothing, have a good day at school?" she said. I flung my school bag off my shoulder and onto the living room floor and started walking over to the story.
 "No, it was awful! Harry wasn't there all day, do you know where he was?" I asked looking up at her as he stroked my hair. She never usually did this, was there something wrong? She shook her head at me again. 
 "Perhaps you should give him a ring?" she said as she turned and walked into the kitchen. 
 "O-okay!" I shouted after her. I picked up my bag off the floor and fished into it for my mobile. I flipped it open and scrolled down my contacts for Harry's number. I hit dial and then held the phone up to my ear. It seemed to ring for ages, and then someone finally answered. 
 "Hello?" It was Harry's mum. 
 "Hiya Anne, it's me, is Harry alright? I've been worried about him all day," I asked. There was some sobs on the other end of the phone. "Anne? What's happened?"
 "I, erm, I think I should let Harry talk to you," she whispered as her voice broke. There was a lot of shuffling around on the other end of the phone. 
 "Hi," came a small voice on the other end of the phone.
 "Harry what's happened? Please tell me, I've been so worried all day,"  I said as my heart suddenly started pounding like mad. 
 "It wasn't just a cold, it was cancer, I've got cancer," he whispered as he broke down in tears. The words jumped around my head. Cancer? My best friend had cancer. A tear rolled down my cheek as I heard Harry's sobs on the other end of the phone. 
 "Harry, Harry I'm so sorry," was all I could manage to whisper. Suddenly the sobs stopped. 
 "It's not your fault, none of it was fault, it was mine," he wept.
 "Harry how is it your fault?" I whispered.
 "Well it's no-one else's fault is it? So it must be mine," he told me. 
 "Harry that is the stupidest thing you've ever said, and you've said a lot of stupid things, how could it possibly be your fault? You've done nothing wrong, sometimes life is just cruel, you'll be fine though, I know you will," I told him trying to reassure him, but it didn't seem to be working. He was still crying his heart out. "Harry everything's gonna be okay, trust me, you're gonna be fine."
 "Yeah but you don't know that! Stop giving me false hope!" he screamed at me. 
 "I'm not Harry, I'm telling you the truth, you're gonna be just fine, I'll be here with you every step of the way, you know I will," I carried on whispering. 
 "You promise? You promise you won't leave me?" he said through his cries.
 "Of course I do, I would never leave you Harry," I sobbed as the tears poured down my face. The next few months were tough not having Harry by my side. The bed at the other side of my room seemed so empty. Knowing that he was lying there nearly lifeless in a hospital bed was killing me inside. And it was killing me on the outside too. I had cut a few times, and I wasn't ashamed of it. Things were so bad right now I felt like I had no other option. Harry hadn't been to school in weeks and everyone was wondering where he was. I had no other choice but to tell them, and when I did they were all really supportive. I went to visit Harry every single day, and everyday he looked more and more depressed. His big operation was coming up soon and the tension between you two has getting bigger. A few hours before his op and I was sitting in the chair next to him. We was sat in a comfortable silence, we was both two afraid to talk. We were both 15 for god's sake, we had no idea what was going on. I was staring at him as his chest went up and down and face was so angelic. How could this have happened to him? Of all the people that it could've happened to, it had to happen to Harry. He slowly turned his head around to face me and gave me a false smile. He took a deep sigh.
 "Harry, you're gonna be just fine, you've got nothing to worry about," I told him, which is what I'd been telling him for the last 5 weeks. He looked at me with sodden eyes and a tear escaped his eye and rolled down his cheek. I got up from my chair and stepped to his bed. I ran my thumb as gently as I could along his cheek bone to wipe away his tears. He looked up at me and smiled as a nurse walked into the room.
 "I'm not interrupting anything, am I?" the nurse asked. I shook my head and took a step back from Harry. "Well Harry, it's time," she breathed and I could tell she was as scared as we were. Harry glanced over to me with a worried look that sent a shiver down my spine. He looked back to the nurse and his whole face dropped.
 "Okay," he whispered. Nurses and doctors kept on rushing in and out and after a few hours he was just about ready to be wheeled into the surgery. They left us alone to talk for a while, but we couldn't think of anything to say. So we sat there and looked at each other. 
 "I'm gonna miss you," he whispered. I shook my head at him. 
 "Harry I'm not going anywhere," I told him moving closer to him and taking his hand. "I'll always be with you Harry, no matter what happens." I put my arms lightly round his neck hugged him. "I'll be here, waiting for you when you wake up, I'm never gonna leave you Harry." His hands moved onto my back and suddenly the door opened. 
 "Harry? Are you ready?" the doctor said. You looked at Harry as he looked back at you. 
 "As ready as I'll ever be," he said. The doctor went behind Harry's bed and wheeled him out of the room. The operation took almost a day, the nurses told me that there was no point in staying, he wouldn't know if I was here. But I'd know, and when Harry woke up I wanted to tell him that I had stayed. I sat in the waiting room for hours, watching the hand tick round and round on the clock at the other side of the room. Suddenly, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket so I reached into my pocket and pulled it out. It was Alise, my only other friend at high school. She had been my rock through this whole incident. I opened up the text she had sent me.
 'Hiya hun, hope you're coping okay, Harry's gonna be fine, I know he is, wanna come out shopping for a bit to take your mind of things?' That's what the text read. I thought about it for a while and then I decided that it was a good idea. If I went shopping for a while then I would still have plenty of time to be back before Harry woke up. I text her back telling her that I would and she came to pick me up from the hospital in her car. 

Harry's P,O,V
I've been awake for almost an hour now and she still hasn't turned up. My mum's been here with me ever since I woke up, but that's not the point. She said she would be here when I woke up, and she's not. She'd been forgetting me a lot lately, she didn't come and see me half as much as she used to. She was making new friends and moving on. It was the worst feeling in the world. Suddenly the door was pushed open and she came rushing in. Her cheeks looked really wet and her hair was all over the place, and she looked more beautiful than ever. My mum stood up from her chair and walked towards the door. 
 "I'll leave you guys to chat," she said as she walked out the door. She walked over to me and sat down in the chair that my mum had been sitting in. 
 "Harry I'm so sorry, I got so caught up with everything and I forgot what the time was," she told me as the tears ran down her face. I looked at her and smiled, well I tried to smile. "That's such a false smile." The tears started to run down my face and she placed her hand on my bed next to me. I reached over and put my hand on top of hers and she looked up at me and smiled.
 "'Everything's gonna be alright.' Remember? That's what you told me before I went in for my op. And you was right, you've got nothing to worry about anymore, I'm out, I'm fine, we just have to look forward now," I told her, trying to stop her from crying. She wiped her tears with her sleeve and smiled at me. "I, erm, I have to tell you something," I whispered. I thought that now was the right time to tell her. She needed to know, I couldn't keep it from her any longer, we were best friends we told each other everything.
 "You can tell me anything Harry, you know that," she whispered as I took a deep breath. 
 "Okay, there's this girl, and I've fallen for her and I don't think I can ask her if she likes me cause I'm too scared that she doesn't like me back," I told her, I thought that, that was a big enough clue, but clearly she hadn't cottoned on to what I was trying to tell her. 
 "Oh, well does she go to our school," she asked me. I don't know if I was seeing things, but she kid of looked a bit sad. Did she like me? 
 "Yeah, she goes to our school, but do you think I should tell her? I'm quite good friends with her, I don't want to break our friendship, but it's just got to the stage, where I don't think I can live without her anymore..." she looked at me and bit her lip. 
 "Harry I had no idea that you felt like this, you so have to tell her, you sound like you need to," she said, I just laughed at her. 
 "Oh, you're so stupid!" I said as I collapsed into a fit of giggles. She took her hand of mine and looked at me confused. 
 "What?" she said as she cocked her head to the side.
 "It's you I like, I've liked you for so long. It actually hurts me sometimes, I need you in my life. So what do you say? Will you be my girlfriend?"

Your P.O.V
The words jumped around in my head. Girlfriend. Had Harry honestly just asked me to be his girlfriend? Me? He couldn't have. He deserved someone so much better than me, why did he pick me? I looked at him confused.
 "Me?" was all I could manage to squeak. He laughed at me and then smiled. 
 "Yeah, you," he said. My heart was beating so fast it was starting to make my head hurt. 
 "Harry.." I began, his big green eyes were fixed on mine. I wanted to throw my arms around Harry and tell him how much I wanted to be his girlfriend, but what if it didn't work out? What if we had a really messy break up and never wanted to see each other again? What'd happen then? Would our friendship end? I couldn't let that happen. "But what if things don't work out? What if we don't stay friends? I think I'd die without you by my side," I told him. He took my hand and smiled, and I tried to smile back. 
 "I promise, nothing could ever come between us, we're inseparable. No-one can break us, I'm yours forever, until you say the word, but I know that's not what you want," he told me. Maybe he was right, maybe things would be alright. 
 "But how do I know that you're not gonna leave me," I asked as my voice broke. 
 "You're just gonna have to trust me," he said as a smile spread across his face. "So, will you?"
 "Y-yes," I told him. "Just promise me one thing."
 "What?" I took a deep breath. 
 "Just promise me you won't leave me..." I said as a tear ran down my face. 
 "Aww, babe, come here, I would never leave you, I promise," he said as he pulled me into his chest and held me close. 

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Long Niall Imagine

Your P.O.V
I was sat at home on a Saturday night, snuggled up in a blanket and watching a film on the T.V. I wasn't really paying attention to it though, it was so boring, and I couldn't concentrate on it either. Jordan was coming round soon and he was bringing another film with him. We were going to watch it together. Jordan was my boyfriend, I loved him so much. I thought he was the one, I thought that he would never hurt me, never do anything to upset me. I seriously thought that he was the one I was gonna spend the rest of my life with. There was a knock at the door and I quickly untangled myself from the blanket and ran to the door. I grabbed the door handle and pulled back the door to find Jordan standing there.
 "Hiya babe," I said as he barged past me and walked into the living room. He was looking round the room as if he was looking for something. "What's wrong?" He stopped looking and furrowed his eyebrows at me. He took a few steps nearer to me so that his face was inches away from mine.
 "What's wrong? I think you know what's wrong!" he screamed in my face as he started pacing around my apartment. He suddenly stopped and stared at me. "So go on then, where is he?" he shouted. I looked at him confused.
 "Where's who?" I asked, feeling a little scared.
 "You know who! Your little... 'playmate'," he said making speech marks with his hands. "I know he's been here, I know you've been cheating on me, there's no point in denying it!" he shouted as he walked back towards me. I took a few steps back but he quickly grabbed my wrists and pulled me up to his level. "What are you doing? Don't you dare walk away when I am talking to you," he whispered right in my face. I looked down at the floor as he continued to whisper abuse at me.  "Ergh, look at you, you're making me feel sick! You're a nothing, you know that? An absolute nothing, you deserve to go and die in a hole,' he whispered. I couldn't hold the tears back anymore. Jordan was gripping my wrists so tight that they were starting to go numb. "Aww, look at the crocodile tears, you really think that's gonna make me let go?" he whispered. I looked up at him and saw the anger in his eyes. He suddenly let go off my wrists and I fell to the ground and quickly looked at my wrists. They had turned purple from how tightly Jordan had been squeezing them. They were so numb. I looked up at him and he was standing over me with a smirk on his face. This was not the end of the abuse, I could tell by the look on his face. I scrunched up into a ball on the floor and shut my eyes tight, wanting it to be over before it had even begun.

Niall's P,O.V
It was such a lovely night and I was so bored so  grabbed my jacket and my shoes and decided to go for a little walk. I had my snapback on and it was covering most of my face, so I wasn't going to get noticed. I like just going for walks by myself, it helps me clear my head. I knew the area of London like the back of my hand so I wasn't going to get lost. I wandered around the streets for hours, it was nice. It was summer so it was still quite light out, but the sun was beginning to slide down the sky. As I turned the corner to a street I saw a bench on the other side of the road. My feet were starting to hurt a little so I crossed the road and walked towards it. As I got nearer to it I noticed that there was someone already sat there. I walked up to the bench and sat down. I glanced at the person next to me. I wasn't sure whether it was a girl or a boy because they had a hoodie on and the hood was up and covering most of their face. I leant forward a bit to try and get a better look of the person but they turned away from me and faced the other way, I just laughed. 
 "Aha, it's fine, I'm not going to harm you," I told them, they moved back round a bit but they were still facing away from me a little bit. They placed their hand down on the bench and they had lovely long nails covered in red nail polish. Definitely a girl. It was beginning to get a little bit awkward so I decided to try and break the tension.  "I'm Niall," was the only thing I could think of but there was still no answer. She turned around to face me a little bit but her face was covered by the hood. Her cheeks were tear stained and I could see some purple swelling on her hands. "W-what's wrong?" I asked her, hoping for a response. She quickly pulled her hands up and pulled her sleeves over her hands and pulled the material over the swelling. 
 "Nothing, why?" she muttered and I took her hand gently. I rolled back the sleeve and revealed the bruises which were worse than I thought they were gonna be. I looked at her shocked.
 "What are these?" I asked, getting worried. She pulled her hand away from me and pulled her sleeve back over the bruising. 
 "No! They're nothing," she said as she stood up from the bench and started to walk away. I grabbed her wrist harder than I had meant to.
 "No, wait!" I shouted, as I grabbed her wrist. She screamed out in pain and fell to the floor taking me with her as I had taken a firm grip on her wrist. I was sat in front of her and she burst into tears in front of me and I sat and watched her. She was honestly the most beautiful girl I had ever seen before. When she fell to the floor her hood had fallen down and I now had full view of her pretty face. She was crying really hard, but she had her hands over her face to catch the tears.
 When the cries died down I asked, "Please tell me who did this to you, I know it was someone. Please, I can't stand seeing you like this." She looked up at me and then wiped away her tears gently with the end of her sleeve. She stood up and walked back over to the bench and sat down. I got up off the floor and followed her, and sat right by her side. She took a deep breath.
 "Okay, it was my boyfriend, well, my ex boyfriend. He, erm, he came to my apartment and thought that someone was there with me.He thought that there was another boy there, he thought I was cheating on him," she said.
 "And were you?" I asked, and she looked at me confused. "And were you cheating on him?" She shook her head at me and she continued her story.
 "Anyway, I was sat watching a film and he barged in, and he did this to me, it hurt. He kicked me all over my body, I've never known pain like it," she whispered as a tear escaped her eye. I couldn't hold it back anymore, and a tear ran down my cheek. I couldn't imagine anyone being stupid enough to do this to her. She was so beautiful and precious, how could anyone ever hurt her? She looked at me and she started crying again. I gently placed my arms around her not wanting to hurt her but she clung to my chest like there was no tomorrow. She wept onto my chest and after a while I felt her tears start to seep through my t-shirt as my stomach started to feel quite wet. I gripped her tightly while she wept into me, it was horrific. Tears were falling down my face as well and dripping off my chin onto her soft hair. We sat like this for a long time, the sky had nearly turned black now and the street lights were starting to turn on. Her cries had stopped now, but her head stayed rested on my chest and my hands stay firmly around her. We were sat there in a comfortable silence but I could tell she was hurting. "I thought he was the one," she whispered making me jump. I looked down at her and she lifted her head of my chest and looked up at me, she looked more beautiful than ever. I looked at her sympathetically. I lifted my hand up and stroked her hair and she smiled for the first time, she had such a pretty smile. I started rocking her back and forth as she layed her head back on my chest in the same position. My heart suddenly started beating really fast and I couldn't control it, she just did crazy things to me, but I kinda liked it. We layed there all night, I knew that we did because when she eventually pulled her head off my chest and sat up, the sky was beginning to get lighter. She sat up next to me and stared out in front of her. I stared at her and I didn't even realise I was going it. She turned her head and looked at me. She lifted her hand up and placed it on the side of my face, moving her thumb along my cheekbone. It made me smile. She was looking me deep in the eyes and she suddenly bit her lip. "Thank you so much Nialler," she whispered, I looked at her shocked. "What?"
 "How do you know my name?" I asked her as she laughed, she had such a pretty laugh.
 "Trust me, I know who you are," she laughed. I smiled at her and then she looked me straight in the eyes. 
 "You're welcome," was all I could manage to whisper. 
 "No, I mean it, if you hadn't found me I don't know what I'd have done, I honestly, just, ahh, I'm lost for words," she laughed. I smiled at her and looked down at the floor. She sat up on the bench and put her feet up on the wooden bars. She started to move her head closer to mine and soon our noses were touching. I moved my lips to hers and for a crazy few seconds; I felt her kiss me back. "No, I can't Niall, I have to sort things out with Jordan first, it's not right," she whispered as she stood up off the bench and started walking off. I ran after her and stood in front of her. I took her hands gently and looked her in the eyes.
 "Just promise me one thing," I whispered to her. 
 "What?" she giggled.
 "Promise that once you  have sorted everything out with Jordan, you'll come back?" I asked, scared of what the answer was gonna be. She quickly pushed her lips against mine and then pulled them back again. She looked me in the eyes and smirked.
 "I promise," she whispered. She let go off my hands and walked back down the road, I watched her until I could longer see her. She was just breath taking. Everytime I looked at her my heart would start to race. She was so fragile though, I had to be extra careful, but of course I was gonna be careful with her. I had finally found my princess.