Friday, 13 April 2012

Long Louis Imagine

#Imagine you had just has a fight with your parents. They had forgot to make you your dinner and you told them that they never did anything for you. But they had done so much for you lately. They'd throw you out of the house and told you that you could come back when you realise how much you actually have. It was winter and it was dark. You walked down your street with your head held high, not wanting your parents to see how scared you were. You walked for a little while, but soon you began to get confused about where you were. You sat down on the pavement with your legs crossed. You put your head in your hands and just wept. You cried for what seemed like hours. When you finally brought yourself to stop crying, you looked up to see a black car rolling towards you. You started to get a bit worried because your mum had told you about paedophiles and things like that before. You wiped your tears and stood up and you carried on walking. You wasn't sure where you was walking to, you just wanted to get away from the black car.
 'Hey babe, are you alright?' a familiar voice shouted after you. Your heart began beating really fast as you was getting quite scared.
 'Yeah, I'm fine, you said without looking back to see who it was.
  'You don't sound fine,' said the voice, but it was getting nearer. You just kept on walking. 'Are you sure you're alright?'
 'Yes, I'm fine! Now lea-' you turned around and began screaming. But you realised that it was Louis. His head was poking out of the car window and he was staring at you with his big blue eyes.
 'Oh my god! I'm so sorry I didn't kno-' you began , trying to apologise.
 'No, don't worry about it,' he interrupted. 'You wanna hop in?' he said, opening the car door.
 'Yes please,' you said, hesitantly walking to the huge car. You got in the car to find Harry, Zayn, Liam and Niall all sat looking at you. You sat down on one of the big leather chairs next to Zayn. You and all the boys were talking and laughing but then Louis came and sat down next to you.
 'So why was you crying out on the street before?' he asked looking into your eyes.
 'It was cold and it was dark, and I had nowhere to go...' you told him the whole story about your parents kicking you out and you could feel the tears coming back in your eyes.
 'Hey, don't cry! It's okay, you're with us now, but you do realise that we'll have to take you home?' Louis said hugging you tightly.
 'Yeah,' you whispered a little disappointed that you had to leave the boys. You told the driver your address and then you went to sit back down on your chair. The ride back to your house was longer than you thought it would be. You didn't realised that you had walked that far. When the car eventually pulled up you hopped out of the car. It wasn't your house.
 'I'm confused, I thought you was taking me home,' you asked the boys.
 'Well, we thought it would be okay if you stayed with us at our hotel for the night, is that alright?' Zayn said, putting his arms around your neck.
 'Alrigh? Zayn, that's perfect!' you shouted in excitement. 'But I probably need to tell my mum and dad where I am, you know, so they don't worry.'
 'Oh yeah, sure, here's my phone, take as long as you need,' he said handing you his iPhone. You dialled your home phone number and it rang for a while, but then your mum eventually answered.
'Hiya mum, it's me,' you said remembering that you hadn't spoke to her since the fall out.
 So, where've you been?' her voice was shaky and you could tell that she had been crying.
 'If I told you, you wouldn't believe me,' you told her the full story but she wasn't convinced.
 'I don't believe a word you just said. I don't know where you are but you better be back home in 10 minutes!' she screamed down the phone at you.
 'I'm not lieing!' you screamed back. You and the boys were all walking into the reception of the hotel at this point/
 'Fine, if you're not lieing, let me talk to them,' she said. You was stood next to Harry, so you handed him the phone.
 'My mum wants to talk to you.' Louis burst out laughing. 'No! Not in that way!' you said, giving Lois a playful punch. 'She doesn't believe me that I'm with you, so she wants to talk to one of you.'
 Harry explained everything to your mum and then handed the phone back to you.
 'So?' you said, hoping she'd let you stay for a while.
 'I guess I'll see you tomorrow then,' she said.
 'Yay! Thank you so much!'
 'Night love,' she said laughing.
 'Night,' you hung up the phone and handed it back to Zayn. 'Thanks.'
 'No problem, babe,' smiling so that you could see his perfect teeth. You all walked to the reception desk and Paul got the keys. When you and the boys got to your room, you discovered there was just one king size bed, instead of a few single beds.
 'Aha! What are we gonna do?' Liam asked, chuckling.
 'We can all sleep in it together! Is that alright with you?' Niall said, looking into your eyes. As if it would be a bad thing? It was the best thing ever!
 'That is absolutely fine with me,' you said, walking over and sitting down on the bed. You and the boys just sat on this huge bed just talking and laughing like you had known each other for years. You and the boys had clicked from the start. It just felt so right. After a while Paul popped his head through the door.
 'Alright guys, settle down now guys. It's getting late and we have to be up early tomorrow,' Paul explained.
 'Why do we have to be up early tomorrow?' Niall asked.
 'Well, we have to take you home,' Paul said to you. All the boys began moaning and groaning.
 'Awwww!' 'Why does she have to go?' 'We don't want her to go?' 'Can't she stay with us Paul?' You were really touched that all the boys were defending you.
 'Shhh!' Paul suddenly shouted to shut them all up. 'We have to take her home, because do you really expect her to come on tour with you guys just in her OnePiece?'
 There was a long moment of confused silence.
 'What?' Zayn finally said.
 'I've just spoken to your mum,. She said you can. So do you wanna come?' Paul asked, but you was still really confused as to what he was asking you.
 'Do I wanna what? I'm so confused?' you said to the boys, but they all had confused expressions on their faces as well.
 'I don't know,' they all mouthed back to you. You looked back at Paul.
 'Do you wanna come on tour with the boys? We leave in 3 days for the first show,' he said, finally making sense. You immediately looked at the boys and saw they all had massive grins on their faces.
 'Really!? You're not joking?' Louis said. He really wanted you to come on tour with them, just as all the other boys did.
 'I'm not kidding,' Paul whispered. All the boys began jumping up and down because they were so excited.
 'Yes! Of course I will!' you screamed at Paul as you and the boys began jumping up and down on the bed. Yo and all the boys had practically become best mates in the last couple of hours. When you'd all finished jumping up and down on the bed and celebrating, you all got tucked up in the bed and went to sleep. Well, Zayn, Liam, Niall and Harry did. You and Louis stayed awake, entwined in each others arms. You could feel his warm breath on your neck.
 'I love you,' you heard him whisper. You looked up at him as your head had been placed on his chest.
 'I love you to Louis,' you whispered back to him. He smiled the biggest smile you had ever seen. You placed your head back on his chest and you eventually drifted off to sleep.
 You were awakened that morning by Paul running into your room.
 'Come on! Get up!' he yelled before walking out again. The boys all sat up and yawned and rubbed their eyes.
 'Well then! What happened here last night?' Harry said in a very broad Yorkshire accent.
 'Did you tell her Louis?' Niall asked, as the sun shone through the window bouncing of his crystal blue eyes.
 'I did, and I'm so glad that I did,' Louis said, kissing the top of your head. You sat up next to him and looked deep into his eyes. He leaned over and kissed you. All the boys began  cheering and whistling which made you turn red a bit.
 You was in the bathroom washing your face and brushing your teeth. There was a knock on the door and Louis walked in. You stood there smiling at him, as he slowly walked over to you.
 'I'm so lucky! Not only because I met you, but now because I get to spend the next whole month with the girl that I love,' he whispered in your ear as he began kissing your neck.
 'I'm the luckiest girl in the world, and you're the luckiest boy. We're made for each other,' you said chuckling. Louis looked at you and kissed you hard on the lips.
 'Aha, come on,' he said, taking your hand and leading you out of the bathroom. You all walked out to the car and got ready to drive you home. You was going back home to get clothes, makeup, etc. It was a long drive back to your house.
 You pulled up outside your house and your mum, your dad and your older brother were all standing outside. Your mum had packed you a huge suitcase full of your clothes and things. The car pulled up and you jumped out. You walked over to your family, you thought they would still be mad at you. But they weren't, they weren't mad at all. they all were grinning hugely at you. When you got up to them, your mum and dad flung their arms around you and hugged you tightly. It had been a long time since they had done that. When your mum and dad had finally finished hugging you, they let go and stepped back. You looked up at your brother, he was about 5 years older than you. You'd always been close to your brother, he'd always been there if you needed him. You could see the tears in his eyes. He bent his legs so that he was at the same height as you. He hugged you tightly for a very long time. The boys were standing over by the car, watching you.
 'You take care of her, yeah?' your dad shouted over to them.
 'Of course we will!' Louis shouted back, as your brother pulled back from the hug.
 'So, go on then. Which one have you snogged?' your brother said. Your mum whacked him lightly on the back of his head.
 'You are stupid! She's only been with them 5 minutes,' she said, expecting you to agree.
 'Well, actually me and Louis are dating,' you said, thinking nothing of it.
 'What?!' your dad shouted.
 'Whoops, sorry Dad, gotta go. Talk to you soon,' you shouted running back to the car. Paul had put your suitcase in the back of the car.
 'Don't worry! I'll get him when you get back!' your dad shouted after you. You was back with the boys by now and they all looked at you with a confused look on their faces.
 'Who's he gonna get?' Louis said.
 'Oh, I, erm, kind of told him that we was dating. And, erm, yeah he's gonna get you,' you said to Louis. Louis began laughing.
 'Aha! He's joking right,' Louis asked.
 'I hope so,' you said teasingly. Of course your dad was joking, but Louis didn't need to know that.
 So this was it. You were all in the car, about to head back down to London for tour rehearsals. Your head was resting on Louis shoulder and you was on your phone. You checked your twitter and you noticed you had like 20,000 more followers.
 'Woah!' you shouted.
 'What's wrong babe?' Louis said, who was also on his phone.
 'I have like 20 thousand more followers! Did you tweet about us?' you asked him.
 'No, I didn't,' he said. you checked your mentions and there was one that had a lot more retweets than the rest of them, It was Zayn. He'd tweeted, 'Louis and his new gf!!!' and a picture of you two.
 'Zayn!' you shouted!
 'What? I couldn't help it! Your so cute together!' he said, putting his hands up in surrender.
 'I don't care, everyone can know, just as long as I've got you, nothing else matters,' Louis said.
 'Louis, you're too cute,' you said kissing his hard. You could tell this was going to be good. You and Louis were soulmates and you couldn't put it any other way. You and Louis, against the world.

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