Friday, 23 March 2012

Long Zayn Imagine

#Imagine you and Zayn are going on a picnic in the middle of a massive field. Zayn had taken you there before, but you just walked through on your way back to his house. But this time you were spending the whole day there. You, Zayn in the middle of a field, with food. It seemed perfect. It was the middle of summer as well, so it was really warm. You'd picked out your outfit, your high-waisted shorts, with your white and yellow stripy top. You were really looking forward to it. Zayn knocked on your door.
 'Wow.' He whispered, as you opened the door, and walked out.
 'What? Is something wrong?' You said, looking down thinking you had something on your clothes.
 'No, everything;s perfect. You look stunning,' he said taking you in his arms and kissing you. He had a Nike rucksack with all the food in, and you walked hand in hand to the field. You sat down smack bang in the middle, and began to eat Zayn;s feast that he'd made. Once you'd finished the food, you layed back, and put your arms behind your head. Zayn crawled over to you and layed on top of you, so that your noses were practically touching. He teasingly brushed his lips against yours, but as he did so, you felt a drop of rain on the back of your hand, which was on the back of Zayn;s neck. He looked up, and you did too. The sky was suddenly filled with dark clouds, and suddenly the rain began to pour out of the sky. Zayn stood up, grabbed your hands and pulled you to your feet. He smacked his hand on your bum, looked right into your eyes and whispered,
 'You're it!' He ran away from you, but he wasn't quick enough. You caught up to him, and brushed his arm.
 'Now you're it!' You screamed as you ran away, but before you even had chance to run away, Zayn grabbed your wrist. He twirled you round and looked straight into your eyes. With the rain still pouring hard, he kissed you.

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