Monday, 14 May 2012

Long Niall Imagine

#Imagine you  was sitting at home one night when there was a knock at the door. You was sitting on the sofa watching your favourite film on the tele. You was real,y comfy, you didn't want to move. But before you even had chance to move, there was another knock at the door.
 'I'm coming!' you shouted, picking up the T.V. remote that was next to you and pausing the film. You got up off the sofa and walked over to the door. You grabbed the door handle and pulled the door back. Before you could see what it was they had already walked in and were making their way over to the sofa.
 'Hiya babe, you had a good day?' Niall said.
 'Yeah, what about you?' you said, shutting the door and walking over to Niall who had already unpaused the film and was watching it. You and Niall had always been really close. Your house was like his second home, and his house was like yours.
 'Yeah it's bee good, I was getting bored at home, so I thought I'd come round and cheer you up,' he said, tearing his eyes away from the television to give you a cheeky grin. You sat down next to him and gave him a confused look and shook your head at him.
 'Why do you think I need cheering up?' you asked him.
 'I saw what people were saying to you today on twitter, nobody deserves that,' he said, pulling you into his chest and hugging you hard.
 'Ahh, it's nothing I can't handle,' you told him. You had always got hate for being Niall's friend, but you didn't mind. If the only thing you had to do was get a little bit of hate to me Niall's friend, then it would be worth it. You layed there on Niall's chest and watched the rest of the film. You could hear his heartbeat through his paper thin shirt, but suddenly, it started to get faster. You looked up at Niall and he looked down at you. He looked sad, you sat up and looked at him.
 'What's wrong?' you asked him. He looked at you and then he just shook his head.
 'N-nothing, can we just finish watching the film?' he asked. You stood up and looked at him, you grabbed the remote off of the sofa and paused the film. 'Please, I don't wanna talk about it, can we just finish watching the film?' he asked.
 'No, I wanna know what's wrong? Why won't you tell me, you tell me eveything?' you said to him. He sat up on the sofa and looked up at you.
 'Fine! You wanna know what's up?' he shouted, standing up and looking at you.
 'Yes! I hate seeing you like this! What's wrong?' you screamed back at him. He shook his head at you and then a tear rolled out of his eyes and down his cheek. He sat back down on the sofa and hung his head in his hands. You could hear his sobs and the tears started streaming down your face. You couldn't bare to see Niall like this, it was killing you inside. You sat down next to him and put your arm around his shoulder and rocked him back and forth, trying to stop him from crying. He was crying for a while, and then his sobs started to die down. He looked up at the T.V. then wiped his eyes. He turned to you and then took a huge breath.
 'How do you not see it?' he said, you could tell by his voice that he was trying not to cry again.
 'Nialler please, just tell me what it is that's making you like this. I hate seeing you like this,' you said to him, a tear escaping your eye and rolling down your face. He moved to the other side of the sofa and put his legs onto the sofa, you did the same but at the other said. Your legs were tangled in each others and you stayed staring at each other. 'Please Niall, I'm begging you,' you eventually said, breaking the silence.
 'Okay,' he said in one quick breath. 'I've fallen for you,' he said, he stood up and ran to the door.
 'Niall! Wait!' you shouted after him, but it was no use. He grabbed the door handle and ran out of the door. You jumped up of the sofa and ran after him, you closed the door behind you. You saw Niall run down the stairs, you lived in a block of apartments, and you lived on the 11th floor, so it was a long way down to the ground floor using the stairs. You ran after him, constantly shouting his name, but he didn't stop, he just kept on running down the stairs.
 'Please Niall, stop!' you shouted after him, and it worked. He turned around and you kept running as you didn't realise he had stopped. You looked down at him and suddenly stopped, realising that he had stopped too. You stood on the stairs looking at each other and the tears streamed down both of your faces.
 'Why did you run off?' you breathed eventually. He looked up at you.
 'I just couldn't face you, I know you don't feel the same, I just couldn't bare seeing you, knowing that you don't love me back,' he said, the tears pouring down his cheeks. You took a few steps nearer to him.
 'But Nia-' you began.
 'No! Don't! Don't lead me on, if you're just going to let me down,' he screamed before continuing to run down the stairs.
 'Niall I love you too!' you screamed after him and falling to the stairs and started crying your eyes out. You sat there crying for a while, and then you eventually stopped. You expected that Niall had run off, run home, but he wasn't, he was sat there next to you. You turned your head to look at him, but he just stayed staring straight in front of him. You just stared at him, taking in how beautiful he had become. It had taken you until now to realise that Niall was the one that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. You moved a little nearer to him but he didn't flinch. You slid nearer to him and then he looked at you and gave a false smile.
 'What's wrong?' you asked, shaking your head confused.
 'You don't love me, you just feel sorry for me,' Niall whispered.
 'Where have you got this idea from that I could never love you? I love you more than anything Nialler,' you whispered back. He looked at you and he smiled, but this time it was definitely real. You took one slide nearer him and now your hips were pressed against each others. He smiled cheekily at you and then put his arm around you. You burrowed into his chest and you started to smile uncontrollably.
 'I love you Niall,' you whispered into his chest.
 'I love you too,' he whispered into your hair, putting his other arm around you and hugging you tightly.

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