Thursday, 24 May 2012

Long Harry Imagine

#Imagine you had just been to netball practise and you was walking through the school, on your way home. Suddenly your phone that was in your pocket started vibrating like crazy. You took it out and saw your mum's name flashing on the screen. You clicked the green button and answered it.
 'Hiya, what's wrong?' you asked. Your mum never usually rang you, something had to be wrong. your heart started beating.
 'Hiya love, I, erm, I have to tell you something,' she said in a worrying tone. 'You might wanna sit down.' You looked around the corridor to find that there was no chair, so you just placed your bags down on the floor and sat on the floor with your back leant against the wall. You started to get really worried and you pulled your knees up to your chin and rested your head on them.
 'Mum? What's wrong?' you said as your voice broke. You heard her take a deep breath on the other end of the phone.
 'There's no easy way to say this,' she said, you could tell by her voice that she had been crying. 'Me and your dad are getting divorced....' There was a long silence as you felt your world come crashing down. Your mum and dad had always seemed happy, why were they getting divorced? You sat there on the floor as tears ran down your cheeks.
 'Why are you getting divorced?' you breathed after a while.
 'Because love, me and your dad haven't been happy for a long while. We just stayed together for you, we wanted what was best for you,' she told you, trying to comfort you. But it wasn't working, it was just making you wanting to cry more. You was the reason that they had stayed together, you felt like some unwanted child.
 'So where are you now then?' you asked her.
 'I'm, erm, I'm in a hotel in London, I'm gunna be staying here for a while, your dad's at home waiting for you,' she told me. She was all the way down in London, she'd not even bothered to come and see you before she'd moved down to London.
 'So that's it then, I don't even get to see you anymore,' you cried down the phone.
 'Love you can come and see me whenever you want, I just need a bit of time to settle in,' she told you.
 'Good to know,' you told her, suddenly regretting you had said it.
 'Well if that's what you think of me then maybe me and your dad should have broken up sooner!' she shouted down the phone before the line went dead. You put your phone down next to you and started weeping into your arms. You didn't want to go home just yet and face your dad, so you just sat there and cried for a little while, what seemed like forever. After a while you heard footsteps in the distance.
 'Hey? What's wrong?' you heard someone say as they came and sat next to you. You lifted your head up from your arms and tilted your head to see Harry sitting there looking at you with his big green eyes. You sat up and wiped away your tears with your sleeve, but it didn't make a difference as the tears wouldn't stop pouring out your cheeks.
 'Its-it's m-my mum,' you eventually stuttered out.
 'Babe come here,' he said putting his arms around you and pulling you into his chest. You put your arms around his back and you instantly felt better. Hugs from Harry always made you feel better. He pulled back from the hug and looked at you straight in the eyes.
 'Now calm down, and tell me what's happened,' he whispered as he ran his thumb under your eyes, trying to get rid of most your tears. You took a deep breath.
 'It's my mum and dad, they're, erm, they're getting a...' you couldn't even bare the thought of the word. 'A DIVORCE!!' you screamed as you began crying at the top of your lungs. Harry quickly pulled you into his chest again and his arms were wrapped tightly around your back. You could hear his loud heart beat through his flimsy school shirt. I suddenly felt a tingle shoot down my back and it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. You stopped crying and pulled back from the hug. You looked him straight in the eyes as a tear ran down his cheek. You pulled your head back and looked at him confused.
 'Why are you crying?' you asked him as he shook his head.
 'I hate seeing you like this,' he whispered as you felt your cheeks turn a ready colour and your heart began beating harder.
 'Aww Harry,' you said, running your thumb along his cheek and brushing away his tears. He bit his lip and you looked down at his moist lips, wanting to kiss them really badly. You had always had a crush on Harry, you had never told anyone, but now seemed like such a good time.
 'Harry, erm,' you began. He looked at you with his green teary eyes and then looked down.
 'I have to tell you something,' he said, breaking you off from what you was about to say.
 'Okay,' you said, turning to face him and crossing your legs. Your legs were on the smooth lino floor.
 'I, erm, I,' he stuttered looking around the corridor. 'Come with me,' he said as he grabbed my wrist and pulled me into a small room on the other side of the corridor. You picked up your bags as Harry pulled you up of the floor and lead you into the room. You walked in and Harry closed the door behind him and then spun on his heels to face you. He took a big breath.
 'Okay, erm,' he said, still stuttering. You turned and walked towards a chair that was placed in the middle of the room and sat down on it. It was quite warm outside and the weather was draining the energy out of you, you needed to sit down. He followed you and knelt down in front of you, his hand resting on your arm. It felt nice. 'Okay, so, erm, there's no easy way to say this.' he said as you started to get really scared. What was he going on about? 'I'm just gunna show you,' he said as his green eyes glistened as the light shone through the window on the other side of the room. His head started moving towards yours and you suddenly froze. You didn't know what he was doing. All of a sudden his lips were pressed against yours and you felt his hands slide up your back. You flung your arms round his neck and he slowly stood up as you did the same. You kissed him for a while, but then he pulled back and looked at you.
 'I-I'm sorry, it's just I've loved you for so long, and it just got so much I just couldn't resist and,' his eyes started filling with tears and then you placed your hand on his chest.
 'You don't know how long, I've waited for you to do that,' you whispered as you placed your lips on his again. You felt a smile spread across his face as he took you up in his arms while you squealed with happiness. When you was with Harry, all them bad thoughts that had been going through your head just moments ago had now disappeared. Harry could make you feel better in an instant, and that is how you knew he was the one.

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