Sunday, 1 April 2012

Long Zayn Imagine

#Imagine your life had been hell the past couple of months. All of your friends wanted nothing to do with you anymore, because they said that you had kissed your friends boyfriend, which you hadn't. And on top of that, you were being bullied. You just didn't see the point in living anymore.
 You was walking home from school one night, by yourself, when you decided to take a shortcut through a ginel. As you was walking through it, a glimpse of light caught your eye through a gap in a tall hedge. You walked over to it, and pushed your way through the sharp twigs. It brought yo out to an isolated cliff, with crystal clear water crashing at the bottom of it. It was very high up. The sun was reflecting off of the water and that's what had caught your eye. This place was perfect, you wanted to stay there forever. Well, maybe you could. You had wanted to end your life for a long time and you couldn't think of anyway or anywhere better. You placed your school bag down on the floor, and began slowly walking towards the edge.
 'What are you doing?' a familiar voice said, from behind you.
 'Nothing,' you said, wanting whoever it was to go away. You turned around to see Zayn, standing there. But he wasn't stupid, he knew exactly what you was doing.
 'Why are you-' Zayn began walking towards you.
 'Don't come any closer! I'll jump!' you interrupted.
 'Okay, okay,' Zayn said, holding his hand up. After a while your legs started to get tired, so you sat down on the spongy grass, with your legs crossed. Zayn stayed standing up for a while, but he soon sat down on the grass as well. But he didn't come any closer. He stayed about one metre away, but he had his eyes fixed on yours for a long time. There was a long and pin filled silence. But after a while, Zayn broke it.
 'Why don't you wanna be here anymore?' he asked, his eyes still fixed on yours.
 'I have nothing to live for,' you told him truthfully.
 'How old are you?'
 'I'm 16.'
 'You're 16? You have everything to live for at 16!' he screamed.
 'Look, you don't know anything about me! I'm not trying to be rude, but can you please leave so that I can continue with what I was doing!' you screamed standing up and walking over to him. He stood up as well, and your eyes were level with his.
 'I cant. I'm involved now. I can't just walk away, knowing that I let you do this to yourself,' he whispered, looking right into your eyes. You couldn't hold the tears back anymore. You just fell into his chest, and wept, and wept, and wept. He stroked the top of your hair. 'It's fine, babe. I'm here.'
 After a while, you pulled back from the hug and wiped away your tears. You looked up at him to see that he had a few tears on his cheeks as well. He took your hand and started walking towards your school bag. He picked it up, with You hand in his other hand. He gave you your bag, and you put it over your shoulder. He lead you back towards the hedge and walked you home. When you finally got back to your home he took both your hands and stood looking at you biting his lip.
 'I wanna see you again,' he whispered, leaning into your ear. 'What's your number?' You gave him your number, and he lent in to kiss you. You stood there kissing for about 3 minutes. 'I have to go. I really don't want to, but I have to. I'll call you really soon, and we can meet up. I really like you..' he said, looking deep into your eyes.
 'I really like you too, Zayn,' you whispered into his ear, before spinning around on your heels and walking into your house. When you got in you checked your phone to see you already had a text from Zayn.
 'Good, I'm glad you like me too, it makes me happy. ;)' the text read. You couldn't believe that about 3 hours ago you were about to end your life, and now you were going to be going on a date with Zayn. It's funny how life can suddenly change.

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