Sunday, 29 April 2012

Long Harry Imagine

#Imagine you woke up on a Saturday morning because of the sunlight shooting through your bedroom curtains. Harry had been off on tour for the last couple of weeks and he was finally coming home. You jumped up out of bed and wandered into the bathroom. You saw your self in the mirror and gasped you looked that bad. You decided to get shower, so you stripped off and turned on the shower. You washed your hair and cleaned yourself and then you got out. You wrapped a towel around you body. You walked back into your bedroom and shoved on some clothes. You put on some jeans and Harry's old jumper that he had left the last time he was with you. You had worn it almost everyday that he had been gone because it reminded you so much of hm. it smelt like him and everything. You dried your hair and grabbed your phone and your keys. You went to the shop to pick up some of Harry's favourite foods for him coming around later. You walked into the nearest supermarket. You walked past the newspaper stand to see Harry plastered on across the front of each one. But it was nothing good, he was kissing another girl. You just fell to the floor, your head was in your hands and you wept into them. You couldn't believe that Harry could do this to you. You felt like you were sitting there crying for years, but after a while you felt someones hand on your back.
 'Hey miss, are you alright,' you looked up to see the shop keeper staring down at you with his hand on your shoulder. You stood up and took one of the newspapers off of the stand.
 'Yeah, I'm fine, I'll just take this,' you whispered, handing him a pound coin. 'Keep the change.' You turned and walked out the shop, Harry had lots of explaining to do. You walked back to your apartment and sat down on the sofa with the newspaper next to you.. You texted Harry;
 'Let's not meet at the Starbucks like we were meant to, come to my apartment :)xxxx' You waited for a reply from Harry. 'Okay, see you soon. xxx' He eventually texted back. You couldn't wait to see him, you were so looking forward to seeing what his pathetic excuse was. You picked up the newspaper walked into your bedroom and layed on the bed, your head resting against the top of the bed. Your bed was in the corner of the room, next to the window, so you looked out the window, watching everyone walk around down below. You still had the paper in your hands. The tears began to stream down your face, you tried to hold them back, but it was no use. They trickled down your face and dripped off your chin. You suddenly heard someone come through the door.
 'Babe, where are you?' you heard them say. It was Harry. You didn't say anything; you didn't even move, you just stayed looking out of the window. The bedroom door opened and Harry waked in.
 'Ahh, there you are,' he said as he walked in. He came and layed next to you and put his arms around you. You got goosebumps all over your body, but not the good kind. You lifted the newspaper up to Harry.
 'How could you?' you whispered to him. His smile suddenly disappeared as he took the newspaper off you. He looked at the picture and then looked at you.
 'This isn't me!' he shrieked. You wiped your tears away with the end of your sleeve and got off the bed.
 'Yeah, nice try Harry, you can pick your stuff up later,' you said as you walked to the door and opened it.
 'No, it's not me. Look!' he said, thrusting the paper in to your face. You looked at the newspaper, but it still looked like him.
 'Lookes pretty much like you to me!' you screamed, throwing the paper on the floor. The tears streamed down your face, there was no stopping them.
 'It's not me, and I can prove it! It says this picture was taken last night, and I was at Zayn's last night!' he said to you, thinking that it would make things better.
 'Awww, you got yourself a little false alibi have you?' you said, stepping nearer to him so that your noses were nearly touching, but you walked towards the sofa and your head fell onto your hands. You cred uncontrollably now.
 'Please babe, you gotta believe-' Harry began, he sat down next to you on the sofa and put his hand on your thigh.
 'No! Get off me!' you screamed at him as you jumped up from the sofa. 'I think you should go.'
 'Fine,' he shouted as he stood up and walked out the door. He slammed it behind him and you just fell onto the floor, you wept more than you ever had in your entire life. You crawled over to the newspaper that was crumpled up on the floor, and you looked at it. It wasn't Harry. He was right. The papers had try to say it was him, but it wasn't. You felt so stupid. You had mistaken Harry for doing something that he hadn't and now you had lost him. You just wept into the paper, and them you sniffed Harry's jumper. It smelt just like him. You heard footsteps outside of your door, and then suddenly you heard strumming of a guitar. It was One Thing.

     I tried playing it cool
    But when I'm looking at you
    I can't ever be brave
    Cause you make my heart race

 It was Harry. You went to the door and you was about to open it, but then you paused. You turned away from the door, and your back slid down the door so that you was sitting on the floor. Harry was louder down hear so you could tell that he was sitting down as well. You just listened to him hypnotising voice.

    I need that one thing
    And you've got that one thing.

He finished as you stood up. You wiped away the tears with the end of your sleeve. You grabbed the door handle and pulled the door back.
 'So what do you say?' he said, his head looking down at the floor.
 'Well, you're a terrible guitar player,' you laughed.
 'Oh, I'm wounded,' he joked, taking a step nearer to you. He looked into your eyes and his smile disappeared off his face. His hand made it's way up to your face and his fingers ran through your hair, but his eyes stayed fixed on yours. 'So, are we good?'
 'No,' you said, turning away from Harry. He loved it when you played hard to get. He placed his guitar down against the door that was still open. His big strong arms wrapped around your body and you could feel his breath on your ear. You couldn't help but turn around. You turned to look into his eyes and your lips pressed against his, and you felt his mouth crack a huge smile.
 'I love you so much,' he whispered.
 'I love you more,' you whispered back.
 'That's not possible.'

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Long Liam Imagine

#Imagine you and Liam had been dating for as long as you could remember, you were both perfect for each other. Everyone else thought so as well. All the rest of the boys were constantly winding yo and Liam up for kissing when you were together. But you didn't care. You loved that you were both so close. Liam was coming round soon to watch a film, you said that he could pick a film to watch. You were getting into your pyjamas when there was a knock at the door, you quickly pulled on your bottoms and ran to the door. You peered through the peep hole and saw that Liam was standing there, looking down at his phone, which he was holding at waist level. You felt your body go warm all over, just the thought of him made you tingle. You grabbed the door handle and swung the door back. Liam suddenly looked up from his phone and up at you. His face lit up and a huge smile spread across his face.
 'Heya!' he shouted, tucking his phone into his back pocket. He hugged you and you wrapped your arms around his neck. Your lips were pressed against his neck. His hands were around your waist and you could feel him moving his hand up and down your back. He pulled back after a while and looked into your eyes. You stared back and saw a little twinkle in his eyes. He breathed deep and shook his head at you.
 'What's wrong?' you whispered.
 'Nothing, you're just so perfect,' he whispered back, starting to his your neck. He made his way up to the side of your head and started nibbling your ear. Your hands were moving all over his back, and your back was nearly bent in half you were arching it that much.
 'So what film have you brought?' you said to Liam, as he continued to kiss your neck. He left your neck now and looked back into your eyes. A cheeky smile appeared on his face.
 'Toy story? Again?' you moaned as you had watched it so many times. He pondered across the room to your television, where the DVD player was sitting underneath it. He pressed the open button on the DVD player, took the film out of his Gola bag that he had brought with him and shoved the disc in the DVD player. He grabbed the remote of the table and sat down on the sofa. He patted the space next to him.
 'Come on, come and sit down,' he shouted to you. You walked over to the soft leather sofa and sat down. He put his arm around your neck and you layed down on his chest. You heard his heart beating fast and your head was moving slowly up and down with the movement of his chest. You watched some of the film, but you had watched it so many times that you knew it word for word. You took tour head off Liam's chest and looked at him. He looked so perfect, his brown hair all scruffed up, his brown eyes shining in the harsh light coming through your window. You lent in to kiss him as your lips brushed his, and you felt a big smile spread across his face. His tongue entered your mouth and soon you were snogging. You sat over him, one leg on each side of his waist, your hands moving through his hair. Your tongues were moving all over, but soon you pulled back, your lips moist from Liam's tongue.
 'I love you so much,' you whispered, moving your legs back round do that you was sitting next to him. Your hand was on his belly, and his eyes were fixed on yours.
 'Oh but babe...' he whispered as his face moved closer to yours, your noses almost touching. '..I love you so much more.' You giggled and began kissing him again. Perfect, that's the only way that you could describe this night.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Long Louis Imagine

#Imagine you were getting ready for a night out with the boys. You had been looking forward to it all week. You and the boys had always been best friends. All the way through school and you were always there for them during the X Factor. You had put on your best dress and you had just finished your hair. You were just about to sit down at your dressing table and do your make up, when your phone rang. It was on the other side of the room placed on top of your bed. You walked over and saw Louis' picture flashing on the screen. You picked it up and answered.
 'Heya,' you said.
 'Hiya, erm, it's just gonna be me and you tonight,' he said, sounding a bit nervous.
 'Why, where are the other guys?' you asked, getting a little worried.
 'Well, we've been working all week and they were a little tired. They feel really bad for not coming, but we'll still have fun right?' he said, his voice shaky.
 'Yeah! It'll be fine! Are you alright Lou? Your voice sounds all shaky,' you explained.
 'Yeah! I'm fine! Come round to my house for 7 o'clock and then we can go together,' he said.
 'Sure, see you then,' you shouted, as you hung up the phone. It would be fine with just you and Louis. You were a little gutted that the rest of the boys weren't coming, but you could understand that they were tired. They needed their rest. You finished your make up, making sure everything was just right. Then you got your keys, your phone and you walked out your apartment, locking the door behind you. You walked around to Louis' apartment which was just a few minutes away from yours. You knocked on his door and stood there waiting for a while. Then the door opened and there was Louis. As he opened the door you got a waft of his aftershave. Louis knew you liked it when guys wore aftershave.
 'Heya babe, you alright?' he said as he stepped out his apartment and locked his door.
 'Yeah, I'm good, how are you?' you asked as you both began walking towards the clubs. You talked for a while, just walking along. When you eventually got to your favourite bar, you grabbed Louis' arm.
 'Lou can we go in this one?' you shouted. He looked up at it, and looked back at you.
 'But you only like it because it has an aquarium!' he shouted back. It was true. You liked the aquarium, but you did like their drinks as well.
 'Pleeease,' you whispered, doing the puppy dog eyes.
 'Oh, come on then,' he whispered as he grabbed your hand and walked in. You felt his fingers entwine with yours and suddenly you could feel butterflies developing in your stomach. Why was this happening? It was just Louis. Why were you suddenly having feelings for him? You walked through the door and into the big opening of the dance floor. He let go of your hand and turned to face you. The dance floor was empty, and there as hardly anyone near the bar. His face was inches away from yours.
 'What do you want to drink babe?' he shouted because the music was loud. You looked at him for a while, you could see him becoming more and more attractive. Why was this happening now? You couldn't say anything though. You didn't want to risk your friendship with Louis.
 'Erm, I'll just have a Bacardi Breezer,' you finally managed to reply.
 'Right, I'll be back in a minute,' he said as he headed off towards the bar. You turned around to look at the door to see who was coming in, and all your friends were there.
 'Hey! What are you guys doing here?' you said, walking over to them.
 'Oh, we just fancied a night out,' one of them said. You were all talking and laughing and then suddenly your favourite song came on. You all rushed over to the dance floor and began dancing. You were all dancing away as it was your favourite song. Suddenly, there was a pair of hands around your waist. You turned around and there was a tall guy standing over you.
 'Heya gorgeous, wanna dance?' he said, tightening his hands around your waist.
 'No thanks,' you said, trying to take his hand off your hips, but his hands were too strong.
 'Come on, just one dance,' he shouted. All your friends hadn't noticed and were still dancing away. You turned around to him.
 'I said no,' you shouted up to him.
 'I want you to dance. And what I want, I get,' he whispered into your ear, lowering down to your level. He put his hand on your back and pulled you into him. You tried to pull away but his arms were too strong.
 'Hey mate, leave her alone,' you heard Louis shout. You looked behind you and there was Louis, with the angriest look on his face. This man, who you still had no idea who he was, pushed you to the side and walked over to Louis.
 'Yeah, and what are you gonna do?' he said, standing over Louis and looking him up and down. Louis stepped back and you could see in his eyes what he was going to do.
 'Louis no!' you screamed, but it was too late. Louis swung his fist round at this man. He had hit him right across the face and now he was laying on the floor. But of course that wasn't the end. The man stood up and looked at Louis. Louis' face stayed stubborn. The man smacked Louis right across the face. You screamed out, feeling Louis' pain. You had fallen for Louis hard, you had never felt like this about anyone before. You ran over to Louis and knelt down next to him. You lifted his neck up onto your knees as a cushion. The club manager was making his way through the crowd that had gathered up. He looked down at Louis, then at you, and then at this man who you had no intention of looking at. How could he do this? He was a horrible person. Louis looked up at you, his big blue eyes brimming with tears.
 'Right, you out, and don't bother coming back,' the club manager yelled, grabbing Louis' arms and pulling him towards the back door. You followed them, but neither of them realised that you were following them. The manager opened up the back door, you hid behind a big barrel of food, trying not to be seen. If the manager saw you, he would make you go through the front door, but you needed to talk to Louis. He through Louis out onto the street and closed the door. He walked off and as he did you ran out the door and shut it behind you. Louis was walking down the middle of the road. You stepped out into the road.
 'Louis!' you shouted after him. He turned around and he smiled the most you had ever seen him smile. He started walking towards you. He got about a metre away from you and stood there looking down at the floor.
 'So, are you mad?' he whispered.
 'Mad? Why would I be mad? No-one has ever done anything like that for me before,' you whispered, taking a step towards him and stroked his bruised cheek. You stayed there looking at each other. You had fallen for Louis hard, and it had taken you all this time to notice it. You started to lean in to kiss him, and he responded. He leaned in and brushed his lips against yours. You began kissing and it felt so right. All this time; and everything that you needed had been right there. Right here. Right now.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Long Zayn Imagine

#Imagine you were at home on a Sunday night, when your phone suddenly lit up with Louis' picture. You picked it up and answered it.
 'Hiya Lou, what's up?' you said, taking a sip of your Yorkshire Tea that you had just made.
 'Hiya, erm, Niall, Liam and Harry are here, can you come round please babe, we need to talk to you?' he said, his voice staying in one tone.
 'Erm, yeah sure, I'll come round now. But I'm in my pyjamas I hope you don't mind,' you said to Louis in a sarcastic tone.
 'Aha, yeah that's fine,' he shouted down the phone, before hanging up. You grabbed your phone and keys. You went outside and shut the door behind you. You put the key in the door and locked it and headed of towards Louis' apartment. The sky was beginning to get darker, but it didn't matter because Louis' apartment wasn't far from yours. When you got to his apartment you knocked on the door and waited a few seconds. Suddenly the door swung open and there was Louis.
 'Hiya,' he mumbled as he welcomed you in. Niall, Liam and Harry were all sitting on the sofa, watching you.
 'Hiya guys,' you said, waving at them. They all said hello back, but something seemed wrong with them. So where's Zayn then?'
 'Oh, he, erm, he wasn't feeling very well so he decided to stay home,' Harry said, as you walked over to the sofa and sat down next to him.
 'Oh right, so, what was it you wanted to talk to me about?' you said, remembering that, that was why Louis had called you round in the first place.
 'Okay,' he said, pulling up a chair and sitting opposite the sofa, looking at you. 'We need to tell you something.' He was still looking at you, and he didn't have any intention in continuing his story.
 'Okay, what is it?' you said, eventually breaking the silence.
 'Well Zayn isn't ill tonight, he's perfectly fine. Well, there is one little thing wrong with him,' Liam began, gesturing his hands a lot.
 'See for the past few weeks he hasn't been himself, so the other day, we asked him what was wrong,' said Niall, still not explaining what was wrong.
 'And he told us that he had fallen for someone, but he knew that they didn't like them back,' Liam continued. This hurt you a little inside, you felt a little knot develop n your stomach. You'd always had feelings for Zayn, not big feelings, but there had always been a little something there. You didn't know what to say, you thought that, that was the end of the story.
 'Oh,' you whispered under your breath, trying not to sound sad. But of course you were a little sad. The thought Zayn having his arms around someone else's waist, the thought of him kissing someone else. It just made you feel weak. 'Who is it? Who is it that Zayn likes?' They all started laughing at you, why were they laughing?
 'It's you silly!' Harry screamed you.
 'What?' you whispered, your face dropping with shock.
 'It's you! It's always been you! He told us that every since he met you he'd liked you, he just didn't want to say anything to ruin your friendship,' Louis explained. They were joking with you, they had to be. They always joked around with you like this.
 'Nah, you're having me on,' you told then, sitting back in the sofa.
 'We're not, we wouldn't joke about something like this! Go round to Zayn's now and ask him! He'll tell you!' Louis explained.
 'Fine, I will!' you shouted back, jumping up from the sofa and heading towards the door. You opened it and stepped through it. You made sure to slap it extra hard. You were walking down the stairs to Zayn's apartment, it was only on the floor below Louis'. You walked up to his door and lifted your fist up to the door. You paused for a second. Did you really need to do this? You was just going to make yourself look like an idiot in front of Zayn for believing them. Of course they were just joking with you, Zayn would never choose someone like you. Would he? No, you needed to see. You couldn't risk Zayn, you would do anything to be with him. You knocked on the door and waited a few minutes. There was no answer. You pressed your ear up against the door but you could hear the T.V. on the other side. You knocked harder on the door and shouted through the door, 'Zayn, it's me! Open up please!' You waited a while, but then you heard someone moving around inside the apartment. The door opened and Zayn was stood there with tear filled eyes watching you.
 'So, they told you then?' he said, walking back towards the sofa. So it was true.
 'Yes Zayn, they have,' you said, walking after him and closing the door behind you.
 'Look, I don't want this to ruin our friendship, but I just couldn't keep it in anymore,' he said, rolling over onto his said, facing away from you. You walked around to his face and bent down next to the sofa. You looked at his big brown eyes and wiped aways his tears with your thumb.
 'Zayn, it's okay,' you whispered.
 'No! It's not! Because now you're not going to want to know me and I've messed everything-' he shouted, jumping up from the big leather sofa. He paused as you stood up, you put your finger on his lips.
 'Shhhh, everything's fine Zayn,' you whispered into his ear as you leaned in to kiss his soft lips. He hesitated at first, not sure what to do. But you both soon sunk into it and it felt so natural. He kept on kissing your neck, leaving you little love bites, but after a while he pulled back.
 'So, will you be my girlfriend?' he said, looking into your eyes and biting his lip.
 'Do you really have to ask that?' you whispered as you kissed his lips. This felt so right, you were so glad that you knocked on his door. What if you hadn't? What if you had convinced yourself to walk away? What if the boys hadn't told you? What if?

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Long Niall Imagine

#Imagine you were sitting at home on a Friday night, eating a huge bowl of ice cream and watching some rubbish programme on the television. Niall and the boys were on tour and you were really missing him. You hadn't seen him since he left for the first show which was a few weeks ago. You needed to see him, but he was so busy. There was a knock on the back door, which was strange as you needed a key to get through the gate to get to the back door. You put down your bowl of ice cream on the little table in the middle of your living room and walked to the back door. You grabbed your keys of the kitchen counter and unlocked the door. It was summer time, so it wasn't too dark, but the sun was beginning to creep further and further down the sky. You pulled the door back and saw Niall standing there.
 'Heya babe,' he whispered, standing there awkwardly. You stepped out of your house and flung your arms around Niall's neck. He placed his hand's on your waist gripping you tightly. You could feel his warm breath on your neck. You stood there, tangled in each others arms for ages, taking advantage of every minute you were with him. After about 10 minutes, you pulled back and looked at his angelic face.
 'What are you doing here?' you whispered, his blue eyes bright.
 'I just had to see you, I missed you so much,' he whispered, into your ear, starting to kiss your neck. You moaned softly looking up at the moon which was slowly moving higher and higher up in the sky.
 'I've got something to show you,' he said, looking back at you. He slipped his fingers into your and pulled you out of your garden. You reached out behind you and closed the back door. The streets were empty and Niall lead you down a small ginel. You'd never realised that it was there before. Where did it lead to? You kept on walking, your hand still firmly in Niall's. You seemed to be walking a while, your feet were getting quite sore, stomping on the cold concrete. You hadn't had anytime to put any shoes or a coat on because Niall had just pulled you out of your apartment. You just had your pyjamas on and no make up. You didn't feel good at all. You kept on moaning to Niall, asking him how long it was.
 'Just a few more steps babe,' he was replying. The ginel eventually ended and revealed a big opening. Just grass, that was all you could see for miles. How had you not noticed this before? There was a big blanket in the middle of the field. You both walked over to it, and you discovered that Niall had set up a little picnic for you both.
 'Oh Niall, I love you so much,' you said, sitting down and tucking into the food. You sat there eating all the food with Niall. It was perfect. You had been waiting to see Niall for weeks and now that he had finally come back; it was perfect. When you had finished eating you looked across to Niall to discover he was staring at you.
 'What?' you said, looking down at your clothes thinking there was something wrong.
 'Nothing, I was just taking in how beautiful you are,' he said, leaning across the blanket and kissing you hard. You crawled up next to him and layed on him, you head on his chest so you could hear his heartbeat. You both just layed there talking about nothing, just a load of nothing. But it wasn't nothing to you and Niall, it was everything. Because you hardly ever saw each other anymore, whenever you did see each other, the time you had together was so precious. Laying there felt so right, you had never felt like that with anyone before.
 'This feels so right, doesn't it?' Niall said.
 'Yeah, I was just thinking that, how wierd!' you said, sitting up and looking into his big blue eyes. He smiled big and moved closer so that your noses were touching.
 'Marry me,' he whispered, his smile widening.
 'What?' you said, a little confused. You couldn't possibly have heard him properly.
 'Marry me.... I love you so much, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So what do you say? Will you marry me?' he whispered.
 'Niall of course I will,' you said without thinking. You didn't have to think about it, you wanted to spend the rest of your life with Niall, and you were just so glad that he felt the same. You hugged him and squealed in excitement. You sat back on your knees and looked at him. You placed your hand on the side of his face, moving your thumb up and down his warm cheeks. This was just the best day of your life. Well, so far it was the best. You had many more to come, and most of them with Niall. The person you had always dreamt of spending your life with had just asked you to marry them. It was just incredible. Amazing. Unbelievable.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Long Harry Imagine

#Imagine you had, had a bit of a rough day at school. You had, had all the worst lessons today. You got home to find a film on the top of the kitchen counter. You put your bags down on the floor and picked up the film. It looked like a horror film. 'Revenge' it said, in big black letters across the case.You had a shower and threw on your pyjamas, and sat down in the big leather chair and watched the film.
 It was horrible. It was full of violence, blood and death. You hated films like this. You were getting more scared by the minute. The film was about a man who had taking 4 people hostage and slowly killing them and eating them. Not really a film you enjoyed. Suddenly, the door opened which made you jump out of your skin.
 'Ahh!' you screamed, picking up the T.V. remote, ready to launch it at whatever came through the door.
 'No! Don't chuck it!' Harry screamed, cowering aways behind his arms.
 'Oh, sorry. I'm watching Revenge,' you said, lowering the remote.
 'Alone!?' he screamed, walking into your apartment and closing the door behind him. 'I left it in the kitchen, sorry. I was going to see if you wanted to watch it after school.' He walked over to you and stood next to you.
 'Well, come on. Watch it with me,' you said, moving across in the chair so that he could sit next to you. But when you looked at him he had pulled another chair up and was sitting in it. 'What are you doing?'
 'What?' he said, looking at you confused.
 'Come sit next to me! You have to protect me,' you shouted, patting the chair, prompting him to come and sit next to you.
 'No, erm, I'm fine here,' he said, beginning to turn a little red.
 'No! Come sit here,' you said, reaching over and grabbing his arm and pulling him over to your chair. He awkwardly put his arms around your neck and you snuggled into his chest. Why didn't he want to sit next to you? you'd never had to tell him to before, he just had done. You had your head placed on his chest, and you could hear his heart beating really hard. Why was he so nervous around you? It was just Harry. But you couldn't really focus on this anymore, as the movie was getting scarier and you was beginning to become really frightened. 'I can't watch anymore! How can you watch it? Aren't you scared?' you muttered burying your face in Harry chest. You felt Harry gulp down and he started breathing hard.
 'Terrified,' he whispered in a sort of wooden way. You looked up at him and his eyes were no longer on the screen, he was looking down at you. His head moved towards your and his lips began to pucker. He stroked his lips against yours and brushed his thumb down the side of your face. He pulled back and looked deep into your eyes.
 'I-I'm sorry,' he said, getting up out of the chair and walking towards the door.
 'Harry! Wait!' you shouted, standing up. He stopped at the door and slowly turned around to look at you. You could see the tears welling up in his eyes. You slowly walked over to him. Step by step; each step you took Harry seemed to be getting more and more beautiful. He was suddenly turning from your best friend, to the one you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. When you got up to him, you placed your hand on the side of his face and used your thumb to brush away his tears. You leaned in to kiss him, both of you nervous. This felt right, the person that you were meant to be with had been here all along. And it had taken you all this time to realise and now; now it had finally happened.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Long Liam Imagine

#Imagine you had gone on holiday with all your family. You were all lounging by the pool and you were laying on top of your towel. You must have fallen asleep though, because you woke up to find that the sky was a bit darker than before. You sat up and discovered that all of your family had gone, there was just you laying on your towel. Not many people were round the pool, just a few teenage boys. You stood up and picked up your towel. The boys in the pool were jumping into the pool, making huge splashes. You started walking back to your hotel, when you felt a splash of water on the back of your head. You quickly turned around to find the 5 teenage boys in the pool looking at you.
 'Sorry,' one of them said. They looked really familiar, but you couldn't remember where you had seen them before.
 'Aha, it's fine,' you said, turning back around and continuing walking.
 'Wait!' they shouted. You turned around and looked at them.
 'Yeah?' You asked.
 'Do you, erm, maybe wanna hang out with us for a little while?' the little blonde one said.
 'Yeah, sure,' you said, dropping your towel and kicking off your flip flops. You walked over the pool and sat on the edge. All the boys swam to you, except one who held onto the edge.
 'So, what's your name gorgeous?' You told them your name, and they all told you how much they liked it.
 'So, what are all your names?' you asked. They all told you their names, whilst you were trying to remember them. It was annoying you now that you couldn't remember where you had seen them before. Where were they from? You were all playing in the pool when suddenly Liam began singing, his voice was familiar. Where they famous? You decided to ask them.
 'Where've I heard your voice before?' you asked him.
 'Probably because we're One Direction,' he said, in a sarcastic tone. That's where you had seen them before! How could you not have recognised them, but you didn't want to look like an idiot.
 'Oh yeah! Aha, that's embarrassing. I can't believe I didn't realise,' you said, looking down at the water. Liam lifted your chin up so that your eyes were connected. He leaned in to kiss you and you felt his wet lips brush against yours. The rest of the boys began whistling and splashing you. All the boys got out of the pool and walked back to their apartment, with towel's hanging around their necks. Liam pulled back and looked into your eyes. 
 'Meet me tonight, here, at 7 o'clock, okay?' he whispered into your ear.
 'Yeah,' you whispered back. He kissed you one last time but harder, and crawled out of the pool. You got out as well and walked back to your hotel. You told all your family, but none of them believe you.
 'You're making that up! How long did it take for you to make up that then?' your mum said.
 'It's true!' you screamed.
 'Yes, okay. I. believe. you,' she said, in a wooden voice. She clearly didn't believe you.
 'Fine, I don't care. But I met them! And I'm meeting Liam tonight!' you shouted and went into your bedroom to get ready. It took you a while because you was trying to impress Liam.
 When you were eventually ready, you walked out your room and stared at the clock. It was 10 minutes to 7. You said bye to your family, and went to go and sit by the pool and wait for Liam. But when you get there, he was already there.
 'Hey, I brought us a picnic,' he said, laying out a big blanket and sitting down on top of it. You walked and sat down next to him. He looked at you, with the reflection of the moon bouncing of the water and into his beautiful brown eyes.
 'Hiya babe, you alright?' he said, opening the picnic basket and taking things out of it.
 'Yeah, I'm great how are you?' I said, watching him being absolutely perfect.
 'I'm absolutely fine, much better now that you're here,' he whispered, leaning over and kissing you. His lips were wet and his lips sweeped against yours. He pulled back and started taking food out again. It all looked so nice, he'd brought all of your favourite things. You started to eat, but after a while you started to feel full and didn't eat anymore. Liam carried on, and you two just sat there all night, just talking. When most of the food was gone Liam layed down with his hands behind his head. You layed down next to him and he put his arm around you. You were tucked into his side, and you were both looking up at the stars. This felt so right, Liam was the nicest person you had ever met, he was caring, and he wasn't bad to look at. You layed there under the stars all night, until you was awaken the next morning by the chirping of birds.
 Liam yawned and sat up. 'Morning beautiful,' he said, rubbing his eyes.
 'Morning,' you whispered, leaning into him. His lips met yours and his tongue began exploring your mouth. You sat there kissing each other for what seemed like hours. Liam eventually pulled back and leaned his head against yours so that your noses were touching.
 'I love you,' he mouthed.
 'I love you too Liam,' I whispered back.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Long Louis Imagine

#Imagine you had just has a fight with your parents. They had forgot to make you your dinner and you told them that they never did anything for you. But they had done so much for you lately. They'd throw you out of the house and told you that you could come back when you realise how much you actually have. It was winter and it was dark. You walked down your street with your head held high, not wanting your parents to see how scared you were. You walked for a little while, but soon you began to get confused about where you were. You sat down on the pavement with your legs crossed. You put your head in your hands and just wept. You cried for what seemed like hours. When you finally brought yourself to stop crying, you looked up to see a black car rolling towards you. You started to get a bit worried because your mum had told you about paedophiles and things like that before. You wiped your tears and stood up and you carried on walking. You wasn't sure where you was walking to, you just wanted to get away from the black car.
 'Hey babe, are you alright?' a familiar voice shouted after you. Your heart began beating really fast as you was getting quite scared.
 'Yeah, I'm fine, you said without looking back to see who it was.
  'You don't sound fine,' said the voice, but it was getting nearer. You just kept on walking. 'Are you sure you're alright?'
 'Yes, I'm fine! Now lea-' you turned around and began screaming. But you realised that it was Louis. His head was poking out of the car window and he was staring at you with his big blue eyes.
 'Oh my god! I'm so sorry I didn't kno-' you began , trying to apologise.
 'No, don't worry about it,' he interrupted. 'You wanna hop in?' he said, opening the car door.
 'Yes please,' you said, hesitantly walking to the huge car. You got in the car to find Harry, Zayn, Liam and Niall all sat looking at you. You sat down on one of the big leather chairs next to Zayn. You and all the boys were talking and laughing but then Louis came and sat down next to you.
 'So why was you crying out on the street before?' he asked looking into your eyes.
 'It was cold and it was dark, and I had nowhere to go...' you told him the whole story about your parents kicking you out and you could feel the tears coming back in your eyes.
 'Hey, don't cry! It's okay, you're with us now, but you do realise that we'll have to take you home?' Louis said hugging you tightly.
 'Yeah,' you whispered a little disappointed that you had to leave the boys. You told the driver your address and then you went to sit back down on your chair. The ride back to your house was longer than you thought it would be. You didn't realised that you had walked that far. When the car eventually pulled up you hopped out of the car. It wasn't your house.
 'I'm confused, I thought you was taking me home,' you asked the boys.
 'Well, we thought it would be okay if you stayed with us at our hotel for the night, is that alright?' Zayn said, putting his arms around your neck.
 'Alrigh? Zayn, that's perfect!' you shouted in excitement. 'But I probably need to tell my mum and dad where I am, you know, so they don't worry.'
 'Oh yeah, sure, here's my phone, take as long as you need,' he said handing you his iPhone. You dialled your home phone number and it rang for a while, but then your mum eventually answered.
'Hiya mum, it's me,' you said remembering that you hadn't spoke to her since the fall out.
 So, where've you been?' her voice was shaky and you could tell that she had been crying.
 'If I told you, you wouldn't believe me,' you told her the full story but she wasn't convinced.
 'I don't believe a word you just said. I don't know where you are but you better be back home in 10 minutes!' she screamed down the phone at you.
 'I'm not lieing!' you screamed back. You and the boys were all walking into the reception of the hotel at this point/
 'Fine, if you're not lieing, let me talk to them,' she said. You was stood next to Harry, so you handed him the phone.
 'My mum wants to talk to you.' Louis burst out laughing. 'No! Not in that way!' you said, giving Lois a playful punch. 'She doesn't believe me that I'm with you, so she wants to talk to one of you.'
 Harry explained everything to your mum and then handed the phone back to you.
 'So?' you said, hoping she'd let you stay for a while.
 'I guess I'll see you tomorrow then,' she said.
 'Yay! Thank you so much!'
 'Night love,' she said laughing.
 'Night,' you hung up the phone and handed it back to Zayn. 'Thanks.'
 'No problem, babe,' smiling so that you could see his perfect teeth. You all walked to the reception desk and Paul got the keys. When you and the boys got to your room, you discovered there was just one king size bed, instead of a few single beds.
 'Aha! What are we gonna do?' Liam asked, chuckling.
 'We can all sleep in it together! Is that alright with you?' Niall said, looking into your eyes. As if it would be a bad thing? It was the best thing ever!
 'That is absolutely fine with me,' you said, walking over and sitting down on the bed. You and the boys just sat on this huge bed just talking and laughing like you had known each other for years. You and the boys had clicked from the start. It just felt so right. After a while Paul popped his head through the door.
 'Alright guys, settle down now guys. It's getting late and we have to be up early tomorrow,' Paul explained.
 'Why do we have to be up early tomorrow?' Niall asked.
 'Well, we have to take you home,' Paul said to you. All the boys began moaning and groaning.
 'Awwww!' 'Why does she have to go?' 'We don't want her to go?' 'Can't she stay with us Paul?' You were really touched that all the boys were defending you.
 'Shhh!' Paul suddenly shouted to shut them all up. 'We have to take her home, because do you really expect her to come on tour with you guys just in her OnePiece?'
 There was a long moment of confused silence.
 'What?' Zayn finally said.
 'I've just spoken to your mum,. She said you can. So do you wanna come?' Paul asked, but you was still really confused as to what he was asking you.
 'Do I wanna what? I'm so confused?' you said to the boys, but they all had confused expressions on their faces as well.
 'I don't know,' they all mouthed back to you. You looked back at Paul.
 'Do you wanna come on tour with the boys? We leave in 3 days for the first show,' he said, finally making sense. You immediately looked at the boys and saw they all had massive grins on their faces.
 'Really!? You're not joking?' Louis said. He really wanted you to come on tour with them, just as all the other boys did.
 'I'm not kidding,' Paul whispered. All the boys began jumping up and down because they were so excited.
 'Yes! Of course I will!' you screamed at Paul as you and the boys began jumping up and down on the bed. Yo and all the boys had practically become best mates in the last couple of hours. When you'd all finished jumping up and down on the bed and celebrating, you all got tucked up in the bed and went to sleep. Well, Zayn, Liam, Niall and Harry did. You and Louis stayed awake, entwined in each others arms. You could feel his warm breath on your neck.
 'I love you,' you heard him whisper. You looked up at him as your head had been placed on his chest.
 'I love you to Louis,' you whispered back to him. He smiled the biggest smile you had ever seen. You placed your head back on his chest and you eventually drifted off to sleep.
 You were awakened that morning by Paul running into your room.
 'Come on! Get up!' he yelled before walking out again. The boys all sat up and yawned and rubbed their eyes.
 'Well then! What happened here last night?' Harry said in a very broad Yorkshire accent.
 'Did you tell her Louis?' Niall asked, as the sun shone through the window bouncing of his crystal blue eyes.
 'I did, and I'm so glad that I did,' Louis said, kissing the top of your head. You sat up next to him and looked deep into his eyes. He leaned over and kissed you. All the boys began  cheering and whistling which made you turn red a bit.
 You was in the bathroom washing your face and brushing your teeth. There was a knock on the door and Louis walked in. You stood there smiling at him, as he slowly walked over to you.
 'I'm so lucky! Not only because I met you, but now because I get to spend the next whole month with the girl that I love,' he whispered in your ear as he began kissing your neck.
 'I'm the luckiest girl in the world, and you're the luckiest boy. We're made for each other,' you said chuckling. Louis looked at you and kissed you hard on the lips.
 'Aha, come on,' he said, taking your hand and leading you out of the bathroom. You all walked out to the car and got ready to drive you home. You was going back home to get clothes, makeup, etc. It was a long drive back to your house.
 You pulled up outside your house and your mum, your dad and your older brother were all standing outside. Your mum had packed you a huge suitcase full of your clothes and things. The car pulled up and you jumped out. You walked over to your family, you thought they would still be mad at you. But they weren't, they weren't mad at all. they all were grinning hugely at you. When you got up to them, your mum and dad flung their arms around you and hugged you tightly. It had been a long time since they had done that. When your mum and dad had finally finished hugging you, they let go and stepped back. You looked up at your brother, he was about 5 years older than you. You'd always been close to your brother, he'd always been there if you needed him. You could see the tears in his eyes. He bent his legs so that he was at the same height as you. He hugged you tightly for a very long time. The boys were standing over by the car, watching you.
 'You take care of her, yeah?' your dad shouted over to them.
 'Of course we will!' Louis shouted back, as your brother pulled back from the hug.
 'So, go on then. Which one have you snogged?' your brother said. Your mum whacked him lightly on the back of his head.
 'You are stupid! She's only been with them 5 minutes,' she said, expecting you to agree.
 'Well, actually me and Louis are dating,' you said, thinking nothing of it.
 'What?!' your dad shouted.
 'Whoops, sorry Dad, gotta go. Talk to you soon,' you shouted running back to the car. Paul had put your suitcase in the back of the car.
 'Don't worry! I'll get him when you get back!' your dad shouted after you. You was back with the boys by now and they all looked at you with a confused look on their faces.
 'Who's he gonna get?' Louis said.
 'Oh, I, erm, kind of told him that we was dating. And, erm, yeah he's gonna get you,' you said to Louis. Louis began laughing.
 'Aha! He's joking right,' Louis asked.
 'I hope so,' you said teasingly. Of course your dad was joking, but Louis didn't need to know that.
 So this was it. You were all in the car, about to head back down to London for tour rehearsals. Your head was resting on Louis shoulder and you was on your phone. You checked your twitter and you noticed you had like 20,000 more followers.
 'Woah!' you shouted.
 'What's wrong babe?' Louis said, who was also on his phone.
 'I have like 20 thousand more followers! Did you tweet about us?' you asked him.
 'No, I didn't,' he said. you checked your mentions and there was one that had a lot more retweets than the rest of them, It was Zayn. He'd tweeted, 'Louis and his new gf!!!' and a picture of you two.
 'Zayn!' you shouted!
 'What? I couldn't help it! Your so cute together!' he said, putting his hands up in surrender.
 'I don't care, everyone can know, just as long as I've got you, nothing else matters,' Louis said.
 'Louis, you're too cute,' you said kissing his hard. You could tell this was going to be good. You and Louis were soulmates and you couldn't put it any other way. You and Louis, against the world.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Long Zayn Imagine

#Imagine it was your wedding day and it had been the best day of your life. You had married your boyfriend, Danny, of 3 years and you could not have been more happy. He was everything you ever needed. It was the wedding reception now, and you had changed out of your long wedding dress, into a more comfortable and shorter dress. Quite a few people had gone home now, but the boys were still here, drunkenly dancing away in the corner. Well they all were, except for Zayn. He was just sitting there, looking sad.  You walked over to him, pulled up a chair and sat down.
 'Hey, what's wrong?' you said, looking into his eyes. He just stared back, and let out a little smile.
 'Nothing,' he sighed looking at the floor. Something was definitely wrong with him, but you didn't want to ask more than once, but you wanted to cheer him up.
 'Come on, come and dance,' you said, standing up and holding your hand out to him.
 'No, I'm fine,' he said, shaking his head and taking another gulp of his beer.
 'I'm not taking no for an answer, you're coming to dance,' you whispered in his ear, and took his hand. He put his beer bottle down on the table and followed you up to the dance floor. You put your head on his chest and he put his hands around your waist. You could hear his heart beating, a lot harder than it usually was. Was there something wrong? Zayn always wanted to dance with you before, why did he not want to now? You had always been close friends with Zayn, there was no feelings there. Suddenly More Than This came on, it was one of your favourites, it always had been.
 'I'm broken, do you hear me. I'm blinded 'cause you are everything I see,' Zayn whispered into your ear. Did he really mean it? Or was he just singing the song, because he knew it your favourite. But you looked up to him, and you saw his eyes filling with tears. He did mean it, why had he waited so long to tell you?
The tears began streaming down your face, how could he do this to you? On your wedding day, he tells you that he loves you? He carried on singing; 'When he lays you down I might just die inside, it just don't feel right,' he whispered. You pushed his arms away and walked out of the room, you needed to clear your head. You ran into the toilets and wept. No-one was in there so it was fine. But suddenly there was a knock on the door.
 'Hey? Are you okay, I saw you run out of there pretty fast,' came a voice from behind the door. It was Niall, but you were in the girls bathroom, so he didn't come in.
 'No Niall, I'm not,' you cried, tears rolling down your face. He walked in, and ran up to you.
 'Hey! What's wrong?' he said, hugging you tight.
 'It's Zayn! He's told me he loves me,' you wept into his chest.
 'Oh Zayn, what have you done. I told him not to,' he whispered.
 'What?' you said, taking your head of his chest and looking into his eyes. 'He's told you?'
 'He's told us all, he's felt like this for years! I told him he couldn't tell you, it'd be unfair on you,' he whispered trying to comfort you.
 'I just don't know what to do Niall,' you wept into his chest.
 'Why? Do you love him back?'
  'Nialler, I don't know anymore. I had feelings for him a long time ago, but I kinda pushed them to the side when I started dating Danny. But I don't know anymore Niall! I don't know!' you screamed into his chest. You were crying your eyes out. Everything had seemed so simple this morning, and now your head was all over the place. You thought Danny would always be the one, but Zayn singing to you made all these feelings come flooding back. You and Niall stood there hugging for ages, but after a while you pulled back. He wiped his thumbs across your sodden cheeks to wipe away your tears.
 'Please don't cry babe, it's your wedding day. Do you want me to go and talk to Zayn?' Niall whispered.
 'Will you tell him to come and to me, I really want to talk to him,' you said, between sobs. You really didn't want to see him, but you knew that you had to sort this out. Niall was gone for about 5 minutes, and then Zayn walked through the toilet door. He had tears in his eyes, and his cheeks were wet, but he looked more beautiful than ever. You could never leave Danny just hours after you got married, it was just awful to think about it. But it was not right staying with someone when your heart wasn't completely theirs. Your heart belonged to Zayn and you couldn't believe that you was just realising this now. You slowly walked up to Zayn, more nervous than ever. It was like you had just met, but it felt so right. Before you knew it, your lips were touching and his hands were around your waist. His lips brushed against your at first, but soon you both got more confident with each other and were full on snogging. His lips moved down to your neck and he started sucking gently on your skin, giving you little love bites. It felt right, much more better than Danny. His head was moving every where but then he stopped and looked at you in your eyes. His lips again brushed against yours and as he kissed you, you could feel a grin spread across his face. He kept on going round in this circle, kiss you, kissing your neck, then making his way back to your lips again. But after a while, you remembered that anyone could walk in at any moment.
 'Zayn, I have to talk to Danny,' you said, eventually pulling away from the kiss.
Practically everyone had left now, except a couple of drunks at the bar. Danny was sat in the corner with tears rolling down his face.
 'Danny!? What's wrong?' you said, kicking of your heels as you ran to him. You knelt down next to him and flung your arms around his neck.
 'Get your filthy hands of me!' he screamed as he jumped up out of his chair.
 'What?' you whispered, a little confused. Had he walked into the bathroom and seen you? You hadn't heard anyone walk in. He couldn't have, why would he walk into the girls toilets? Maybe he'd come looking for you and found you two in the toilets? You stood up and saw the fury in his eyes. Zayn was right, you needed to be careful. He walked towards you, but you stepped away. He grabbed your arms and lifted you up so that your head was level with his. He was gripping your arms tight.
 'I know about you and Zayn,' he said, gripping your arms harder.
 'Danny, you're hurting me,' you whispered.
 'Good,' he squeezed you harder and then dropped you on the floor. You just collapsed in a heap, you looked up at him and you could see how angry he was. He swung his leg back and kicked you hard in the stomach.
 'Owww!' you screamed out in pain. Your vision started to go blurry. It hurt so bad, how could he have done this to you. You thought Danny would never hurt you, and now he had done this. Zayn ran out of the toilet door. You looked up at him and he had a big smile on his face, but then he looked down at you and his smile quickly turned to a frown. He walked over to Danny who was standing over you.
 'Did you do this to her?' he shouted in his face. Danny just looked down at you, but you didn't look back. You was just disgusted at how he could treat you like this. Suddenly Zayn punched him right across the face, and Danny fell to the ground.
 'No! Zayn!' you screamed out, you knew that Danny was going to hit him back. And you was right. Danny stood up, with blood pouring from his nose, and swung his fist at Zayn. It hit him right across the cheek and Zayn fell on the floor next to you. Ever though it hurt for you to move, you flung your arms around him.
 'Don't touch him! He's nicer to me than you ever was! You're no man! You're a puff! Hitting me and Zayn, just get out of my life! I NEVER want to see you again,' you screamed, the pain getting worse. He knelt down next to you and Zayn, his face inches away from Zayn's. Zayn was uncomfortable, you could see it in his face. He had a big bruise blossoming on his cheek, his nose started to wrinkle up. He wasn't scared of Danny. 
 'I hope you're very happy together,' he whispered to Zayn, with tears rolling down his face. Danny stood up and span on his heels and walked out, not looking back. When he was there you had tried to hold the tears back, but now he was gone, the tears flooded from your eyes. Zayn sat up and placed your head on his  chest.
 'Shhh, shh. It's okay, Zayn's got you,' he whispered into your hair, rocking you back and forth. As the night went on, the pain died down, but you stayed there in Zayn's arms. When you was in his arms, you felt safe. Like nothing could hurt you, like he was some kind of force field. That's how it was meant to feel. You pulled your head off of Zayn's chest and stood up, you held your hand out to him.
 'Come on, let's have that dance,' you said, a smile cracking on your face. He took your hand and stoop up.You walked over to the dance floor and he followed you. Your head rested on his chest and his hands fell on your waist. There was no music, but Zayn started singing into your ear.
'When he lays you down I might just die inside, it just don't feel right, 'cause I can love you more than this,' he whispered into your ear. You looked into his watery brown eyes. You had your hand of the side of his face, your thumb stroking his cheek bone. This felt so right. You was so glad that you had left Danny, what if you hadn't? He could've ended up doing something a lot worse to you. But you couldn't think like that now, you had Zayn. And that is all you ever needed. He was your everything, and that was how it was going t stay. You and Zayn. That's it. That's all you needed.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Long Niall Imagine

#Imagine you were walking home after what had been the worst day ever. You worked as a personal assistant to one of the big bosses at Hollister, and half way through the day, you had dropped your coffee down your dress. You had been pitching some ideas to your boss, but she said that she didn't like them. Which nearly made you cry as you had been working on your ideas for weeks. You just wanted to get home and cry into a bucket of ice-cream. You unlocked your door and walked into your apartment. You threw your keys onto the table and jumped onto the sofa, you sobbed there for a while, but then you decided to see what there was in the fridge. When you got into the kitchen you opened the fridge door, and you discovered a little piece of paper. You opened it up, and it was a letter.

I heard you had a bit of a rubbish day
love, and I knew that this is the first
place you would come. Let's play
hide and seek, I've hid. And you have to
find me! I'll give you a clue; do NOT
look under our bed!
Nialler xoxo
This immediately made you smile. You ran upstairs screaming 'Nialler! Niall?' knowing that he'd be under the bed. You crawled under, but he wasn't there. Just another note. You opened it.

Aha! Do you really think
I'm that stupid? I'll
give you another clue;
the first place I told you
that I loved you.

You ran out into the garden and behind the shed. Niall had told you that he loved you here in this very spot 2 years ago, yet it still felt like yesterday. He'd cooked you a romantic dinner in the garden and when you were messing around afterwards, he ran behind the shed. You followed him, and he kissed you. he stroked your hair and then looked deep into your eyes.
'I love you,' he murmured to you for the first time.
'I love you too,' you whispered back, kissing him hard. You couldn't believe it had been 2 years. You ran behind the shed, but still no sign of Nialler. But there was another not, pinned into the back of the shed.

This game is getting fun, don't you think?
Right, next clue; our first date.

Your and Niall's first date was just at your house, sitting in the bedroom and watching films all night long. You loved it. All night you were sat there, tangled in his arms, not moving for hours. You wondered back into your house and strolled up the stairs to the bedroom. A stunning bikini hung from the wardrobe door, you walked over to find another note attached to it.

Alright, alright. I know that you're
getting annoyed now, but that's the
whole fun of it! Put this on and come
and find me in the first place we met.

It might sound weird, but you and Niall both met in your bathroom. You and Zayn had been best friends all your life, and you were getting out of the shower one time. Zayn was downstairs watching a film. And he'd called Niall around to your house, because he wanted you to meet him. Niall had come around a bit early though, and he needed the toilet. But because you thought that there was only Zayn downstairs, you didn't put the lock n the door. And Niall walked in, just when you was getting out of the shower.
'Who are you!? Get out!' You'd screamed at him, grabbing your towel and pushing him out of the door.
'Babe, I'm so sorry! I didn't know you were in there!' Niall screamed from the other side of the door. You had got ready and walked out, and Niall was standing there biting his lip and staring you up and down. Not a very romantic story, but that was how you and Niall met. You and the boys still laugh about it to this date. You raced up to the bathroom and knocked on the door. It was locked.
'Nialler?' you shouted. You pressed your ear up against the door, but there was no answer. 'Nialler, I know you're in there.' You rattled the door handle. Suddenly the door opened, and there was Niall. You stood there biting your lip, he was in his swimming shorts. The bath was full with more bubbles than you had ever seen. Niall had his hands behind his back. You both just stood there for what seemed like hours, but soon Niall began walking over to you. He teasingly looked deep into your eyes, your noses touching. Then, he got down on one knee.
'Oh my god,' you whispered under your breath.
'Will you marry me?' he said, bringing a little box from behind his back and opening it to reveal an engagement ring. You literally collapsed on the floor next to Niall. You flung your arms around his neck, and whispered into his ear;
'Of course I will.' His big blue eyes were staring into yours and you saw a little tear stream down his face. Your eyes were full of tears too. He took the ring out of the box and placed it on your finger, and kissed you hard. He stood up and took your hand and led you to the bath. It was official, you and Niall were engaged.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Long Harry Imagine

#imagine it was summer, and it was absolutely scorching hot. It was about 50 degrees outside! You were sat out in your back garden, fanning yourself with an American fan that the boys had brought home for you. You were best friends with the boys. You had been nearly all your life, you had been through everything with them. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.
  'Ugh,' you moaned, as you had to get up out of your chair to answer the door. You slowly walked over to the door, the heat was draining the energy out of you. You opened it, and there was Niall, Zayn, Harry, Liam and Louis. 'Hey! What are you guys doing here!?' you shouted. You were really happy to see them. You hadn't seen them in a couple of days, and you couldn't help but notice that they had bags with them.
 'We were wondering if we could ask you a question?' Louis said. They were already in your apartment by this point and they'd put all their bags down on your dining table.
 'Yeah, sure. What is it?' you asked, getting a little worried. They all walked over to the sofa and sat, down, so you just followed. But when they had all sat down on the sofa, there was no room left, so you just sat on the floor in front of them.
 'So, we was wondering, because you are our bestest friend in the whole wide world...' Niall said, exaggerating a little. 'We just wanted to know, if we could have a sleepover at your house tonight?'
 'Oh, you have me worried then! I thought it was going to be something really serious! Yeah! Of course you can stay here! You don't have to ask,' you said, getting really excited. You and the boys were out in the garden all day, just sitting on the deck chairs and talking. This is how you liked it. Just you, the boys, no-one else, it was perfect. The sun was starting to set now, but the temperature had still not changed.
 'I can't believe how warm it is!' Niall said, who was now walking around in his underwear.
 'I know, I've got an idea,' Louis said, running into your house. You looked at Harry and saw that he was staring at you, and he bit his lip. You and Harry had always had a bit of a spark, but you had never talked about it. He began to mouth something to you, but as he did Louis ran back out into the garden. He had a huge blanket bundled up in his arms.
 'Whatcha got there?' you said, kneeling up on your chair.
 'We could all sleep on your trampoline! It's warm enough! We could all sleep outside,' Louis said, climbing up onto the trampoline. You all followed him and sat there for a while. The sky got darker and darker, but the heat was still intense. You were getting tired, and you yawned.
 'You getting tired?' Harry said, laying down next to you.
 'Just a little bit,' you whispered, cuddling into his chest. You suddenly began to feel different. It was just Harry, why did this feel so right? As the night went on, the conversation died down, and you were still in Harry's arms. You just laid there, wide awake, feeling Harry's breath in your hair. Everyone else was asleep, you could hear them all snoring, well, all of them except for Harry. You slowly tilted your head up, just in case he was asleep. You didn't want to wake him. But he was awake, looking at you with his pretty green eyes. It was getting colder now, as the night went on the temperature began to drop. You got a shiver up your back, and Harry pulled you closer in to him. It made it so much better, it made you warmer.
 'I love you so much,' he whispered into your hair, breathing deeply.
 'What?' you said, sitting up.
 'I love you, more than I should,' he said, sitting up as well. You couldn't believe this was happening. You had liked Harry for a long time, and you knew he liked you as well. But you had never thought of talking about it. He leaned in to kiss you, and you began to panic. But you kissed him back, and it felt amazing. After a few minutes, Harry pulled back from the kiss. 'I take it, you like me too?'
 'Harry, I love you,' you whispered, into his ear and then began to kiss him again. You layed back down on the trampoline, with the blanket wrapped around both of you. It had never felt more right.
 You woke up the next morning to the loud chirping of birds, and you were still wrapped tightly in Harry's arms. Everyone was still fast asleep, so you just layed there, taking advantage of every second you got to lay in Harry's arms. The temperature was still high, but it wasn't as bad as yesterday's. Suddenly, you heard Niall yawn.
 '1, 2, 3....' you heard Niall whisper. Suddenly you got an awful stench that wafted past your nostrils.
 'Oh my god! Nialler that stinks!' you screamed, waking everyone up. Everyone started complaining about the smell, but you and Harry still stayed tangled in each other.
 'Hey! Did you finally tell her?' Louis said, looking at you and Harry.
 'Yeah, I did,' Harry said, looking down into your eyes. He kissed the top of your head, and you snuggled back into his chest. All the boys started whooping and cheering, you had never been more happy in your life. You had everything you ever needed with you on this trampoline. Your friends, Harry. That's all you ever needed.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Long Liam Imagine

#Imagine you and Liam had been dating for a few months, and you were so in love with him. Everything you did, you did with him. It was about 4 o'clock in the afternoon, and you, Liam and the rest of the boys were going on a night out at about 8 o'clock. You and Liam were laying on the sofa watching a film, you really wanted to stay laying there forever, but you needed to start getting ready. You stood up and went to walk towards your bedroom, but Liam pulled you back down. 'Hey! I need to get ready!' you said, laying on his chest.
 'You can go soon, I just want to lay here a little while longer,' he whispered, kissing the top of your head. So you layed there for a while, but you were both really tired, as you had been out all day looking around London.
 You woke up to find it was dark, and you was still laying on Liam's chest.
 'Liam, Liam! Wake up!' you shouted, as you sat up and started prodding his stomach.
 'What?' he said, eventually waking up.
 'We fell asleep, and it's ..... 9:08!' you said, looking at your phone.
 'Oh yeah! What about the boys?' he said! You looked at the little coffee table in the middle of the room and saw a bit of paper placed in the middle of it.
 'What's that?' you asked, walking over to the table.
 'I don't know..' Liam said, sounding confused. You opened it up and discovered there was a letter, it read;
                                                           So you finally bothered to wake up then,
                                                           we dropped by but you were too cute to
                                                           wake up so we left you, maybe next time
                                                                     Lots of love, Loueh!
 You read the letter out loud to Liam and he just chuckled.
 'Aha, come on babe, lets watch another movie, but lets try and stay awake for this one,' he said, laughing away.
 'Okay,' you said, with the biggest grin on your face. You layed back down on his chest and watched the film, This was perfect. This was how you wanted your life to me. You and Liam, that's what you wanted.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Long Louis Imagine

#Imagine you had just broken up with your boyfriend, Louis, and you really missed him. Everyday you thought about him, and it just made you want to get back together with him more. You knew he didn't feel the same way, but you just couldn't get over him. You had, had a long day and you just wanted to get home to your apartment and relax. You walked up to your door and stuck the key in the door, but when you turned the key you realised that the door was already unlocked. You quickly walked in, thinking that you had been robbed, but when you got in, you saw that everything was fine. In fact, it was more than fine. Because Louis was standing there, behind a microphone with a guitar in his hand. You just stood there, looking at him. He began singing 'I Miss You' by Beyonce. Your eyes immediately filled with tears as your knees just turned to jelly. *I miss you like everyday I wanna be with you but your away.*
You couldn't believe that this was happening, you had wanted this to happen ever since you broke up, which was about a month ago. When Louis came to the end of the song, you hesitantly walked over to him. You looked deep into his eyes, and then without holding back, you kissed him. You seemed to be kissing for years, but that moment was perfect. It was everything you ever needed. Louis. That's all you needed to survive. After a few minutes, Louis pulled back.
 'So, will you take me back? I miss you so much, I've been practising that all week. You're the only thing I need, so? Will you? Will you take me back?' Louis whispered in your ear, with tears beginning to stream down his cheeks. You were completely speechless.
 'Lou, of course I'll take you back. I've missed you so much,' you eventually whispered into his ear. He brushed his lips against yours and carried you into the bedroom, you were so glad that your dream had come true

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Long Zayn Imagine

#Imagine your life had been hell the past couple of months. All of your friends wanted nothing to do with you anymore, because they said that you had kissed your friends boyfriend, which you hadn't. And on top of that, you were being bullied. You just didn't see the point in living anymore.
 You was walking home from school one night, by yourself, when you decided to take a shortcut through a ginel. As you was walking through it, a glimpse of light caught your eye through a gap in a tall hedge. You walked over to it, and pushed your way through the sharp twigs. It brought yo out to an isolated cliff, with crystal clear water crashing at the bottom of it. It was very high up. The sun was reflecting off of the water and that's what had caught your eye. This place was perfect, you wanted to stay there forever. Well, maybe you could. You had wanted to end your life for a long time and you couldn't think of anyway or anywhere better. You placed your school bag down on the floor, and began slowly walking towards the edge.
 'What are you doing?' a familiar voice said, from behind you.
 'Nothing,' you said, wanting whoever it was to go away. You turned around to see Zayn, standing there. But he wasn't stupid, he knew exactly what you was doing.
 'Why are you-' Zayn began walking towards you.
 'Don't come any closer! I'll jump!' you interrupted.
 'Okay, okay,' Zayn said, holding his hand up. After a while your legs started to get tired, so you sat down on the spongy grass, with your legs crossed. Zayn stayed standing up for a while, but he soon sat down on the grass as well. But he didn't come any closer. He stayed about one metre away, but he had his eyes fixed on yours for a long time. There was a long and pin filled silence. But after a while, Zayn broke it.
 'Why don't you wanna be here anymore?' he asked, his eyes still fixed on yours.
 'I have nothing to live for,' you told him truthfully.
 'How old are you?'
 'I'm 16.'
 'You're 16? You have everything to live for at 16!' he screamed.
 'Look, you don't know anything about me! I'm not trying to be rude, but can you please leave so that I can continue with what I was doing!' you screamed standing up and walking over to him. He stood up as well, and your eyes were level with his.
 'I cant. I'm involved now. I can't just walk away, knowing that I let you do this to yourself,' he whispered, looking right into your eyes. You couldn't hold the tears back anymore. You just fell into his chest, and wept, and wept, and wept. He stroked the top of your hair. 'It's fine, babe. I'm here.'
 After a while, you pulled back from the hug and wiped away your tears. You looked up at him to see that he had a few tears on his cheeks as well. He took your hand and started walking towards your school bag. He picked it up, with You hand in his other hand. He gave you your bag, and you put it over your shoulder. He lead you back towards the hedge and walked you home. When you finally got back to your home he took both your hands and stood looking at you biting his lip.
 'I wanna see you again,' he whispered, leaning into your ear. 'What's your number?' You gave him your number, and he lent in to kiss you. You stood there kissing for about 3 minutes. 'I have to go. I really don't want to, but I have to. I'll call you really soon, and we can meet up. I really like you..' he said, looking deep into your eyes.
 'I really like you too, Zayn,' you whispered into his ear, before spinning around on your heels and walking into your house. When you got in you checked your phone to see you already had a text from Zayn.
 'Good, I'm glad you like me too, it makes me happy. ;)' the text read. You couldn't believe that about 3 hours ago you were about to end your life, and now you were going to be going on a date with Zayn. It's funny how life can suddenly change.