Saturday, 2 June 2012

Long Niall Imagine

Your P.O.V
I was sat at home on a Saturday night, snuggled up in a blanket and watching a film on the T.V. I wasn't really paying attention to it though, it was so boring, and I couldn't concentrate on it either. Jordan was coming round soon and he was bringing another film with him. We were going to watch it together. Jordan was my boyfriend, I loved him so much. I thought he was the one, I thought that he would never hurt me, never do anything to upset me. I seriously thought that he was the one I was gonna spend the rest of my life with. There was a knock at the door and I quickly untangled myself from the blanket and ran to the door. I grabbed the door handle and pulled back the door to find Jordan standing there.
 "Hiya babe," I said as he barged past me and walked into the living room. He was looking round the room as if he was looking for something. "What's wrong?" He stopped looking and furrowed his eyebrows at me. He took a few steps nearer to me so that his face was inches away from mine.
 "What's wrong? I think you know what's wrong!" he screamed in my face as he started pacing around my apartment. He suddenly stopped and stared at me. "So go on then, where is he?" he shouted. I looked at him confused.
 "Where's who?" I asked, feeling a little scared.
 "You know who! Your little... 'playmate'," he said making speech marks with his hands. "I know he's been here, I know you've been cheating on me, there's no point in denying it!" he shouted as he walked back towards me. I took a few steps back but he quickly grabbed my wrists and pulled me up to his level. "What are you doing? Don't you dare walk away when I am talking to you," he whispered right in my face. I looked down at the floor as he continued to whisper abuse at me.  "Ergh, look at you, you're making me feel sick! You're a nothing, you know that? An absolute nothing, you deserve to go and die in a hole,' he whispered. I couldn't hold the tears back anymore. Jordan was gripping my wrists so tight that they were starting to go numb. "Aww, look at the crocodile tears, you really think that's gonna make me let go?" he whispered. I looked up at him and saw the anger in his eyes. He suddenly let go off my wrists and I fell to the ground and quickly looked at my wrists. They had turned purple from how tightly Jordan had been squeezing them. They were so numb. I looked up at him and he was standing over me with a smirk on his face. This was not the end of the abuse, I could tell by the look on his face. I scrunched up into a ball on the floor and shut my eyes tight, wanting it to be over before it had even begun.

Niall's P,O.V
It was such a lovely night and I was so bored so  grabbed my jacket and my shoes and decided to go for a little walk. I had my snapback on and it was covering most of my face, so I wasn't going to get noticed. I like just going for walks by myself, it helps me clear my head. I knew the area of London like the back of my hand so I wasn't going to get lost. I wandered around the streets for hours, it was nice. It was summer so it was still quite light out, but the sun was beginning to slide down the sky. As I turned the corner to a street I saw a bench on the other side of the road. My feet were starting to hurt a little so I crossed the road and walked towards it. As I got nearer to it I noticed that there was someone already sat there. I walked up to the bench and sat down. I glanced at the person next to me. I wasn't sure whether it was a girl or a boy because they had a hoodie on and the hood was up and covering most of their face. I leant forward a bit to try and get a better look of the person but they turned away from me and faced the other way, I just laughed. 
 "Aha, it's fine, I'm not going to harm you," I told them, they moved back round a bit but they were still facing away from me a little bit. They placed their hand down on the bench and they had lovely long nails covered in red nail polish. Definitely a girl. It was beginning to get a little bit awkward so I decided to try and break the tension.  "I'm Niall," was the only thing I could think of but there was still no answer. She turned around to face me a little bit but her face was covered by the hood. Her cheeks were tear stained and I could see some purple swelling on her hands. "W-what's wrong?" I asked her, hoping for a response. She quickly pulled her hands up and pulled her sleeves over her hands and pulled the material over the swelling. 
 "Nothing, why?" she muttered and I took her hand gently. I rolled back the sleeve and revealed the bruises which were worse than I thought they were gonna be. I looked at her shocked.
 "What are these?" I asked, getting worried. She pulled her hand away from me and pulled her sleeve back over the bruising. 
 "No! They're nothing," she said as she stood up from the bench and started to walk away. I grabbed her wrist harder than I had meant to.
 "No, wait!" I shouted, as I grabbed her wrist. She screamed out in pain and fell to the floor taking me with her as I had taken a firm grip on her wrist. I was sat in front of her and she burst into tears in front of me and I sat and watched her. She was honestly the most beautiful girl I had ever seen before. When she fell to the floor her hood had fallen down and I now had full view of her pretty face. She was crying really hard, but she had her hands over her face to catch the tears.
 When the cries died down I asked, "Please tell me who did this to you, I know it was someone. Please, I can't stand seeing you like this." She looked up at me and then wiped away her tears gently with the end of her sleeve. She stood up and walked back over to the bench and sat down. I got up off the floor and followed her, and sat right by her side. She took a deep breath.
 "Okay, it was my boyfriend, well, my ex boyfriend. He, erm, he came to my apartment and thought that someone was there with me.He thought that there was another boy there, he thought I was cheating on him," she said.
 "And were you?" I asked, and she looked at me confused. "And were you cheating on him?" She shook her head at me and she continued her story.
 "Anyway, I was sat watching a film and he barged in, and he did this to me, it hurt. He kicked me all over my body, I've never known pain like it," she whispered as a tear escaped her eye. I couldn't hold it back anymore, and a tear ran down my cheek. I couldn't imagine anyone being stupid enough to do this to her. She was so beautiful and precious, how could anyone ever hurt her? She looked at me and she started crying again. I gently placed my arms around her not wanting to hurt her but she clung to my chest like there was no tomorrow. She wept onto my chest and after a while I felt her tears start to seep through my t-shirt as my stomach started to feel quite wet. I gripped her tightly while she wept into me, it was horrific. Tears were falling down my face as well and dripping off my chin onto her soft hair. We sat like this for a long time, the sky had nearly turned black now and the street lights were starting to turn on. Her cries had stopped now, but her head stayed rested on my chest and my hands stay firmly around her. We were sat there in a comfortable silence but I could tell she was hurting. "I thought he was the one," she whispered making me jump. I looked down at her and she lifted her head of my chest and looked up at me, she looked more beautiful than ever. I looked at her sympathetically. I lifted my hand up and stroked her hair and she smiled for the first time, she had such a pretty smile. I started rocking her back and forth as she layed her head back on my chest in the same position. My heart suddenly started beating really fast and I couldn't control it, she just did crazy things to me, but I kinda liked it. We layed there all night, I knew that we did because when she eventually pulled her head off my chest and sat up, the sky was beginning to get lighter. She sat up next to me and stared out in front of her. I stared at her and I didn't even realise I was going it. She turned her head and looked at me. She lifted her hand up and placed it on the side of my face, moving her thumb along my cheekbone. It made me smile. She was looking me deep in the eyes and she suddenly bit her lip. "Thank you so much Nialler," she whispered, I looked at her shocked. "What?"
 "How do you know my name?" I asked her as she laughed, she had such a pretty laugh.
 "Trust me, I know who you are," she laughed. I smiled at her and then she looked me straight in the eyes. 
 "You're welcome," was all I could manage to whisper. 
 "No, I mean it, if you hadn't found me I don't know what I'd have done, I honestly, just, ahh, I'm lost for words," she laughed. I smiled at her and looked down at the floor. She sat up on the bench and put her feet up on the wooden bars. She started to move her head closer to mine and soon our noses were touching. I moved my lips to hers and for a crazy few seconds; I felt her kiss me back. "No, I can't Niall, I have to sort things out with Jordan first, it's not right," she whispered as she stood up off the bench and started walking off. I ran after her and stood in front of her. I took her hands gently and looked her in the eyes.
 "Just promise me one thing," I whispered to her. 
 "What?" she giggled.
 "Promise that once you  have sorted everything out with Jordan, you'll come back?" I asked, scared of what the answer was gonna be. She quickly pushed her lips against mine and then pulled them back again. She looked me in the eyes and smirked.
 "I promise," she whispered. She let go off my hands and walked back down the road, I watched her until I could longer see her. She was just breath taking. Everytime I looked at her my heart would start to race. She was so fragile though, I had to be extra careful, but of course I was gonna be careful with her. I had finally found my princess.

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