Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Long Louis Imagine

#Imagine you were getting ready for a night out with the boys. You had been looking forward to it all week. You and the boys had always been best friends. All the way through school and you were always there for them during the X Factor. You had put on your best dress and you had just finished your hair. You were just about to sit down at your dressing table and do your make up, when your phone rang. It was on the other side of the room placed on top of your bed. You walked over and saw Louis' picture flashing on the screen. You picked it up and answered.
 'Heya,' you said.
 'Hiya, erm, it's just gonna be me and you tonight,' he said, sounding a bit nervous.
 'Why, where are the other guys?' you asked, getting a little worried.
 'Well, we've been working all week and they were a little tired. They feel really bad for not coming, but we'll still have fun right?' he said, his voice shaky.
 'Yeah! It'll be fine! Are you alright Lou? Your voice sounds all shaky,' you explained.
 'Yeah! I'm fine! Come round to my house for 7 o'clock and then we can go together,' he said.
 'Sure, see you then,' you shouted, as you hung up the phone. It would be fine with just you and Louis. You were a little gutted that the rest of the boys weren't coming, but you could understand that they were tired. They needed their rest. You finished your make up, making sure everything was just right. Then you got your keys, your phone and you walked out your apartment, locking the door behind you. You walked around to Louis' apartment which was just a few minutes away from yours. You knocked on his door and stood there waiting for a while. Then the door opened and there was Louis. As he opened the door you got a waft of his aftershave. Louis knew you liked it when guys wore aftershave.
 'Heya babe, you alright?' he said as he stepped out his apartment and locked his door.
 'Yeah, I'm good, how are you?' you asked as you both began walking towards the clubs. You talked for a while, just walking along. When you eventually got to your favourite bar, you grabbed Louis' arm.
 'Lou can we go in this one?' you shouted. He looked up at it, and looked back at you.
 'But you only like it because it has an aquarium!' he shouted back. It was true. You liked the aquarium, but you did like their drinks as well.
 'Pleeease,' you whispered, doing the puppy dog eyes.
 'Oh, come on then,' he whispered as he grabbed your hand and walked in. You felt his fingers entwine with yours and suddenly you could feel butterflies developing in your stomach. Why was this happening? It was just Louis. Why were you suddenly having feelings for him? You walked through the door and into the big opening of the dance floor. He let go of your hand and turned to face you. The dance floor was empty, and there as hardly anyone near the bar. His face was inches away from yours.
 'What do you want to drink babe?' he shouted because the music was loud. You looked at him for a while, you could see him becoming more and more attractive. Why was this happening now? You couldn't say anything though. You didn't want to risk your friendship with Louis.
 'Erm, I'll just have a Bacardi Breezer,' you finally managed to reply.
 'Right, I'll be back in a minute,' he said as he headed off towards the bar. You turned around to look at the door to see who was coming in, and all your friends were there.
 'Hey! What are you guys doing here?' you said, walking over to them.
 'Oh, we just fancied a night out,' one of them said. You were all talking and laughing and then suddenly your favourite song came on. You all rushed over to the dance floor and began dancing. You were all dancing away as it was your favourite song. Suddenly, there was a pair of hands around your waist. You turned around and there was a tall guy standing over you.
 'Heya gorgeous, wanna dance?' he said, tightening his hands around your waist.
 'No thanks,' you said, trying to take his hand off your hips, but his hands were too strong.
 'Come on, just one dance,' he shouted. All your friends hadn't noticed and were still dancing away. You turned around to him.
 'I said no,' you shouted up to him.
 'I want you to dance. And what I want, I get,' he whispered into your ear, lowering down to your level. He put his hand on your back and pulled you into him. You tried to pull away but his arms were too strong.
 'Hey mate, leave her alone,' you heard Louis shout. You looked behind you and there was Louis, with the angriest look on his face. This man, who you still had no idea who he was, pushed you to the side and walked over to Louis.
 'Yeah, and what are you gonna do?' he said, standing over Louis and looking him up and down. Louis stepped back and you could see in his eyes what he was going to do.
 'Louis no!' you screamed, but it was too late. Louis swung his fist round at this man. He had hit him right across the face and now he was laying on the floor. But of course that wasn't the end. The man stood up and looked at Louis. Louis' face stayed stubborn. The man smacked Louis right across the face. You screamed out, feeling Louis' pain. You had fallen for Louis hard, you had never felt like this about anyone before. You ran over to Louis and knelt down next to him. You lifted his neck up onto your knees as a cushion. The club manager was making his way through the crowd that had gathered up. He looked down at Louis, then at you, and then at this man who you had no intention of looking at. How could he do this? He was a horrible person. Louis looked up at you, his big blue eyes brimming with tears.
 'Right, you out, and don't bother coming back,' the club manager yelled, grabbing Louis' arms and pulling him towards the back door. You followed them, but neither of them realised that you were following them. The manager opened up the back door, you hid behind a big barrel of food, trying not to be seen. If the manager saw you, he would make you go through the front door, but you needed to talk to Louis. He through Louis out onto the street and closed the door. He walked off and as he did you ran out the door and shut it behind you. Louis was walking down the middle of the road. You stepped out into the road.
 'Louis!' you shouted after him. He turned around and he smiled the most you had ever seen him smile. He started walking towards you. He got about a metre away from you and stood there looking down at the floor.
 'So, are you mad?' he whispered.
 'Mad? Why would I be mad? No-one has ever done anything like that for me before,' you whispered, taking a step towards him and stroked his bruised cheek. You stayed there looking at each other. You had fallen for Louis hard, and it had taken you all this time to notice it. You started to lean in to kiss him, and he responded. He leaned in and brushed his lips against yours. You began kissing and it felt so right. All this time; and everything that you needed had been right there. Right here. Right now.

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