Monday, 19 March 2012

Long Zayn Imagine

#Imagine you and Zayn have been dating for 4 years. You and him are soulmates, and you do everything together. You met him at a signing and he immediately took a shine to you. You went everywhere with him, and you and the rest of the boys were quite close friends as well. But lately, they had been acting different around you, and you daredn't ask why. One night, you were sat at home and suddenly your mobile rang. 'Zayn <3' lit up on the screen and you answered it quickly.
'Hey babe,' you said.
'Heey...' Zayn whispered and you could hear his voice shaking.
'Oh my God. What's wrong!?' you screamed down the phone, really worried.
'Can you come around to my house please babe?' You could hear water in the background.
'What are you doing Zayn?' you asked trying to keep as calm as possible.
'I can't do it too you anymore, you deserve someone SOO much better than me. I can't do this to you anymore.' He sobbed into the phone.
'Zayn! Don't do anything! I'm coming round right now!.' You ran out of the room, locked the door, and zoomed around to Zayn's arpartment. You ran into the door, but it was locked. 'ZAYN!! Zayn, open the door!' you screamed. You pressed your ear up against the door, but you could hear nothing. You were too late. You kept pounding your sweaty fists against the door, but it was no use. You sat there, at the bottom of the door, sobbing. When suddenly, the door opened and you tumbled into the room. You expected to see Zayn there, but the lock had broken off, and that's why the door opened.
'Zayn! Zayn!? Where are you!?' You ran into the bathroom, with tears rolling down your face. There was Zayn. Standing there. In a pair of swimming trunks. With a little box in his hands.
'19th March 2012. The day that I met you. The day my life began. And now.....' He got down on one knee and opened up the little box, to reveal a H-U-G-E engagement ring. 'Will you marry me?'
You walked slowly over to him and fell to your knees. Your noses were almost touching.
'Of course I'll marry you Zayn' He took the ring out of the box and placed it on your finger.
'Come on.' He said as he took your hand and led you into the jacuzzi.


  1. Can you PLEASE do more harry imagines???!!!!

  2. No, I do equal amounts for all the boys.