Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Long Zayn Imagine

#Imagine it was your wedding day and it had been the best day of your life. You had married your boyfriend, Danny, of 3 years and you could not have been more happy. He was everything you ever needed. It was the wedding reception now, and you had changed out of your long wedding dress, into a more comfortable and shorter dress. Quite a few people had gone home now, but the boys were still here, drunkenly dancing away in the corner. Well they all were, except for Zayn. He was just sitting there, looking sad.  You walked over to him, pulled up a chair and sat down.
 'Hey, what's wrong?' you said, looking into his eyes. He just stared back, and let out a little smile.
 'Nothing,' he sighed looking at the floor. Something was definitely wrong with him, but you didn't want to ask more than once, but you wanted to cheer him up.
 'Come on, come and dance,' you said, standing up and holding your hand out to him.
 'No, I'm fine,' he said, shaking his head and taking another gulp of his beer.
 'I'm not taking no for an answer, you're coming to dance,' you whispered in his ear, and took his hand. He put his beer bottle down on the table and followed you up to the dance floor. You put your head on his chest and he put his hands around your waist. You could hear his heart beating, a lot harder than it usually was. Was there something wrong? Zayn always wanted to dance with you before, why did he not want to now? You had always been close friends with Zayn, there was no feelings there. Suddenly More Than This came on, it was one of your favourites, it always had been.
 'I'm broken, do you hear me. I'm blinded 'cause you are everything I see,' Zayn whispered into your ear. Did he really mean it? Or was he just singing the song, because he knew it your favourite. But you looked up to him, and you saw his eyes filling with tears. He did mean it, why had he waited so long to tell you?
The tears began streaming down your face, how could he do this to you? On your wedding day, he tells you that he loves you? He carried on singing; 'When he lays you down I might just die inside, it just don't feel right,' he whispered. You pushed his arms away and walked out of the room, you needed to clear your head. You ran into the toilets and wept. No-one was in there so it was fine. But suddenly there was a knock on the door.
 'Hey? Are you okay, I saw you run out of there pretty fast,' came a voice from behind the door. It was Niall, but you were in the girls bathroom, so he didn't come in.
 'No Niall, I'm not,' you cried, tears rolling down your face. He walked in, and ran up to you.
 'Hey! What's wrong?' he said, hugging you tight.
 'It's Zayn! He's told me he loves me,' you wept into his chest.
 'Oh Zayn, what have you done. I told him not to,' he whispered.
 'What?' you said, taking your head of his chest and looking into his eyes. 'He's told you?'
 'He's told us all, he's felt like this for years! I told him he couldn't tell you, it'd be unfair on you,' he whispered trying to comfort you.
 'I just don't know what to do Niall,' you wept into his chest.
 'Why? Do you love him back?'
  'Nialler, I don't know anymore. I had feelings for him a long time ago, but I kinda pushed them to the side when I started dating Danny. But I don't know anymore Niall! I don't know!' you screamed into his chest. You were crying your eyes out. Everything had seemed so simple this morning, and now your head was all over the place. You thought Danny would always be the one, but Zayn singing to you made all these feelings come flooding back. You and Niall stood there hugging for ages, but after a while you pulled back. He wiped his thumbs across your sodden cheeks to wipe away your tears.
 'Please don't cry babe, it's your wedding day. Do you want me to go and talk to Zayn?' Niall whispered.
 'Will you tell him to come and to me, I really want to talk to him,' you said, between sobs. You really didn't want to see him, but you knew that you had to sort this out. Niall was gone for about 5 minutes, and then Zayn walked through the toilet door. He had tears in his eyes, and his cheeks were wet, but he looked more beautiful than ever. You could never leave Danny just hours after you got married, it was just awful to think about it. But it was not right staying with someone when your heart wasn't completely theirs. Your heart belonged to Zayn and you couldn't believe that you was just realising this now. You slowly walked up to Zayn, more nervous than ever. It was like you had just met, but it felt so right. Before you knew it, your lips were touching and his hands were around your waist. His lips brushed against your at first, but soon you both got more confident with each other and were full on snogging. His lips moved down to your neck and he started sucking gently on your skin, giving you little love bites. It felt right, much more better than Danny. His head was moving every where but then he stopped and looked at you in your eyes. His lips again brushed against yours and as he kissed you, you could feel a grin spread across his face. He kept on going round in this circle, kiss you, kissing your neck, then making his way back to your lips again. But after a while, you remembered that anyone could walk in at any moment.
 'Zayn, I have to talk to Danny,' you said, eventually pulling away from the kiss.
Practically everyone had left now, except a couple of drunks at the bar. Danny was sat in the corner with tears rolling down his face.
 'Danny!? What's wrong?' you said, kicking of your heels as you ran to him. You knelt down next to him and flung your arms around his neck.
 'Get your filthy hands of me!' he screamed as he jumped up out of his chair.
 'What?' you whispered, a little confused. Had he walked into the bathroom and seen you? You hadn't heard anyone walk in. He couldn't have, why would he walk into the girls toilets? Maybe he'd come looking for you and found you two in the toilets? You stood up and saw the fury in his eyes. Zayn was right, you needed to be careful. He walked towards you, but you stepped away. He grabbed your arms and lifted you up so that your head was level with his. He was gripping your arms tight.
 'I know about you and Zayn,' he said, gripping your arms harder.
 'Danny, you're hurting me,' you whispered.
 'Good,' he squeezed you harder and then dropped you on the floor. You just collapsed in a heap, you looked up at him and you could see how angry he was. He swung his leg back and kicked you hard in the stomach.
 'Owww!' you screamed out in pain. Your vision started to go blurry. It hurt so bad, how could he have done this to you. You thought Danny would never hurt you, and now he had done this. Zayn ran out of the toilet door. You looked up at him and he had a big smile on his face, but then he looked down at you and his smile quickly turned to a frown. He walked over to Danny who was standing over you.
 'Did you do this to her?' he shouted in his face. Danny just looked down at you, but you didn't look back. You was just disgusted at how he could treat you like this. Suddenly Zayn punched him right across the face, and Danny fell to the ground.
 'No! Zayn!' you screamed out, you knew that Danny was going to hit him back. And you was right. Danny stood up, with blood pouring from his nose, and swung his fist at Zayn. It hit him right across the cheek and Zayn fell on the floor next to you. Ever though it hurt for you to move, you flung your arms around him.
 'Don't touch him! He's nicer to me than you ever was! You're no man! You're a puff! Hitting me and Zayn, just get out of my life! I NEVER want to see you again,' you screamed, the pain getting worse. He knelt down next to you and Zayn, his face inches away from Zayn's. Zayn was uncomfortable, you could see it in his face. He had a big bruise blossoming on his cheek, his nose started to wrinkle up. He wasn't scared of Danny. 
 'I hope you're very happy together,' he whispered to Zayn, with tears rolling down his face. Danny stood up and span on his heels and walked out, not looking back. When he was there you had tried to hold the tears back, but now he was gone, the tears flooded from your eyes. Zayn sat up and placed your head on his  chest.
 'Shhh, shh. It's okay, Zayn's got you,' he whispered into your hair, rocking you back and forth. As the night went on, the pain died down, but you stayed there in Zayn's arms. When you was in his arms, you felt safe. Like nothing could hurt you, like he was some kind of force field. That's how it was meant to feel. You pulled your head off of Zayn's chest and stood up, you held your hand out to him.
 'Come on, let's have that dance,' you said, a smile cracking on your face. He took your hand and stoop up.You walked over to the dance floor and he followed you. Your head rested on his chest and his hands fell on your waist. There was no music, but Zayn started singing into your ear.
'When he lays you down I might just die inside, it just don't feel right, 'cause I can love you more than this,' he whispered into your ear. You looked into his watery brown eyes. You had your hand of the side of his face, your thumb stroking his cheek bone. This felt so right. You was so glad that you had left Danny, what if you hadn't? He could've ended up doing something a lot worse to you. But you couldn't think like that now, you had Zayn. And that is all you ever needed. He was your everything, and that was how it was going t stay. You and Zayn. That's it. That's all you needed.


  1. sooooooooo dreamy i wish this would happen to me in real life! you did an amzing job

  2. I think this one is amaZAYN! xxx :)