Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Long Niall Imagine

#Imagine you're going to a 1D signing for there new single. You have been queuing for days, but there were already hundreds off people infront of you. So you had already agreed that you weren't gunna get in. The doors opened and everyone rushed forward. The fans were counted out finely and the security made sure that exactly 500 fans got wristbands. 497, 478, 499, 500. You were given a wristband with the number 500 written on the back. You had got in! The doors were locked and you were stood at the back of HMV being crushed between the doors and the fans. But the queue soon went down and you were standing nearer the front. You liked being the last in line, but the nearer you got, the more nervous you got. Suddenly you were at the front of the queue and you were walking towards the table. Suddenly everything started spinning. Niall grabs your hand and says. 'Babe, are you alright?' and that was the last thing you remember.
You wake up slowly to the amazing tune of 'Chasing Cars'. You was laid on a hard bed, and as you open your eyes wider, you see that there are wierd animals painted on the roof.
'If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?'
You rolled over onto your side to find Niall sat in a chair on the other side of the room singing to you with his guitar on his lap and was strumming at it smoothly.
'Oh I'm so glad you're awake! I was so worried about you!' Niall screamed jumping up from his chair. Was he talking to you!? I mean it was Niall. He couldn't possibly be talking to you? Suddenly, Harry poked his head around the door and said,
'Is she awake yet?' You looked at him and his face lit up. 'Hey there sleepyhead. You had quite a bump when you fell.'
'What happened? Did I faint?' you asked, trying to act as cool as possible.
'Yeah you did! And not gracefully either!' said Harry wandering out of the room, so it was just you and Niall again. He took your hand and looked deep into your eyes.
'Look, I like you a lot. You seem really nice, and you're an absolute stunner! Here's my number, text me sometime. I wanna meet you again.' He crammed a wrinkled piece of paper into your hands and gave you a passionate kiss for about 10 seconds, before skipping out of the room and thrusting on his way through the door. You unfolded the piece of paper to find a number and 'Text me soon' written underneath. You cannot believe this. Your day started off thinking that you wouldn't get a wristband, and then you had Niall's number. You texted him straight away, 'I liked your thrust! x x' and you waited patiently for a text back, while the security came and got you from this wierd hospital room. As you walked towards the exit, your phone went off, and Niall's text read, 'Thanks, I don't do it for just anyone ;) <3' You could tell that this was going to be good.

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