Monday, 2 April 2012

Long Louis Imagine

#Imagine you had just broken up with your boyfriend, Louis, and you really missed him. Everyday you thought about him, and it just made you want to get back together with him more. You knew he didn't feel the same way, but you just couldn't get over him. You had, had a long day and you just wanted to get home to your apartment and relax. You walked up to your door and stuck the key in the door, but when you turned the key you realised that the door was already unlocked. You quickly walked in, thinking that you had been robbed, but when you got in, you saw that everything was fine. In fact, it was more than fine. Because Louis was standing there, behind a microphone with a guitar in his hand. You just stood there, looking at him. He began singing 'I Miss You' by Beyonce. Your eyes immediately filled with tears as your knees just turned to jelly. *I miss you like everyday I wanna be with you but your away.*
You couldn't believe that this was happening, you had wanted this to happen ever since you broke up, which was about a month ago. When Louis came to the end of the song, you hesitantly walked over to him. You looked deep into his eyes, and then without holding back, you kissed him. You seemed to be kissing for years, but that moment was perfect. It was everything you ever needed. Louis. That's all you needed to survive. After a few minutes, Louis pulled back.
 'So, will you take me back? I miss you so much, I've been practising that all week. You're the only thing I need, so? Will you? Will you take me back?' Louis whispered in your ear, with tears beginning to stream down his cheeks. You were completely speechless.
 'Lou, of course I'll take you back. I've missed you so much,' you eventually whispered into his ear. He brushed his lips against yours and carried you into the bedroom, you were so glad that your dream had come true

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