Thursday, 26 April 2012

Long Liam Imagine

#Imagine you and Liam had been dating for as long as you could remember, you were both perfect for each other. Everyone else thought so as well. All the rest of the boys were constantly winding yo and Liam up for kissing when you were together. But you didn't care. You loved that you were both so close. Liam was coming round soon to watch a film, you said that he could pick a film to watch. You were getting into your pyjamas when there was a knock at the door, you quickly pulled on your bottoms and ran to the door. You peered through the peep hole and saw that Liam was standing there, looking down at his phone, which he was holding at waist level. You felt your body go warm all over, just the thought of him made you tingle. You grabbed the door handle and swung the door back. Liam suddenly looked up from his phone and up at you. His face lit up and a huge smile spread across his face.
 'Heya!' he shouted, tucking his phone into his back pocket. He hugged you and you wrapped your arms around his neck. Your lips were pressed against his neck. His hands were around your waist and you could feel him moving his hand up and down your back. He pulled back after a while and looked into your eyes. You stared back and saw a little twinkle in his eyes. He breathed deep and shook his head at you.
 'What's wrong?' you whispered.
 'Nothing, you're just so perfect,' he whispered back, starting to his your neck. He made his way up to the side of your head and started nibbling your ear. Your hands were moving all over his back, and your back was nearly bent in half you were arching it that much.
 'So what film have you brought?' you said to Liam, as he continued to kiss your neck. He left your neck now and looked back into your eyes. A cheeky smile appeared on his face.
 'Toy story? Again?' you moaned as you had watched it so many times. He pondered across the room to your television, where the DVD player was sitting underneath it. He pressed the open button on the DVD player, took the film out of his Gola bag that he had brought with him and shoved the disc in the DVD player. He grabbed the remote of the table and sat down on the sofa. He patted the space next to him.
 'Come on, come and sit down,' he shouted to you. You walked over to the soft leather sofa and sat down. He put his arm around your neck and you layed down on his chest. You heard his heart beating fast and your head was moving slowly up and down with the movement of his chest. You watched some of the film, but you had watched it so many times that you knew it word for word. You took tour head off Liam's chest and looked at him. He looked so perfect, his brown hair all scruffed up, his brown eyes shining in the harsh light coming through your window. You lent in to kiss him as your lips brushed his, and you felt a big smile spread across his face. His tongue entered your mouth and soon you were snogging. You sat over him, one leg on each side of his waist, your hands moving through his hair. Your tongues were moving all over, but soon you pulled back, your lips moist from Liam's tongue.
 'I love you so much,' you whispered, moving your legs back round do that you was sitting next to him. Your hand was on his belly, and his eyes were fixed on yours.
 'Oh but babe...' he whispered as his face moved closer to yours, your noses almost touching. '..I love you so much more.' You giggled and began kissing him again. Perfect, that's the only way that you could describe this night.

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