Sunday, 8 April 2012

Long Niall Imagine

#Imagine you were walking home after what had been the worst day ever. You worked as a personal assistant to one of the big bosses at Hollister, and half way through the day, you had dropped your coffee down your dress. You had been pitching some ideas to your boss, but she said that she didn't like them. Which nearly made you cry as you had been working on your ideas for weeks. You just wanted to get home and cry into a bucket of ice-cream. You unlocked your door and walked into your apartment. You threw your keys onto the table and jumped onto the sofa, you sobbed there for a while, but then you decided to see what there was in the fridge. When you got into the kitchen you opened the fridge door, and you discovered a little piece of paper. You opened it up, and it was a letter.

I heard you had a bit of a rubbish day
love, and I knew that this is the first
place you would come. Let's play
hide and seek, I've hid. And you have to
find me! I'll give you a clue; do NOT
look under our bed!
Nialler xoxo
This immediately made you smile. You ran upstairs screaming 'Nialler! Niall?' knowing that he'd be under the bed. You crawled under, but he wasn't there. Just another note. You opened it.

Aha! Do you really think
I'm that stupid? I'll
give you another clue;
the first place I told you
that I loved you.

You ran out into the garden and behind the shed. Niall had told you that he loved you here in this very spot 2 years ago, yet it still felt like yesterday. He'd cooked you a romantic dinner in the garden and when you were messing around afterwards, he ran behind the shed. You followed him, and he kissed you. he stroked your hair and then looked deep into your eyes.
'I love you,' he murmured to you for the first time.
'I love you too,' you whispered back, kissing him hard. You couldn't believe it had been 2 years. You ran behind the shed, but still no sign of Nialler. But there was another not, pinned into the back of the shed.

This game is getting fun, don't you think?
Right, next clue; our first date.

Your and Niall's first date was just at your house, sitting in the bedroom and watching films all night long. You loved it. All night you were sat there, tangled in his arms, not moving for hours. You wondered back into your house and strolled up the stairs to the bedroom. A stunning bikini hung from the wardrobe door, you walked over to find another note attached to it.

Alright, alright. I know that you're
getting annoyed now, but that's the
whole fun of it! Put this on and come
and find me in the first place we met.

It might sound weird, but you and Niall both met in your bathroom. You and Zayn had been best friends all your life, and you were getting out of the shower one time. Zayn was downstairs watching a film. And he'd called Niall around to your house, because he wanted you to meet him. Niall had come around a bit early though, and he needed the toilet. But because you thought that there was only Zayn downstairs, you didn't put the lock n the door. And Niall walked in, just when you was getting out of the shower.
'Who are you!? Get out!' You'd screamed at him, grabbing your towel and pushing him out of the door.
'Babe, I'm so sorry! I didn't know you were in there!' Niall screamed from the other side of the door. You had got ready and walked out, and Niall was standing there biting his lip and staring you up and down. Not a very romantic story, but that was how you and Niall met. You and the boys still laugh about it to this date. You raced up to the bathroom and knocked on the door. It was locked.
'Nialler?' you shouted. You pressed your ear up against the door, but there was no answer. 'Nialler, I know you're in there.' You rattled the door handle. Suddenly the door opened, and there was Niall. You stood there biting your lip, he was in his swimming shorts. The bath was full with more bubbles than you had ever seen. Niall had his hands behind his back. You both just stood there for what seemed like hours, but soon Niall began walking over to you. He teasingly looked deep into your eyes, your noses touching. Then, he got down on one knee.
'Oh my god,' you whispered under your breath.
'Will you marry me?' he said, bringing a little box from behind his back and opening it to reveal an engagement ring. You literally collapsed on the floor next to Niall. You flung your arms around his neck, and whispered into his ear;
'Of course I will.' His big blue eyes were staring into yours and you saw a little tear stream down his face. Your eyes were full of tears too. He took the ring out of the box and placed it on your finger, and kissed you hard. He stood up and took your hand and led you to the bath. It was official, you and Niall were engaged.

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