Friday, 23 March 2012

Long Liam imagine

#Imagine when you were younger you went to school with all the boys. You hadn't seen them in a few years, but they had recently rang you and asked if you were free that weekend. You said yes, and said they'd be round on Saturday to see you. You were REALLY looking forward to it, as you hadn't seen the boys in a while.
 That night, at about half past 4 there was a knock at the door. You opened it to find Niall, Liam, Zayn, harry and Louis all standing there.
 'Hey! I wasn't expecting you for a couple more hours!' You said, welcoming them all into your apartment.
 'Oh sorry. Do you want us to come back later?' Niall said.
 'Of course not! Come in!' you screamed.
 'Oh, and we brought Nando's.' Liam said, bringing a bag from around his back.
 'Oh good!' you shouted as you walked off into the kitchen, going to the plates. When you came back into the room, the boys were all sat around your table.
 'We didn't know what you wanted so we just got you a chicken burger;. Is that alright?' Louis asked.
 'Yeah that's fine, so how've you been?' you answered. You sat there talking and laughing, mainly laughing, for most of the night.
 'Right, let's play a game.' Said Harry, running off the the kitchen. He came bag a minute later with a bottle. 'Let's play Spin The Bottle.' Everyone sat down on the floor in a circle. Harry span first. It landed on Louis.
 'Ohh! I'm witnessing Larry Stylinson right here, right now.' you said, as Harry crawled over and kissed Louis, on the cheek.
 'Wooooo!' everyone chanted.
 'Alright, can I spin next? Liam asked.He grabbed the bottle, and span it. You looked at him, and saw for the first time, that Liam actually was the most beautiful person you'd ever seen. And he cared about you too. The whole time you were eating, he was asking how you were, and asking what you're up to nowadays. You were praying that it landed on you. Zayn, Niall, Harry Liam, Louis, YOU! It stopped on you.
 'Wooo! Go on Liam,' all the boys yelled.
 'Is it fine with you?' He asked, starting to crawl over to you.
 'Yeah, it's fine.' You said, your voice shaking a bit, because you were so nervous. You wish you could just run upstairs and brush your teeth. He leaned in, you thought he was going to kiss you on the cheek but no. He went in for the proper kiss. You felt his lips brush against yours, but then you felt him reacting. It felt like forever, but it must've only been about 7 seconds. Liam pulled his head back and looked right into your eyes. His bit his lip, and crawled back to his place in the circle. After about 10 minutes you went over to sit on the sofa, and talk some more. You walked into the kitchen to get everyone a drink, when suddenly these two big arms your waist.
 'Hey babe, I need to ask you something,' Liam said, breathing hard on your neck.
 'And what is that?' you said turning around and placing your hands on his chest.
 'Will you be my girlfriend?' He asked and leaned in for a kiss. You kissed his back, and began freaking out. Of course you wanted to be Liam's girlfriend. In fact, you wanted it more then anything in the world.
'Of course .. I will..' you whispered between kisses. You walked back into the living room, hand in hand with Liam.
 'Ahh, you told her then!' Zayn yelled, looking at your hands.
 'Yeah, I did,' Liam said, turning and kissing you passionately.

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