Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Long Zayn Imagine

#Imagine it was a couple of days before your wedding to your boyfriend, Ollie, and your head was all over the place. This so called man that you was supposed to be marrying was a monster. He was the worst boyfriend and fiancĂ©e ever. He just didn't care about you at all. You was walking around the neighbourhood late one night and you had your head facing the floor, Ollie was at home. You said that you needed some air and he let you go. You suddenly bumped into someone and quickly lifted your eyes off the ground and looked up at the person. Your eyes quickly met with the a pair of the most beautiful brown eyes you had ever seen. You took a step back from this tall dark man and looked up at him.
 "I'm sorry," was all you could mumble out, you was so shocked by how stunningly beautiful this boy was. A smile shot across his face and revealed the most perfect smile ever. It was almost blinding you it was that perfect.
 "It's fine babe, don't worry about it," he said. His hands were firmly in his pockets and you could see the outline of his knuckles poking through the thin material of his jacket. You smiled at him and then looked down at the floor, your heart was beating so fast that you was scared that if you looked at him any longer it was going to fly out of your chest. You had never felt like this around anyone before, not even around Ollie. "I'm Zayn, what's your name?" he said awkwardly. It made you laugh and you didn't know why. You told him your name and another one of his killer smile's shot across his face. "Wow, that's a beautiful name," he whispered taking a step closer to you.
 "Thanks, I like Zayn too," you said moving your hair out of your face.
 "Aha, erm, you wanna go to the coffee shop?" he asked hesitantly pointing over the road to the small shop that was standing on the pavement. You peered over to the shop and it looked so cute and cosy. One cup of coffee with a friend surely wasn't gonna hurt, was it? You looked back at Zayn and nodded eagerly. You walked across the road and you talked all night. You sat down at a small little table for two and crank coffee all night. It felt so calm and relaxed around Zayn. You didn't have to try to make conversation, it just happened. That's how it was meant to feel. He was so funny, he made you laugh like no-one else ever had. Sitting in that little coffee shop with Zayn was the most fun you had, had in years. Ollie wasn't there, no-one was there to tell you what to do, it was perfect. You lifted up your sleeve and glanced at your watch. The hands read half past ten. You should probably be getting back but you didn't want to leave Zayn, but you knew that if you didn't leave soon then Ollie would start to suspect things. You sighed deeply.
 "Oh Zayn this has been the most fun I've had in ages, but I think it's best if I start making my way back," you told him as you traced your finger along the print in the table. You looked up at him and his big brown eyes looked sad.
 "Oh, okay, but can I walk you home?" he asked tilting his head to look at you. You looked at him but then your eyes returned to the table.
 "It's complicated Zayn, you see I'm getting married in a few days," you said not looking at Zayn, you was scared at how he would react.
 "Really?" he said looking at you confused. You looked up at him. "Babe, why are you so scared of me? I'm not gonna hurt you, I would never do that to you, not to any girl." You took a big sigh.
 "I guess I'm just used to men being over reactant to everything," you whispered.
 "Does your fiancee hurt you? Please babe, tell me if he is.." he said. He reached his hand over to yours and held it tight. His brown eyes were fixed on yours and yours were fixed on his. Ollie didn't hit me, but it's what he didn't do that hurt you the most. He never did anything romantic with you, he treated you like a piece of dog shit under his shoe.
 "No, he doesn't hurt me, I don't know why I agreed to marrying him. I guess I was scared of what he would do, I said yes in a panic. I know he would never hit me," you told Zayn as a tear ran down your cheek. Zayn lifted up his soft hand and ran his finger along your cheekbone. He wiped away your tears and then placed his hands back onto yours.
 "Why don't you leave him then? Do you love him?" he asked as you bit your lip. You shook your head.
 "I don't know, sometimes I think I do, and some crazy moments I think he could love me back, but I just don't know anymore?" you told Zayn as another tear rolled down.
 "You don't deserve this, you deserve someone so much better," he whispered still not taking his hand off of yours.
 "Oh yeah, like who?" you said wiping away your tears with the end of your sleeve. Zayn leaned back in his chair and looked down at his feet.
 "Me?" he asked as his voice broke. You looked at him shocked.
 "No, Zayn I can't," you whispered as you stood up as your chair moved back. You quickly walked towards the door and ran out. You ran over the road and started to walk back towards yours and Ollie's house.
 "You can't do what? You can't leave this scumbag who doesn't give a shit about you and come to me, someone that has been loving you ever since he met you, yeah, that's so hard!" you heard Zayn shout from behind you. You quickly turned on your heels and saw Zayn walking slowly towards you.
 "You met me about 2 hours ago Zayn, it's hardly enough to have fallen in love," you shouted back as he was getting nearer. People were beginning to stare, but you didn't care.
 "Trust me," he said as he got up to you, your noses were so close. "It was enough." You moved your face closer to Zayn's but just as he leaned in you quickly twisted your head away and started to walk back. Zayn ran up to you and stood in front of you. "Come on, tell me you don't want this," he said as he head was getting closer and closer to yours.
 "I-I don-" you tried to say, but it was to hard. You wanted this to happen more than anything.
 "See, you can't do it can you?" he whispered. Your hands were on his chest and his hands were wrapped around his waist. Your lips were so close and you wanted to kiss him more than anything, but there was something holding you back.
 "Hey," you heard someone scream from quite a while away. You recognised the voice, it was Ollie. You quickly pulled away from Zayn and a tingle shot down your spine.
 "He's coming," you whispered to Zayn. "He must've seen us, go, quickly," you told him.
 "No, I'm not leaving you alone with him," he told you.
 "I'll be fine, trust me," you told Zayn which was a complete lie. You was so scared as to what Ollie was going to do.
 "No, I'm not going anywhere, not without you," he said through gritted teeth. You looked around quickly.
 "Well okay, hide behind that tree over there and watch us, if Ollie does anything then you can come out, please Zayn, for me?" you begged looking up at his big brown eyes.
 "Okay," he whispered as he finally gave in. He quickly pressed his lips against yours and you was shocked. His lips were so soft. He quickly ran away and you watched him disappear behind the tree at the other end of the street. You turned around and bumped into him. You fell to the ground and quickly looked up to see him. It was Ollie, he was here. Instead of helping you up he knelt down next to you.
 "I saw you with him, you really think I'm gonna let you live this down," he whispered to you, spitting all over your face. He grabbed your wrist and pulled you up roughly. "Come on, we're going home," he said as he started pulling you in the direction of your house.
 "No!" you protested as you pulled your wrist out of his grasp. He quickly turned around to look at you and his fists were clenched. "I'm not doing this anymore, Ollie I can't do it. I think it's best if we call of the wedding, I just, this isn't what I want," you whispered. You felt the tears in your eyes but you blinked t keep them in. You had to try and stay strong. "I-I'll come back for my stuff later, I just need to stop this before it becomes anything too serious, I can't do this anymore Ollie. My feelings have completely gone," you told him. He hadn't moved since you'd told him and his arms were still crossed. His eyes were fixed on yours, and you couldn't tell what he was thinking. He had always been good at hiding his feelings, that's one of the reasons you was scared of him. You turned away and started walking away back to the tree where Zayn was. Suddenly you felt Ollie's grip around your wrist and he pulled you around to face him.
 "Where do you think you're going?" he shouted in your face. "What? To him? To be a whore to a scumbag?" You suddenly felt so powerful towards Ollie, like all of your fear for him had just disappeared. It felt so good. You lifted your head up to Ollie's level.
 "I'd rather be his whore than your wife," you said as you tried to wriggle your wrist free from his grip.
 "No," he said as he hand tightened around your wrist, but it didn't stop you from trying to break free. You kept on trying to pull your wrist from Ollie but his grip tightened. "I said no." You lifted your knee and hit him right in his bawls and his grip loosened. You heard him scream out in pain as you quickly turned to run. You looked up and saw Zayn walking towards you. You ran into his arms and your head buried into his chest. His hands fell around your waist as he pulled you in tight to his chest.
 "Come on," he whispered as his hands fell off of your hips. He slipped his hand into yours and he started running. You did the same as you ran down street and through parks. You was trying to get as far away from Ollie as you could. After a while you stopped and sat down on a bench that was near by. It was getting dark now so there was hardly anyone around. You sat next to Zayn with your head on his shoulder, neither of you saying anything. You just looked straight ahead trying to take in everything that had just happened.
 "I'm sorry, I'm sorry for all of this Zayn," you whispered.
 "Hey..." he said. He turned and put his legs up on the chair and crossed them. You did the same so that you was facing him. "Don't say that, none of this was your fault.." He leaned his head forward and pressed his lips against yours. You pulled back and looked at him straight in the eyes.
 "I love you so much Zayn," you whispered. A smile shot across Zayn's face.
 "I love you too babe," he whispered back. You hugged Zayn and you felt his warm breath on your ear. "I love you too..."


  1. I can't believe I just now found your site! It's amazing! I love your imagines. I read all of them and when are you gonna post more? I've been waiting.

    1. sorry, i don't really post them anymore, but thank you for the praise :D

  2. WHAT U'RE NOT GONNA POST THEM ANYMORE??? :'( u just broke my heart :'( by the way they're amazing

  3. i haven't posted any in 6 months, surely you realised?