Sunday, 15 April 2012

Long Liam Imagine

#Imagine you had gone on holiday with all your family. You were all lounging by the pool and you were laying on top of your towel. You must have fallen asleep though, because you woke up to find that the sky was a bit darker than before. You sat up and discovered that all of your family had gone, there was just you laying on your towel. Not many people were round the pool, just a few teenage boys. You stood up and picked up your towel. The boys in the pool were jumping into the pool, making huge splashes. You started walking back to your hotel, when you felt a splash of water on the back of your head. You quickly turned around to find the 5 teenage boys in the pool looking at you.
 'Sorry,' one of them said. They looked really familiar, but you couldn't remember where you had seen them before.
 'Aha, it's fine,' you said, turning back around and continuing walking.
 'Wait!' they shouted. You turned around and looked at them.
 'Yeah?' You asked.
 'Do you, erm, maybe wanna hang out with us for a little while?' the little blonde one said.
 'Yeah, sure,' you said, dropping your towel and kicking off your flip flops. You walked over the pool and sat on the edge. All the boys swam to you, except one who held onto the edge.
 'So, what's your name gorgeous?' You told them your name, and they all told you how much they liked it.
 'So, what are all your names?' you asked. They all told you their names, whilst you were trying to remember them. It was annoying you now that you couldn't remember where you had seen them before. Where were they from? You were all playing in the pool when suddenly Liam began singing, his voice was familiar. Where they famous? You decided to ask them.
 'Where've I heard your voice before?' you asked him.
 'Probably because we're One Direction,' he said, in a sarcastic tone. That's where you had seen them before! How could you not have recognised them, but you didn't want to look like an idiot.
 'Oh yeah! Aha, that's embarrassing. I can't believe I didn't realise,' you said, looking down at the water. Liam lifted your chin up so that your eyes were connected. He leaned in to kiss you and you felt his wet lips brush against yours. The rest of the boys began whistling and splashing you. All the boys got out of the pool and walked back to their apartment, with towel's hanging around their necks. Liam pulled back and looked into your eyes. 
 'Meet me tonight, here, at 7 o'clock, okay?' he whispered into your ear.
 'Yeah,' you whispered back. He kissed you one last time but harder, and crawled out of the pool. You got out as well and walked back to your hotel. You told all your family, but none of them believe you.
 'You're making that up! How long did it take for you to make up that then?' your mum said.
 'It's true!' you screamed.
 'Yes, okay. I. believe. you,' she said, in a wooden voice. She clearly didn't believe you.
 'Fine, I don't care. But I met them! And I'm meeting Liam tonight!' you shouted and went into your bedroom to get ready. It took you a while because you was trying to impress Liam.
 When you were eventually ready, you walked out your room and stared at the clock. It was 10 minutes to 7. You said bye to your family, and went to go and sit by the pool and wait for Liam. But when you get there, he was already there.
 'Hey, I brought us a picnic,' he said, laying out a big blanket and sitting down on top of it. You walked and sat down next to him. He looked at you, with the reflection of the moon bouncing of the water and into his beautiful brown eyes.
 'Hiya babe, you alright?' he said, opening the picnic basket and taking things out of it.
 'Yeah, I'm great how are you?' I said, watching him being absolutely perfect.
 'I'm absolutely fine, much better now that you're here,' he whispered, leaning over and kissing you. His lips were wet and his lips sweeped against yours. He pulled back and started taking food out again. It all looked so nice, he'd brought all of your favourite things. You started to eat, but after a while you started to feel full and didn't eat anymore. Liam carried on, and you two just sat there all night, just talking. When most of the food was gone Liam layed down with his hands behind his head. You layed down next to him and he put his arm around you. You were tucked into his side, and you were both looking up at the stars. This felt so right, Liam was the nicest person you had ever met, he was caring, and he wasn't bad to look at. You layed there under the stars all night, until you was awaken the next morning by the chirping of birds.
 Liam yawned and sat up. 'Morning beautiful,' he said, rubbing his eyes.
 'Morning,' you whispered, leaning into him. His lips met yours and his tongue began exploring your mouth. You sat there kissing each other for what seemed like hours. Liam eventually pulled back and leaned his head against yours so that your noses were touching.
 'I love you,' he mouthed.
 'I love you too Liam,' I whispered back.

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