Thursday, 19 April 2012

Long Harry Imagine

#Imagine you had, had a bit of a rough day at school. You had, had all the worst lessons today. You got home to find a film on the top of the kitchen counter. You put your bags down on the floor and picked up the film. It looked like a horror film. 'Revenge' it said, in big black letters across the case.You had a shower and threw on your pyjamas, and sat down in the big leather chair and watched the film.
 It was horrible. It was full of violence, blood and death. You hated films like this. You were getting more scared by the minute. The film was about a man who had taking 4 people hostage and slowly killing them and eating them. Not really a film you enjoyed. Suddenly, the door opened which made you jump out of your skin.
 'Ahh!' you screamed, picking up the T.V. remote, ready to launch it at whatever came through the door.
 'No! Don't chuck it!' Harry screamed, cowering aways behind his arms.
 'Oh, sorry. I'm watching Revenge,' you said, lowering the remote.
 'Alone!?' he screamed, walking into your apartment and closing the door behind him. 'I left it in the kitchen, sorry. I was going to see if you wanted to watch it after school.' He walked over to you and stood next to you.
 'Well, come on. Watch it with me,' you said, moving across in the chair so that he could sit next to you. But when you looked at him he had pulled another chair up and was sitting in it. 'What are you doing?'
 'What?' he said, looking at you confused.
 'Come sit next to me! You have to protect me,' you shouted, patting the chair, prompting him to come and sit next to you.
 'No, erm, I'm fine here,' he said, beginning to turn a little red.
 'No! Come sit here,' you said, reaching over and grabbing his arm and pulling him over to your chair. He awkwardly put his arms around your neck and you snuggled into his chest. Why didn't he want to sit next to you? you'd never had to tell him to before, he just had done. You had your head placed on his chest, and you could hear his heart beating really hard. Why was he so nervous around you? It was just Harry. But you couldn't really focus on this anymore, as the movie was getting scarier and you was beginning to become really frightened. 'I can't watch anymore! How can you watch it? Aren't you scared?' you muttered burying your face in Harry chest. You felt Harry gulp down and he started breathing hard.
 'Terrified,' he whispered in a sort of wooden way. You looked up at him and his eyes were no longer on the screen, he was looking down at you. His head moved towards your and his lips began to pucker. He stroked his lips against yours and brushed his thumb down the side of your face. He pulled back and looked deep into your eyes.
 'I-I'm sorry,' he said, getting up out of the chair and walking towards the door.
 'Harry! Wait!' you shouted, standing up. He stopped at the door and slowly turned around to look at you. You could see the tears welling up in his eyes. You slowly walked over to him. Step by step; each step you took Harry seemed to be getting more and more beautiful. He was suddenly turning from your best friend, to the one you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. When you got up to him, you placed your hand on the side of his face and used your thumb to brush away his tears. You leaned in to kiss him, both of you nervous. This felt right, the person that you were meant to be with had been here all along. And it had taken you all this time to realise and now; now it had finally happened.

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