Monday, 7 May 2012

Long Harry Imagine

Harry's P.O.V
I'd known her since we were born. We had grown up together. We'd been through everything together. She was my best friend, she always had been, she always will be. We were in high school when it all began to change. We got put into different forms, and we hardly ever saw each other. We met up at break times and lunch times, we saw each other out of school as well. But soon, she began to change.
One day, I was sitting in the canteen waiting for her. She walked through the door, her hair swinging over her shoulders. She shot me a smile which made me tingle all over. I'd always had some sort of feelings for her. I felt because I was a few months older than her, I had to look after her. She walked over to the table, and sat down looking at me.
'Hi Harry,' she said.
'Hey, you alright?' I asked.
'Yeah, erm, so have you made any new friends here yet?' she asked, looking down at the table and drawing an invisible pattern with her elegent fingers.
'No not really, there's a few guys in my form that are alright,' I told her. 'Why have you made any?' I asked, starting to eat my ham sandwich.
'Well, erm, yeah I kind of have,' she told me as I carried on eating my sandwich. 'And they have asked me if I want to hang with them today. So, would it be alright if I sat with them, today?' I finished my mouthful of sandwich and nodded.
'Of course, hang with whoever you want,' I said, trying not to sound bothered. But I was. I didn't want her to leave, I wanted her to stay here with me, so that I could look at her, and just be overwhelmed by how beautiful she actually was.
'Great,' she said, smacking her fist on the table and swinging her legs around to the side of the chair. 'I'll meet you after school by the exit?' she said, standing up and standing behind the chair.
'Yeah,' I nodded.
'Okay, bye Harry.'
'Bye.' She didn't meet me after school, she walked home with her 'new friends'.  And that was what it was like every other day for the rest of high school. I just accepted the fact that she had gone, and I was kind of fine with it. But then, she got a boyfriend.

Your P.O.V.

His name was Jake. He was my boyfriend. I don't know why I got so caught up over him, because if I was honest, he wasn't that nice looking.
It was a Saturday night and he came round to my house. He knocked on the door and I ran to answer it. I swung the door back and smiled at him.
'Hiya Jake,' I said, as he stormed into my house and stood in the kitchen.
'Your parents in?' he asked, chewing his gum vigorisly.
'N-No, they've gone out for the night,' you told him.
'Good,' he said, throwing himself onto you. His tongue was all over your face.
'Jake no,' you said, trying to push him off. He pushed you down onto the kitchen and layed onto the top of you. 'Jake! Stop it!' you screamed pushing him off of you. He ran to a drawer in your kitchen and pulled a knife out of it. He pointed it at you as your heart started beating like crazy.
'Now lay down, and stop complaining,' he whispered to you. You layed down as he moved back on top of you. You just stayed still and didn't move, you just wanted it to be over, before it had even started.

Harry's P.O.V

It was about ten o'clock at night when I got a knock on the door. Mum, Gemma and Robin had gone out, and I was all by myself. I opened the door and there she was, standing there. When I opened the door she suddenly burst into tears and ran and gave me a hug.
'Harry I'm so sorry,' she screamed over and over again. I stroked her hair and hugged her back.
'Why are you sorry?' I whispered. She pulled back from the hug and looked at me. She shut the door with her foot.
'I never should have left you. You were the best friend I ever had, I can't believe I just threw all that away,' she cried. This wasn't like her to suddenly just show up, something had to be wrong.
'Babe, what's wrong?' I said, walking towards her and looking deep into her eyes.
'Nothing,' she said, scratching her arm. It seemed to be hurting her. I grabbed it and rolled up her sleeve.
'No Harry! Don't!' she said as I rolled up her sleeve and discovered a huge red mark.
'What's happened? Who's done this to you?' I asked, getting really scared.
'Okay, I'll tell you,' she whispered as she walked over to the sofa and put her head in her hands. I followed her and sat down next to her.
'I got a knock on the door about an hour ago. It was Jake, you know Jake right?' she asked. How did I not know Jake, they were like the David and Victoria of our High School. But she could do so much better than him, he was ugly and had a history of hitting girls, and she is just the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I nodded and carried on listening to her story. 'Well he, erm, he came round and...' she started crying into her hands. I moved closer to her and put my arms around her.
'Shhh, it's alright. You don't have to tell me, shhh,' I whispered, rocking her back and forth in my arms trying to comfort her. It wasn't working very well though.
'No, I can do this,' she said, wiping her tears and sitting up on the sofa. She sat crossed legged facing me and I did the same, and our faces were almost touching. She was in so much pain and I hated seeing her like this. I needed to know what was wrong if it killed me.
'Okay, so he came round, and what did he do? Did he do this to you?' I asked, suddenly realising that, that could've been the case. She sucked in her lips as the tears began streaming down her cheeks once again, she nodded vigoursly. 'Did he hit you?' She shook her head and looked down at the sofa. 'Did-' I took a big breath as I couldn't believe I was about to say this. 'Did he rape you?' Tears began rolling down my cheeks, I just couldn't bare seeing her like this. She nodded at me, and then moved her knees up to her face and hugged her legs. She began crying so loud and I just moved next to her and hugged her so tightly, I was so furious at Jake. How could he have done this to her? If I had her, I would never let her go. I just wanted to go round and knock the shit out of him. I stayed sat there though, rocking back and forth trying to stop her from crying. But it wasn't really working, because I was crying as well.
After hours and hours of endless crying, she sat back and looked at me.
'I, erm, I better go home,' she whispered, as she stood up and walked to the door. She placed a wet kiss on my cheek and it sent a tingle down my spine.  She opened the door and then walked out, before turning around in the doorframe. 'Bye Harry,' she whispered.
'Bye,' I whispered as I waved to her. I didn't know what to do, I so wanted to kill Jake. I knew where abouts he lived, I think. I needed to see him, and cause him some pain. I couldn't just sit back and watch her like this. I didn't even pick anything up, I just walked out the door, not even locking it behind me. I walked in the pouring rain to his house and knocked hard on his front door. There was no answer so I knocked again, an then the door opened.
'Harry? What are you doing here?' There he was. Just the sight of him made me feel sick. I just lept on him. making him fall to the ground and started punching him in the face. About 5 times in the face, and then I stood up.
'Leave her alone!' I screamed at him.
'Who?' He said, sitting up and looking up at me. I knelt down to his angle and looked at him deep in the eyes.
'I mean it, you leave her alone. Or you'll get a lot more than a few punches,' I said right in his face. I stood up and walked out, closing the door behind me. I felt so much better, and the fact that I had hit Jake, and I hadn't been hit once felt so much better. He wouldn't bother her again, I knew how much them punches hurt him. I could see the tears in his eyes.  And if he did ever touch her again, I don't know what I would do.
I walked to her house, I needed to tell her she was safe. I walked up the drive and knocked on the door. She answered and she was standing there in her pyjamas.
'Harry? What are you doing here?' she asked.
'I, erm, I have to tell you something,' I told her, my voice really shaky. She opened the door further and let me in, I walked over to her sofa. She shut the door and then followed me to the sofa. She sat down next to me and looked at me. 'I, erm, I've just been round to Jake's house,' I began, and as I said it, her face dropped.
'What did you do to him?' she whispered.
'Well I hit him! I wasn't just going to sit there while you was in all this pain!' I screamed.
'Harry..' she said, standing up and flinging her arms around my neck. Her hair was covering my face, it smelt amazing. My hands fell around her waist. 'You didn't have to do that. When he left, he text me and told me he was sorry,' she said, smiling. SMILING! As if she was happy about what had just happened.
'Oh so that makes it all okay then? He can just say sorry and you go crawling back to him!' I screamed at her jumping back from the hug, I was so mad at her. How could she be so stupid?
'Harry? I aren't going back to him, I'm never going back to him,' she said, taking a step towards me. 'I told him to go crawl into a hole and die. I never wanna see him again. Plus, I'm in love with someone else,' she said, looking down at the floor. I felt like my heart had just been broken into millions of pieces. After all this time, she still didn't love me.
'Oh, who is it?' I asked trying not to sound sad. She took another step closer to me and leaned into me. Her lips met mine and she kissed me hard. She pulled back and bit her lip.
'It's you,' she told me. I felt a huge smile spread across my face. I was so happy. I picked her up by her waist and span her round as she squealed in relief. Relief from the stupid sleezeball that she used to call her boyfriend. But I had to be careful with her, I could never hurt her. Not that I would anyway, but she was extra fragile after the 'Jake incident'. But I was never going to hurt her anyway, she was my everything. My world. Me.


  1. Omg, ive been reading all of your imagines now and theyre just wow. Thanks so much for writing them, youre really good at it and please never stop writing them. Oh god im still shocked by the last one. They give me goosebumps and once i even cried. Thank you so much really!

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    1. Is there going to be another imagine soon ?
      They're just so amazayn <3 :))

  3. Yeah, I upload them every other day.

  4. I love this imagine!!!!! It's perfect!!!!! :) <33333