Sunday, 6 May 2012

Long Liam Imagine

#Imagine you and all the boys had gone out on a night out around London. You had been to loads of clubs, and each one you'd had loads of drinks. All the boys were wasted, you were quite dunk but you was no where near as drunk as the boys, Liam was still sober though. You had gone to a new club, and Liam was currently at the bar, getting everyone their drinks. You and all the boys were just sitting around a table, waiting for Liam to come back. When he came back he placed them all down on the table and took a step back.
'Yahh!' Niall cheered, as he began to gulp down his pint of beer. You all laughed at him and sat back in your chairs. You all sat there talking and laughing as none of the boys were really making any sense due to the amount of alcohol they'd had.
'Well, I'm off to mingle,' Zayn shouted over the music as he stood up and turned to talk away.
'Aha, have fun!' Liam shouted after him. Louis stood up, gulping down his beer. He took one massive last gulp and banged the glass down on the table.
'Wait up Zayn!' he shouted, running after him. You turned to look at Niall, Liam and Harry, who you were expecting they wanted to go 'mingle' as well.
'What about you guys? Don't you wanna go too?' you asked.
'Oh why? Don't you want us here?' Harry joked.
'Yeah! But I thought you'd have wanted to go meet someone?' you shouted trying to make your self heard over the loud music.
'Yeah, come on Niall, it sounds like a good idea,' he said, lightly hitting Niall on the back in encouragement. Niall finished off his pint in what must have been a record time and stood up. Harry walked off, followed by Niall. You looked at Liam who was already staring at you. But when you looked at him, he blushed and looked away.
'What about you, eh? Don't you wanna go too?' you asked, rubbing your hand on his knee. He looked down at your hand and then up at you. 'Oh, sorry,' you said, taking your hand away.
'No, it's fine,' he said. 'I don't really want to go. And anyway, someone has to stay with you.'
'Aha, well if you say so,' you said, picking up your drink off the table and taking a sip of it. Suddenly, Beyonce's song Halo, which was your favourite song, came on the speakers and your eyes lit up. You placed your drink down on the table.
'Oh, Liam come dance!' you shouted, standing up and grabbing his hand. He pulled it back and shook his head.
'No, I... erm,' he said. Why didn't he want to dance? You moved closer to him so that your noses were nearly touching.
'You're coming to dance Liam,' you told him. He stood up and followed you to the dance floor, your hand still in his. You turned around to him and stood nearer to him. He put his hands on your waist, and you placed your arms around his neck. You were staring into each other's eyes, a huge smile on your face. All of a sudden, you got goosebumps all over your body and your heart started beating really fast. It was only Liam, why was you suddenly feeling this way? He began singing the words to you, which made you smile even more as it was your favourite song.
Everywhere I'm looking now, I'm surrounded by your embrace, Baby I can see your halo..
You looked down at the floor and bit your lip, slowing moving together with the music. Liam put two of his shaky fingers under your chin. He lifted your chin up and moved his face nearer yours. His lips puckered and moved closer to yours. You moved your head nearer to his and your lips met. You felt Liam's tongue enter your mouth. You stood there with your arms around his neck, full on kissing. It felt amazing. You hadn't seen this side to Liam before, you could literally feel yourself falling for him. He pulled back from the kiss and looked deep into your eyes. You smiled and bit your lip, he did the same.
'I've been wanting to do that for so long,' he said, his head falling against yours so that your noses were touching.
'Well, I'm glad you did,' you said, leaning in again and kissing him. He pulled back and said,
'So, will you be my girlfriend?'
'Of course I will.'

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