Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Long Louis Imagine

#Imagine it's a Friday night, you've had a rough week at school and you got home, got in the bath and put your pyjamas on. You were sat on the sofa snuggled up in a blanket watching a film when there was a knock at the door. You paused the film and answered to find Louis standing there, with a grin on his face. You were close friends with all the boys, but Louis was something else! You'd had feelings for him a while ago, but you pushed them aside because you didn't want to ruin your friendship.
'Hey what are you doing here? I thought tonight was your date with Eleanor?' you said.
'Yeah, it was, but she wasn't feeling too good, so I thought I'd come and see my best friend in the whole wide world.' He said walking into your apartment and giving you a big hug. He wandered into the living room, and unpaused the film that you was watching.
'Come on, come sit,' He said patting the bit of sofa that was next to him. You went and sat next to him and he put the blanket over both of you. His head was resting on top of yours and you could feel his hand on your leg. After about 10 minutes of the film, Louis sat up and turned the T.V. off.
'Hey! What are you doing?' you screamed.
'I can't do it anymore, I have to tell you.' He got closer to you. 'Eleanor isn't sick tonight. I went round to her house to tell her it's over. It's not fair. I don't love her anymore. There's someone else.'
You felt a little broken that there was someone else, because you liked Louis a lot!
'Oh who's this other girl?' you asked trying not to sound sad.
'Come on, I'll show you....' he whispered as he pulled you off the couch and into your bedroom. He stood you in front of the mirror.
'You see her there, standing in the mirror? She's her, and she's the most beautiful person in the world.' He took you hands and kissed you passionately. 'So?'
'So what?'
'Will you ... be my .... girlfriend?' He said between kisses.
'Of course I will Lou!'

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