Sunday, 22 April 2012

Long Niall Imagine

#Imagine you were sitting at home on a Friday night, eating a huge bowl of ice cream and watching some rubbish programme on the television. Niall and the boys were on tour and you were really missing him. You hadn't seen him since he left for the first show which was a few weeks ago. You needed to see him, but he was so busy. There was a knock on the back door, which was strange as you needed a key to get through the gate to get to the back door. You put down your bowl of ice cream on the little table in the middle of your living room and walked to the back door. You grabbed your keys of the kitchen counter and unlocked the door. It was summer time, so it wasn't too dark, but the sun was beginning to creep further and further down the sky. You pulled the door back and saw Niall standing there.
 'Heya babe,' he whispered, standing there awkwardly. You stepped out of your house and flung your arms around Niall's neck. He placed his hand's on your waist gripping you tightly. You could feel his warm breath on your neck. You stood there, tangled in each others arms for ages, taking advantage of every minute you were with him. After about 10 minutes, you pulled back and looked at his angelic face.
 'What are you doing here?' you whispered, his blue eyes bright.
 'I just had to see you, I missed you so much,' he whispered, into your ear, starting to kiss your neck. You moaned softly looking up at the moon which was slowly moving higher and higher up in the sky.
 'I've got something to show you,' he said, looking back at you. He slipped his fingers into your and pulled you out of your garden. You reached out behind you and closed the back door. The streets were empty and Niall lead you down a small ginel. You'd never realised that it was there before. Where did it lead to? You kept on walking, your hand still firmly in Niall's. You seemed to be walking a while, your feet were getting quite sore, stomping on the cold concrete. You hadn't had anytime to put any shoes or a coat on because Niall had just pulled you out of your apartment. You just had your pyjamas on and no make up. You didn't feel good at all. You kept on moaning to Niall, asking him how long it was.
 'Just a few more steps babe,' he was replying. The ginel eventually ended and revealed a big opening. Just grass, that was all you could see for miles. How had you not noticed this before? There was a big blanket in the middle of the field. You both walked over to it, and you discovered that Niall had set up a little picnic for you both.
 'Oh Niall, I love you so much,' you said, sitting down and tucking into the food. You sat there eating all the food with Niall. It was perfect. You had been waiting to see Niall for weeks and now that he had finally come back; it was perfect. When you had finished eating you looked across to Niall to discover he was staring at you.
 'What?' you said, looking down at your clothes thinking there was something wrong.
 'Nothing, I was just taking in how beautiful you are,' he said, leaning across the blanket and kissing you hard. You crawled up next to him and layed on him, you head on his chest so you could hear his heartbeat. You both just layed there talking about nothing, just a load of nothing. But it wasn't nothing to you and Niall, it was everything. Because you hardly ever saw each other anymore, whenever you did see each other, the time you had together was so precious. Laying there felt so right, you had never felt like that with anyone before.
 'This feels so right, doesn't it?' Niall said.
 'Yeah, I was just thinking that, how wierd!' you said, sitting up and looking into his big blue eyes. He smiled big and moved closer so that your noses were touching.
 'Marry me,' he whispered, his smile widening.
 'What?' you said, a little confused. You couldn't possibly have heard him properly.
 'Marry me.... I love you so much, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So what do you say? Will you marry me?' he whispered.
 'Niall of course I will,' you said without thinking. You didn't have to think about it, you wanted to spend the rest of your life with Niall, and you were just so glad that he felt the same. You hugged him and squealed in excitement. You sat back on your knees and looked at him. You placed your hand on the side of his face, moving your thumb up and down his warm cheeks. This was just the best day of your life. Well, so far it was the best. You had many more to come, and most of them with Niall. The person you had always dreamt of spending your life with had just asked you to marry them. It was just incredible. Amazing. Unbelievable.


  1. omg it's really nice!good job(:

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